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  1. jdm lights, some blinding questions
  2. headlight wiring problem
  3. greddy guage wiring held
  4. Autometer guages help
  5. Help!
  6. Diagnose a Faulty Relay
  7. PIAA Spark 7500 Bulbs
  8. Rear Wiper Question
  9. broken fog switch
  10. leveling morettes
  11. headlights and sylvanias
  12. clutch switch
  13. Indiglo Gauge install - slowed tach response?
  14. Keeping autometer gauges in the pod
  15. Aux. Lighting
  16. What wire do I tap to make a neon light go on when I turn my dash lights on?
  17. Defi Sports VSD unit, im having problems installing it
  18. Gauge CLuster
  19. My wagon keeps shocking me
  20. Installing Defi Ling2/Clock diagram
  21. Where to get oil pressure sensor
  22. Okay headlight wiring gurus
  23. How to remove the HVAC in an 01
  24. ATTN: STR8OUT, kastle said to ask you..
  25. Sunroof repair
  26. Help with jdm RHD projectors part #
  27. Need new lights
  28. Omori EGT sensor tap.
  29. Need Help Installing Corazon Twin Head Lamp System
  30. Auto meter a-pillar gauge pod for GC?
  31. Cruise Control install: no OEM wiring.
  32. Funky prob with alarm
  33. turbo timer
  34. n00b question about daytime light mod
  35. can anyone help me with this idea?
  36. headlight adjustment
  37. Turbo Timer wires cut
  38. Who's got Raybrig's
  39. Anyone know how rear wiper works?
  40. running fogs with out head lights on
  41. install car alarm
  42. morette wiring question
  43. G-Tech Pro? Worth it?
  44. ATTN elec. Gurus, lighting/dimming question
  45. (Not the same old) Morette Aiming thread
  46. auxillary lighting advice please
  47. 10a illumination fuse blowing
  48. Do Grounding kits work with trunk mounted battery?
  49. New Gauges Wiring Question For 03 Wrx
  50. Need Help with the DRL's
  51. HID wiring for GC8
  52. cool shift light
  53. which turbo timer
  54. Anyone with Auto Meter Gauges?
  55. For those with STi lights
  56. My new 78321 Hella bulbs look yellow?
  57. Firewall
  58. Silver Stars V Phillips Hi-Visibility
  59. Extra lights?
  60. Boost gauge + firewall
  61. Anybody know what #H7 fits?
  62. Replacing OEM bulbs
  63. dash lighting is dim?
  64. Plug for Sandwich Adapter 1/8 BSPT?
  65. Anyone know where to get gauge needles?
  66. Autometer gauges?
  67. Prodrive UK300 headlight in car adjustment
  68. need help with lighting issue
  69. Anybody try the headlight relay mod?
  70. cobalt gauges not lighting up
  71. type of bulbs
  72. Location of oil temperature sensor?
  73. A/F Gauge in a N/A, Which O2 sensor?
  74. Help with the Fog Light Schematics?
  75. Bulb size for JDM Non-HID Headlights
  76. Has anyone wired their fogs to stay on with high beams.
  77. Fog and Headlights Seperate
  78. Buttons
  79. quick defi egt gauge install question
  80. MSD Ignition intoa GC8
  81. Brake lights stuck on, need link to diagram
  82. Stock Alarm arms, but no chirping! What'd I break now?
  83. GC8 Fog issues
  84. Best place to buy PIAA 520 Series fogs?
  85. Greddy Gauge acted up...
  86. opinions on these headlights
  87. Stock guage pack question
  88. Where to get alarm diagrams on MY03 factory system?
  89. Headlight Mod Help?
  90. need help on air/fuel ratio gauge
  91. PNP harness for Sti JDM projectors
  92. DEFI EGT Gauge Gone Wacky!
  93. JDM vs Morettes vs Triplus/prodrive
  94. CEL flashing after a/f install...
  95. Main Gallery Plug male thread size, 1/2 or 3/8 BSPT?
  96. Interior light question MY '00
  97. WRX MotorWorks STI headlight harness
  98. Alarm LED specs?
  99. Condesation in my headlight
  100. valentine 1 radar
  101. Escort 8500 goes off Laser when I step on gas in my WRX
  102. guage cluster not operating
  103. Detailed info regarding the UK300/Prodrive Headlights
  104. Size for sidemarker WRX bulb?
  105. trunk light mod
  106. Blue dash lights
  107. Battery Question
  108. reading egt
  109. JDM Headlights +HID Question
  110. Optima battery and cable problems
  111. Hid kits.. Which one's?
  112. Got HID's?
  113. rs and wrx fogs
  114. halogen hid conversion kit???
  115. How do KC lamps compare with Hella?
  116. did I install Sti's correctly?
  117. HID OEM Retrofit?
  118. ABS hot feedback to brake lamp switch?
  119. Steering wheel switch?
  120. adjusting sti lights
  121. autometer gauges
  122. where can I get an H1 connector?
  123. GC/GD Foglights interchangeable?
  124. apexi turbo timer help
  125. Foglights
  126. Place to buy EDM Headlights?
  127. Anyone know anything or have Diadem bulbs?
  128. AF guage install, which sensor?
  129. problem after alarm installed
  130. emergency please help
  131. Apexi TT help
  132. I need a new EGT probe
  133. will JDM STi gauges work in a US Impreza?
  134. apexi tach problem help
  135. Dimming question
  136. where can i find sem bumpercoat
  137. greddy guage wiring help
  138. Gauge Pack oil temp dropout
  140. O2 bung sizes.
  141. Electrical Problem
  142. New product in vendor for sale? Ground mod.
  143. Low Fuel Warning Light Issues
  144. 45mm analog/digital clock?
  145. Need help to change the oem light bulb
  146. Speed sensor wiring diagram
  147. hi watt Fog bulbs
  148. Who sells the best clear side markers?
  149. Anyone ever bought gauges from
  150. Question/suggestion to 4EAT'ers
  151. How do i remove WRX seats without tripping the airbag sensor?
  152. Escort SOLO2?
  153. HID kit installation
  154. oem gauges worth it?
  155. Cruise Control switch
  156. Help: Gauge malfunction
  157. foglight question. been asked before but never answered.
  158. greddy TT harness
  159. turning on the fogs without head lights on
  160. STi, headlight mod idea
  161. What's this plug ('03 Impreza TS)
  162. JDM Headlight mod
  163. chassis harness for wrx
  164. Aftermarket Speedometer
  165. Fried Harness
  166. Gauge Works Gauge Bezel Pod: Impreza Wrx 2002
  167. Head lights
  168. 03 JDM STi instrument cluster
  169. Replacement Headlight Lamps MY97
  170. Replacement projector for UK300 / triplus light?
  171. Need Help With Fog Lights!!!
  172. How do i properly disconnect a battery?
  173. How to remove the orange bulb?
  174. How is the OBD port disconnected?
  175. Those of you who like the grounding mod...
  176. electronic oil press gauge
  177. Red Tail Lights
  178. Question on HID's
  179. STI Leveling Switch
  180. Wideband O2 sensor?
  181. Fuse blown?
  182. Anyone know the depth of the factory foglight holes????
  183. Wiper speeds and setting lost!
  184. One last time! Seat install,resistor fix?
  185. ECU/Upgraded Security question
  186. bright ass bulbs
  187. possible to have auto-up on power window?
  188. Oil Temp gauge troubleshooting help
  189. SCREWED UP my alarm
  190. How to hook up gauge lights?
  191. Blitz DCC TT or Apexi TT
  192. Why doesn't anyone use Lightforce lights???
  193. Running your brake lights to a swtich?
  194. Hella 500 Install
  195. Driver side headlight
  196. Keyless entry- reset after ECU reset?
  197. Where to buy LHD Projectors?
  198. Cheap Shift Light?
  199. Lights On?
  200. Is it still good?And pic. of...
  201. Turbo Timers
  202. changing greddy gauge colors
  203. Installing Hella 500s tomorrow morning.
  204. Ambient air temp?
  205. Which Driving lights do you recommend?
  206. HID or Projector?
  207. passenger side's window won't roll up/downl
  208. Interest in PIAA 540 Series lights?
  209. for those of you who experienced a melted harness
  210. What works off the speed sensor?
  211. Please Help...Morette plug & play doesn't fit???
  212. Hella Compact Trumpet Horn
  213. video carmera mounting?
  214. Trailer Wiring Quandry
  215. My new Hella FF200 Driving Lights and mounts
  216. Tired of that little Lameco turbo gauge you can't read?
  217. EDM/JDM projector owners
  218. Wiring Request: How do you wire up the Prodrive/ Hella FF1000?
  219. Keyless entry remote procedure help
  220. Anyone have stock battery specs?
  221. Removing the OEM guage cluster question
  222. HKS 46mm guage cup
  223. Busted fog light
  224. Headlight availiblilty (2000 Impreza)
  225. PIAAs installed. Moderately ghetto?
  226. Which bulb is in the stock low beam?
  227. gauge Q's any suggetions
  228. Where to tap power for Autometer electric boost gauge?
  229. Greddy Gauges install
  230. blitz tt w/ boost gauge stuff
  231. Interest in OEM quality Gauge Pod?
  232. Installing fan switch
  233. Analog clock @ center vent panel mod
  234. Where do i access ODBII codes?
  235. Pony Express/mil elim question
  236. Anyone interested in a light that is brighter than the Hellas, Cibies, Piaas??
  237. Intercomp Lap Timer Install
  238. more pics
  239. Pics of FF1000?
  240. Blitz BL gauges, help!
  241. Question of 02/03 stock fog light
  242. For everyone with VDO gauges
  243. JDM projectors high/low beam question
  244. Which plug for running lights (dashboard, corner markers, tail lights)?
  245. Grounding wires
  246. need help installing a Greddy Turbo Timer
  247. help with stock headlight
  248. damn bosst gauge is off 1+psi! any fix?
  249. Gauge time install??
  250. sti high beams too bright?