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  1. super fast blinkers
  2. tail lights working but new problem
  3. Jdm headlights - question about HID
  4. EGT sensor location issue
  5. Cluster pinouts for JDM Ver3 or MY97 impreza
  6. Removing OB Headlights?
  7. Electronic Boost Gauge install Problem !? HELP PLEASE
  8. Need help ASAP!!!
  9. hazard light help.
  10. need help with Air/Fuel gauge
  11. were is the plug to turn off day time running lights please help
  12. McCulloch Warranty issues
  13. H1 bulbs for my 04 WRX?
  14. Autometer air/fuel guage
  15. Help! 02 wrx: Fuse #11 blew, ignition
  16. possibly a dumb question
  17. VDO Vision Boost match ISSPRO EGT gauge?
  18. auxillary fan help
  19. Headlight Bulb Replacment question
  20. How to open gauge cluster....
  21. Interior lights acting up
  22. what you guys think about piaa bulbs
  23. Led Swap
  24. air/fuel ration gauge help
  25. Window not rolling down.
  26. Don't use nylon fitttings for temp gauges!
  27. Rally fog lights
  28. Combometer Wiring/Testing
  29. Trying to find Bulbs for Interior.
  30. JDM none HID headlight wiring and harness questions
  31. WANTED! EDM/JDM STi Plug & Play Headlamp Adapters
  32. HID install question about fuse~
  33. HID question: burn in time?
  34. Help! Phillips HID kit install troubleshooting
  35. SARD Shift Lamp? HELP
  36. Will the grounding mod stop the laser!
  37. DUMB QUESTION? HID ballast placement?
  38. Quick question before I order LEDs
  39. B28 wire issues
  40. Types of gauges
  41. Quick Question, need answer from both WRX and STI
  42. crack open a cluster, all the way
  43. ECU pins and engine harness pins???
  44. Integrated unit function? Windows, interior lights problems.
  45. Problem with LED
  46. Oil pressure or oil temperature gauge?
  47. HELP... no dash lights
  48. JDM STI V8 wiring diagram
  49. Quick Question about 05 A/F Gauge
  50. Auto "UP" mod for power windows..???
  51. Power Door Lock Circuit fault
  52. Cigarette lighter outlet
  53. N/A EJ25 grounding mod
  54. '05 LGT non-leather heated seat question...
  55. Yellow Foglights *PICS
  56. do they make HID headlights for outbacks?
  57. how to install my hids???
  58. tach signal
  59. HID in Prodrive headlights?
  60. information about version 7 cluster shift light and outside temp
  61. Yellow bulbs w/yellow film?
  62. trying to wire in PLX WBO2
  63. analog to digital VSS converter? where can I get one?
  64. Blitz DTT-DC troubles
  65. HID install Trouble. Please Help!
  66. Molex connectors rock!
  67. Question regarding keyless entry
  68. STi headlight housing?
  69. HID's for GC impreza's?
  70. How's stock 04-05 WRX lighting? Upgrade?
  71. need help with foglight bulbs
  72. Adjusting JDM Projectors?
  73. Where to buy fuel pump relay?
  74. People that are 12v DC pros, please help.
  75. HELP: ANyone seen these ECU plugs before???
  76. Taillight Pattern
  77. ILL.S on the STi cluster
  78. Power Door Lock Problem
  79. EGT Gauge
  80. Need help for 2005 legacy ...
  81. Auto DOWN switch question (and a fun one)
  82. How to increase voltage (HID)
  83. Anyone know the ECU Speed Wire color?
  84. IC spray,pm, cig lighter dont work. HELP!
  85. 05 headlight questions
  86. some headlight wiring questions
  87. looking for a variable blinker controller (putting rice mod to good use)
  88. Cusco electronic I/c controller
  89. hks tt: trouble shooting
  90. Attn. - Need tech. advise on this cool new mod idea (pics)
  91. HID dilemma - experts check in here please
  92. Dead Battery
  93. JDM 04 foglight fuse
  94. brightstar hid kit
  95. Foglight Bulb
  96. Power-on delay circuit for radar detector?
  97. parking lights
  98. JDM Sti foglight question
  99. Electrical wont start. Any Suggestions?
  100. Cel Wont Stop Flashing
  101. Airbag fix with 3 10 ohm resistors
  102. electrical problem???
  103. guage cluster wires
  104. Greddy 60 MM peak/warning gauges
  105. headlight & taillight still on after locked
  106. how to wire HIDs to EDM headlights?
  107. Using stock boost gauge wiring for aftermarket
  108. I need help find these lights!!!!
  109. ignition switch pin-out needed!!
  110. Defi Turbo gauge reading with engine off?
  111. Dark inside
  112. 02-03 Fog light bulb replacement suggestions.
  113. Autometer EGT Probe Signal Conditioner?
  114. eventually...i installed hid kit~
  115. Gauge readings
  116. HID lights vs normal
  117. Hella Headlights
  118. Turbo Gauge Light
  119. sound clip of Hella Supertones
  120. grounding kit
  121. anyone tried these for driving lights?
  122. Cruise button bulb???
  123. CATZ HID installation?
  124. 04 sti tail light same as 05
  125. 4th brake light.
  126. Autometer Ultra Lite Boost Gauge reading way off...
  127. JDM headlight wiring problem
  128. Parking lights drain battery?
  129. egt problems- help please
  130. Big foglights on 05 RS?
  131. Which gauges do I need? Help!
  132. Gauges go to upper limit...
  133. JDM Headlight Adjustment
  134. Bosch HID housing in Morettes?
  135. HELP, I need help w/ Greddy Turbo Timer ASAP, 05 WRX
  136. Quick grounding question, sizing
  137. alternator recommendation?
  138. which wire to tap for push button start
  139. Problem with Defi BF oil pressure gauge
  140. Outdoor Temperature
  141. electronic police gauge
  142. Anyone use JDM HID's in their 2004/2005 WRX/STi?
  143. EGT Guage Install
  144. 02 fog light lense removal?
  145. passenger side HID doesn't turn on?
  146. Question about my OEM HID kit -- swapping bulbs
  147. Resistors for airbag - how to connect?
  148. 04 Fog Light Issue
  149. 2 sets of stock fogs?
  150. Apexi Turbo Timer: A/F & O2 Voltage Setup
  151. looking for specific ?
  152. Blitz BLM EGT censor thread size
  153. Defi D Boost Gauge Install newb Help...won't light up
  154. autometer cobalt A/F gauge help.
  155. Different color gauges more or less likely to attract thieves??
  156. Quick, is this boost gauge a good deal for $40???
  157. Steering column mount options.
  158. No running (tail) lights
  159. Who understands the EDM STI Bug Eyed Headlights
  160. Messed up cluster
  161. Foglight blowing out problem, please help?!
  162. Anyone know what Kelvin the OEM HID off the 2001 JDM STi is?
  163. HID's not in black!?
  164. question about repairing headlight
  165. cleared my headlights and now drivers side low beam doesn't work
  166. Rear Fog Light: How To
  167. Z1 Gauge Pod
  168. pbrake wire fot tt install
  169. need help with edm headlight clip
  170. Where did you mount your Defi-Link Control Unit?
  171. fog lights mod
  172. Defi VSD hooked up--getting MPH numbers on Km/h setting
  173. MY00 OBS Blowing Taillights Every Few Weeks
  174. hid question
  175. Hella 4000 rallye
  176. Digital Boost gauge vs. Analog
  177. hella black magic behind STi covers
  178. Blitz Power Meter install 05 STI
  179. Is it possible to change the HKS Boost Gauge BackGround Light to a different colour?
  180. Help!!! jdm black chrome hid housing w/ hella Gen 4
  181. gauge wiring install
  182. How do I clean my dccd switch?
  183. Bulb Size Info for all models
  184. HID's Disassembleable?
  185. Autometer boost install
  186. Ob Fog Light Upgrade--very Cool!
  187. Manual/Auto WRX Instrument Cluster Differences
  188. where to buy edm sti headlights?
  189. blitz dcII tt problems
  190. Service Manual Help - Aiming Headlights
  191. STi Cluster question...
  192. Morette wiring
  193. What's so JDM about these?
  194. Blitz DCII DTT vacuum hose install
  195. Trying to source '05 STi Headlamps.
  196. HELP!.. replacing H1 bulb... how to dissconnect?
  197. My signals make my headlights flicker!
  198. Which box is which?
  199. Question: brake light on, clock light out, daytime running light out
  200. Has anyone else did this?
  201. what grommet to put boost gauge line through?
  202. Canadian STi Gauge Cluster
  203. anything wrong with allowing the Airbag light to stay on?
  204. electrical short in 04 sti
  205. The Mysterious Integrated Module...
  206. What do You all think about this....
  207. how much for brand new Bug eye head light?
  208. Foglight question
  209. Ahh, the power of Optima Yellowtop...
  210. Battery not charging with new alternator???
  211. Wire size
  212. Which bulb is this?
  213. Burnt out Passenger bulb in less than a day Morette
  214. Apex'i Turbo Timer installed, but need a little help.
  215. Hella 500 wiring ??
  216. need help! ignition keeps turning back on and hid problem.....
  217. Green Clips under right kick panel
  218. HID install help
  219. Help needed - fog /headlight wiring
  220. 85watt bulbs for foglights
  221. 2004 Taillights in 2002 WRX?
  222. Glare/Reflections off of center pod mounted gauges
  223. Where is a good ground under the dash?
  224. Question about morettes
  225. Headlight question from a un-handy car owner
  226. Boost gauge question...
  227. GReddy timer HELP!!!
  228. Battery Relocation Kit for Subbies ??
  229. pinout for 2001 RS instrument cluster?
  230. New RedTop still uncharged?
  231. Electrical problem, no ignition, HELP!
  232. Super Newb wiring question
  233. Lighting Schematics - Aux Fog Light Help
  234. Defi Gauge Electrical Problem???
  235. Using stock foglight switch with store bought wiring kit
  236. Weird green plug below steering column?
  237. 2002 impreza morette headlamp problem.
  238. About to purchse Philips 6000k bulbs
  239. Apply brakes, then radio dies?
  240. Help 1 wire left!
  241. Installed new cluster - no power to headunit/EBC
  242. bad connection/short in my UK 300 Triplus headlamps
  243. light relay problem
  244. Plug 'N Play Cluster Question????
  245. HID for n00bs
  246. HID foglights
  247. Are all 05 wrx pre-wired for Heated Seats?
  248. Air/Fuel gauge install
  249. help with hella horns
  250. Clearing Headlights with 3M