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  1. hks turbo timer harness
  2. Gauge install
  3. Hella 500 foglight install help needed
  4. relays?
  5. Difference between EDM and JDM headlights other than beam pattern.
  6. Blue Carbon Fiber Cluster, Where can I get some
  7. DIY clear headlight mod
  8. Morette vs. Prodrive lights
  9. Where is the high beam wire on the STI?
  10. Convert Hella 500 driving to fogs?
  11. Strange elec gremlin
  12. 04 WRX fog mod... failed? (n00b)
  13. Stupid ballast went again, jdm sti lights
  14. Connecting heavy gauge wire to a relay
  15. Anyone here built a FAN bypass switch for Radiator fans?
  16. should i get helios 6000k hid's
  17. Speedometer/Window fuse keeps blowing
  18. 04 STi Cluster Trip Question
  19. 02' foglight
  20. Lamco boost gauge is slow.
  21. adding power windows and lock
  22. Need HID diagnosis help, relay?
  23. Morette help!!
  24. '97 Legacy light problem
  25. Fog lights
  26. Alternator question.
  27. genome gauge ?
  28. Outback Sport Light bar??
  29. Want a EGT warning light ideas?
  30. tt help
  31. WRC look alike lights
  32. Ground wires or...
  33. fog light install?
  34. Foglight swap and adjustment
  35. Autometer boost guage install help!!!
  36. greddy turbo timer install...
  37. Defi Defi Defi?!?!?!?!?!?
  38. Aftermarket Gauge Needles
  39. Optilux (Hella) 1100's in Stock location - MY04RS (pics inside)
  40. PSI3 SECS water spray electrical gremlin
  41. Wiring a Super AFC II in a 2005 2.5 STI
  42. Why do low beams turn off when you turn on high beams?
  43. help with tt
  44. Urgent: Need help tracking down why shifting into reverse is blowing a fuse.
  45. Question about Resistors, current, and voltage.
  46. 2K Legacy Outback Power Locks, Windows & Driver Side Seat Issue
  47. Morettes wiring
  48. Greddy gauges, any pics?
  49. Where's the best place to tap H20 temp sensor?
  50. Where can I purchase...
  51. help asap: no parking lights
  52. 2002 JDM STi HID black chrome headlights
  53. Which foglighs are these?
  54. Blinkers won't work
  55. Installed hks camp, but no signal from sensors?
  56. Reattaching clock ?'s (keyless entry no longer works . . . )
  57. speedometer electronics
  58. Auto dim rear view mirror 1998 outback,Best place to buy it from?
  59. Blitz FATT DCII Turbo Timer and RFID on '05 STi
  60. 93 Impreza Power Windows and Beeping
  61. Whats the best HID kit out there? Help asap
  62. No Spark. Where is the igniter? 2002 WRX
  63. STi Water Spray Switch...HELP!
  64. Please help electrical n00b with Boost Gauge Install
  65. aftermarket Gauge problem
  66. Need the website that had Optima batteries
  67. Erratic reverse lights
  68. HID retrofit in a MY02
  69. I need a gauge to measure intake charge temp
  70. Help - Headlight goes out w/ new harness
  71. Alternator problems
  72. Defi bf gauges installed with technical problems
  73. Need 12V+ switched power in engine bay, ideas?
  74. 92x HID into a halogen car
  75. speedo questions
  76. radar detec. turns on Engine Fan!?!!?
  77. Self Install Gauges
  78. What does I/F mean in the wiring diagrams to a combination meter
  79. where to connect air/fuel mixture guage?
  80. Where do they sell morette spare parts?
  81. Need instrument connections for sti shift light
  82. a'pexi turbo timer
  83. Problem with interior lighting...
  84. Defi Gauge Install Guide
  85. Hazard button light went out... Anyone else ?
  86. Gauge wiring --in process--HELP
  87. gauge install with sandwich adaptor
  88. Unswitched +12V in OBS Wagon Trunk
  89. EDM STi HID Headlights
  90. Where can I get Morette parts? Need a switch!
  91. Greddy Guages and Controller Shut off periodically
  92. Problem after clearing headlights
  93. my subaru dealership doesn't have sti spark plugs
  94. Guage reading
  95. 2004 headlight wiring diagram question
  96. how long did your stock battery last?
  97. I need a flasher (LED's)
  98. Grounding MOD... UNgrounded???
  99. What is speed censor wire color,help?
  100. Please Help on '05 sti bulbs
  101. Omori boost gauge install options - anything steering wheel housing based?
  102. JDM Beam Pattern
  103. How do I clear my 04 STi headlights?
  104. Autometer Speedo Pod Questions
  105. Help with my window
  106. DEFI DIN gauge panel
  107. Valentine 1 - Full Throttle Laser?
  108. What HID kit would you recommend?
  109. Omori gauge lighting problems
  110. HELP: alarm, keyless & TT going crazy
  111. anyone know what's the difference between the 04 and 05 STi cluster?
  112. My single boost gauge mounted on the A-Pillar
  113. Installing CF Sidemarkers
  114. Sti boost, etg gauge suggestions
  115. How to remove the Green film behind the odometer
  116. Piaa 525?s Rapid-Roo and others help on my setup
  117. Istalling Cruise in 96 OBS
  118. Converting Millivolts to Volts
  119. autometer oil temperature reading problem
  120. Boost, EGT & Oil Pressure Readings
  121. Wiring Bi-xenon HID's with Halogen Highbeams
  122. Ground cable ?
  123. something wrong with my alternator?
  124. Is this grounding mod ok?
  125. Part Number?
  126. Morette: 02-WRX 9004/9007 Male Connectors with 12G Pigtails
  127. Installing HID level switch - which firewall hole?
  128. Attn Canadian STi owners - HID install
  129. 100W 9005 bulbs ok in 2005 STi?
  130. prodrive driving light install
  131. parking light switched ground
  132. Parts Express is out of bulb condoms, where else to get them?
  133. driver side light cable?
  134. Is there a way???
  135. WTB: Wiring for halogen H7's for morettes
  136. MY2000 Impreza OBS blowing brake lights
  137. Auto tranny shifter illumination in a '95
  138. 2004 JDM headlights.. Bulbs?
  139. 2.5 GT horns
  140. Hellas or Foglight covers
  141. Intercooler Mister wiring question
  142. in dash switch on 04 wrx sti
  143. Apex-i Auto Timer Vehicle Specific Harness
  144. 03 WRX, honk the horn blow the fuse...
  145. Has anyone retrofited these into stock bugeyes?
  146. STi HIDs
  147. does an alternator make a very high pitched 'scream' when its dying/dead??
  148. WRX Gauge colors
  149. PIC REQUEST: Morette's with hids
  150. Umm...morette noobie question
  151. how to turn off daylight?
  152. 02/03 WRX foglight removal question...
  153. Help with Morettes
  154. EDM STI lights leveling plugs
  155. double checking really quick
  156. Use older Defi-Link gauges with the new Version II control Unit
  157. Red LEDs behind gauge pod...
  158. DRL, engine bay vs. glove box
  159. optimal battery placement?
  160. Tail lights and front running lights won't turn off.
  161. rear o2 sensor wire
  162. PnP Adapter 04 STI Hid to 05 WRX
  163. Needed: Better pics of high beam HID fix
  164. Turbo Timer Help
  165. Electrical gurus- Perplexing problem
  166. Different battery size than OEM okay?
  167. How accurate is the STi outside temp guage?
  168. Fan's staying on when hot?
  169. replacing guage cluster
  170. Better fans?
  171. Help!!! Boost gauge fitment
  172. Temp guage readings WRX
  173. Dash light short? ..troubleshooting
  174. wrx bugeye jdm oem light trouble
  175. Aux light choice
  176. aftermarket boost gauge
  177. Remove alternator - what am I doing wrong
  178. Defi BF's
  179. Factory Boost Gauge
  180. 02 headlights
  181. Blit BLM boost gauge doesnt light?
  182. 100W bulbs in Hella 500's. OMFG!
  183. Cd Player Trouble~!
  184. How durable is an EGT tap?
  185. So I got Sylvania silver stars put in......
  186. Does your Foglight Switch Light up?
  187. STi water tank connector
  188. Benefit w/ yellow fogs?
  189. Gauges
  190. Ground problem
  191. LED light replacement interest?
  192. Any one know who makes these tail lights?
  193. JDM RHD --> LHD Projectors
  194. dash wireing
  195. Is it possible to mute the Defi BF's
  196. Interesting Change...
  197. Cluster FAQ available?
  198. Greddy Boost Guage not Working?
  199. Defi VSD?
  200. Auto dimming mirror harness - Where's the end?
  201. Lighting problem, need help
  202. Speed hut guages
  203. help Finding a stock looking switch...
  204. something definately wrong...
  205. clock disappeared?
  206. Will the instrument cluster from 2dr. 2.5RS fit a '98 OBS?
  207. Got problem !
  208. 04 Sti cluster problem going back to stock 02 cluster?
  209. found a site with cheap philips bulbs when looking for bulbs for my moms corolla
  210. Replace the dash clock?
  211. would the gauge cluster from an '00 2.5rs fit my '99 OBS?
  212. sti I/C switch relocation
  213. Cluster Pinout
  214. Impreza 2004-2005 headlight wiring diagrams
  215. My JDM lights are working crazy with after market HID kit. Help!
  216. What gauges can be used for the sti?
  217. Mystery Green Plug Under Driver Side Dash '05 STi
  218. A/F to match VDO vision series
  219. Unknown wiring near battery/washer bottle
  220. Wig Wags
  221. Light burned out after I painted headlights?
  222. installing cruise into subaru
  223. MY98 2.5RS Foglights died
  224. Aftermarket HIDs + Rain = angry me.
  225. Cluster Light Pins Found, Easy Film Removeal
  226. Best way to run wire (pic inside)
  227. Turbo Timer Help
  228. anyone know how the motors on the edm headlights work?
  229. Apexi Turbo Timer Help!
  230. Stupid light bulb......
  231. Boost gauge help
  232. gauges
  233. External Temp, Fahrenheit to Celcius
  234. F/S rallispec light bar $250 without powercoating/anodizing
  235. What sensor for intake air temp(post intercooler)?
  236. Buying JDM HID's with no hids bulbs left
  237. Interior Color Change: Fog, Cruse, Heated Wiper Switch Color Change
  238. I need juice to my gauges, but am electrically challenged.
  239. HELP with A/F gauge!!!
  240. Wiring harness question
  241. Anyone ever install an SBC-DC in their WRX?
  242. Hella 500 install?
  243. Headlight Connectors...anyone?
  244. shift light install
  245. What fog lights to put in?
  246. take apart defi gauges?
  247. wrx headlight beam height
  248. Correct Accessory Wiring
  249. H7 wiring
  250. Boost Gauge Swap ..