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  1. HELP Morette RHD to LHD conversion??
  2. noob on low beam light bulb
  3. How long should I set my turbo timer
  4. 02- 03 wrx guys...gauges opinions please
  5. where to tap for mech. boost gauge
  6. Mesh fog much light do they block?????
  7. new low beam, fog and parking light bulbs installed *pic*
  8. rally innovations bar install picts needed
  9. Do HID bulbs change color just before burning out?
  10. passport 8500 x50 showing laser everytime I acclerate hard
  11. What bulbs for morette headlights?
  12. 2005 STi HID bulb replacement options?
  13. Popped a Fuse
  14. Radio and clock not working after cluster install
  15. Prodrive/UK300s & water sealing?
  16. how to remove the center 3 gauge pod
  17. queston on wiring up dash pod
  18. need noob help
  19. Sticky Left Blinker/Indicator Light
  20. Blower Motor Relay Location?
  21. McCulloch 5000k HID kit in 04 WRX w/ stock reflectors.....
  22. Replacement Fog light
  23. Will these ballasts work for bugeyes
  24. Omori Boost gauge in factory column pod?
  25. Greddy EGT Gauge not working..not sure what to look for
  26. Solution to the Light Weight Battery in Summer?
  27. Battery info?
  28. Wiring to Battery: What size?
  29. Alternator diode broken
  30. Help!! bulb for eagle eye HID kit
  31. Clearing Bugeyes
  32. ABS light after Defi BF gauge install - Help!
  33. Where to buy bulbs, headlights/foglights
  34. hid Jdm to edm conversion
  35. 05 sti cluster on 03 wrx
  36. small problem?!?!?!
  37. no power to ecu
  38. Head light mods, the right way.
  39. Daytime running lights *I need them*
  40. Clutch pedal press on startup. How do I DE-Active it?
  41. Are these really that bad?
  42. need help - Electric Boost Gauge install
  43. AVCR Help
  44. defi ?
  45. HID leveling motor ....
  46. Need Help with Grounding KIT
  47. weird headlight
  48. New Guy's Basic Lighting ?'s
  49. d1/d2 hid question
  50. Weird electrical problem
  51. New alternator, or MORE grounding work needed?
  52. alternator dead or something else?
  53. Canadian STi Lights
  54. HID h7 mculloch morrette install
  55. Replacing alternator - question
  56. High beams and fogs
  57. Gauge cluster help!
  58. Additional Interior Lights/Neon Instal?
  59. HID help Morettes: Easy I hope!
  60. Optima battery size help
  61. Where to get the OEM 3-gauge pack jumper harness and t-fitting?
  62. Headlight and fog options.
  63. changing the cluster/dash lighting color?
  64. Gauge Cluster Help!
  65. Flickering headlights still driving me crazy, problem still unknown!
  66. LED thread, where are you?
  67. '06 to '05 Tail light swap.
  68. autometer lighting question
  69. alternator upping
  70. Reverse Light Mod.. Now I can actually SEE!
  71. 2 boost gauges mpa & psi
  72. 85W Hella YellowStars in '05 Stock Fog
  73. Headlamps "yellow" with time?
  74. 05 sti cluster into an 04 problems?
  75. Lights Dim With Brakes
  76. installing oem wrx fogs on fog-less rs.
  77. help me!! pls give me the step by step process!!
  78. independent fog lights!!!!!!!!!
  79. supertone models
  80. Questions about Defi Install
  81. EGT Questiosn
  82. WTB: Aftermarket Foglights 03 Legacy
  83. 01 OBS parking light issue
  84. Battery death questions
  85. anyone try to retrofit the knockoff morettes?
  86. How do i clean the contacts on my headlight switch?
  87. need help w/color of dimmer wire.
  88. Self Made 4 Gau. Ground Kit
  89. on the jdm sti hid projectors which one is which???
  90. Guys who swapped stock compass mirror for one with comp/temp...
  91. 00' RS cluster pinout
  92. Pardon the n00b here, but what are some good 1156 bulbs?
  93. how long are sylvania silverstars supposed to last?
  94. Turning signal Bulb size for 02-03 JDM/EDM headlights
  95. Parts Number of 04' WRX Head Lamp
  96. What drain you get on your battery with the car off?
  97. MY04/05 High Beam Adjustment
  98. Daytime running lamps for highbeams
  99. I want to kill my headlights
  100. '97 Impreza CLuster
  101. Installing Uk300 Prodrive Headlights
  102. turn signal problem
  103. Where to start looking
  104. what wire on 04 wrx for defi tacho
  105. JDM Non-HID Projectors w. McCulloch Kit
  106. i need some HID help guys
  107. power oulet died on me
  108. illumination and tail lights not working
  109. very noobish electrical questions
  110. Original Odometer Mileage?
  111. Turn signal bulbs.
  112. blown headlamp harness
  113. I can't make my omori EGT work... need help
  114. 2006 STI Parking Light LED Mod
  115. Door Indicator Light Stays On
  116. how do you aim 06 wrx low beams
  117. problem with the cruise control on '04 STi
  118. wire harness for roof lights on a baja turbo
  119. Bright yellow fog light bulbs.
  120. headlights only off with parking break?
  121. Condensation in 02-03 JDM HID Projector
  122. help finding jdm lights.
  123. Loose plugs under driverside dash?
  124. Euro Headlights?
  125. Small bulb in Bug Eyes needs replacing
  126. HID'S?? Plug and play into WRX
  127. wiring diagram for 02 wrx gauge cluster
  128. Help with Morettes!
  129. headlight problem
  130. Looking for a 60mm WideBand Gauge
  131. need leveling switch and harness for 03 jdm headlights
  132. Who makes these headlights?
  133. how to aim headlights? one of mine is aiming too low.
  134. STi cluster in WRX
  135. help sti and rs gauges/ wiring
  136. URGENT: Problem replacin 05 wrx foglight bulbs
  137. Best ballast replacement for 02-03 HID JDM projectors
  138. I need a bulb number..
  139. foglights relay??
  140. 04 foglights HID
  141. Question about 04 impreza fog light swithes
  142. Using Front parking light as blinkers
  143. Alternative to discontinued HKS CAMP?
  144. proof that Hella 500 mounts are stronger than FF1000's.
  145. 03" HID converstion - any suggestions?
  146. STI Cluster needle problem
  147. USDM STi Cluster issues (Problems with Tacoma Speedometer?)
  148. Are these headlights decent?
  149. DRL Module question
  150. Bugeye JDM HID leveling ?
  151. HID conversion
  152. help. 04 problem??
  153. type of bulbs?
  154. Relay harnesses?
  155. Turn Signals not working/R1 Rims?
  156. Why won't my gauge work?
  157. PIAA H4 low beam burnout 2nd pair!
  158. any thoughts on these??
  159. Headlight plug
  160. dumb turbo timer question
  161. seatbelt key warning module
  162. Supertone Question
  163. HELP>>>LH STi HID flickering
  164. bulb size
  165. Tail lights
  166. Power Bulb's "Power Plus" H1 bulbs
  167. Headlights and foglights type?
  168. How do i replace my headlight bulbs?
  169. Electrical Design Idea...thoughts?
  170. Intercooler sprayer switch wiring...
  171. just bought HIDs
  172. STI HIDs in an 06' WRX
  173. Wire under dash
  174. HID Problem!
  175. Gauge Wiring
  176. Another yellow bulb question
  177. Instrument Lighting
  178. 04-05 interior light change mod
  179. Auto Dimming Install
  180. car eats batteries for lunch; how to diognose?
  181. How to Headlights & Foglights: Thanks
  182. Battery Jumper/charger
  183. Wrx to Sti headlight swap
  184. Another Headlight Question
  185. Do-Luck Spray Controller
  186. Anyone Ever Use These HID Conversion Kit
  187. HID pics
  188. Found New Hella Supertones Cheap
  189. Installing defi control unit/boost gauge
  190. Battery Woes
  191. Radiator fans
  192. Power outlet question
  193. high beam on with low beam switch
  194. Bolt for Piaa 520 Mount?
  195. Air fuel Ratio Guage and CEL fix
  196. Rewiring Foglights Question
  197. Pics of my McCulloch Kit from Ebay
  198. JDM Headlights
  199. braille battery
  200. Parking lights/Tails stuck on
  201. 6k Hids, Polarg fogs....lotsa pics
  202. wiring diagram
  203. Kartboy PIAA bracket question.
  204. HKS boost controller?
  205. headlight options
  206. Exterior (air?)temp. probe
  207. New Philips bulb: "NightGuide"
  208. help cant get peak readings from my defis
  209. HELP: Speedometer Isn't Measuring Right, Needs Fixing!
  210. instructions on how to install a turbo boost gauge
  211. Fog Light Lenses
  212. Rewiring Fog lights
  213. A/C Compressor Clutch Wire Replacement
  214. Problems with sound system. ALTERNATOR QUESTION
  215. TT install help
  216. Automatic WRX's have 120amp Alternator?
  217. Need help: lights are freaking out on me
  218. Need a High Output Alternator
  219. Identify this cluster gauge! 04 or 05 sti cluster?!?!**PICS**
  220. a couple questions dealing with boost gauge light / power
  221. DRL rewiring possible for HID use?
  222. no power to tails and reverse lights
  223. 05 wrx gauge install redo!
  224. morette question, not typical
  225. alternator wiring problem...
  226. Alternator or battery upgrade?
  227. Wiring in factory fog switch
  228. JDM light adjustment fell off track
  229. Manual for Blitz SBC Spec R Boost controller
  230. Omori gauge doesn,t settle at 0 anymore
  231. Another Hella 500 question for the experts
  232. dead battery when parked? radio shuts off and restarts when driving? what's going on?
  233. Turbo timer + alarm
  234. Oil Temperature gauge question
  235. Need the part # for JDM foglight kit!!!!
  236. wrx 04 foglight replacement
  237. Headlight conversion to JDM Projectors???
  238. Making 04 WRX Fog Lights clear?
  239. fyi: swapping hella relay/fuse module for bosch
  240. OEM STI lights vs Aftermarket HIDs
  241. Light Pod Fabrication
  242. Projector Headlights: Ebay
  243. I need currents (Amps) for ignition and door switch for TT + Security Alarm mod
  244. JDM headlights will not turn off when car is on
  245. so i saw some sylvania silverstars at Autozone the other day.
  246. GC8 fog lights HELP
  247. Removing the stock oil galley plug HELP!
  248. How do I adjust fog lights?
  249. a/f gauge install questions.....
  250. Anyone have Nexus software yet?