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  1. wiring colors and switched power
  2. Hella wiring? Need Help Quick!!
  3. Question for STR8OUT or other on oil pressure gallery plug.
  4. please help with defi install
  5. Greddy
  6. Comments on my Hella 500 writeup?
  7. Change alarm warning chirp?
  8. SBC-iD and Radio install... now electrical issues
  9. Optima 34R orange top battery
  10. Want to replace orange blinker..need help
  11. EGT Gauge
  12. Factory Performance Gague Pack
  13. fogs don't work need help
  14. More Electical Problems...
  15. EDM STI Headlights - Help!
  16. A/F gauge trouble
  17. EDM Headlights Adjustment?
  18. Blitz SBC install question
  19. Clear Lense question!!!
  20. Boost Gauge
  21. Detector and Voltage Help
  22. Driving light advice
  23. tag light fuse
  24. EDM STI lights with phillips vision plus
  25. how to get wire through firewall ?
  26. JDM HID's, What Do I Need?
  27. using stock fog switch for aux lights
  28. Another Set of Fog Lights?
  29. Way smaller batter for WRX
  30. 02 sti headlamp bulb size???
  31. Defi Link Display Question
  32. Lights flickering
  33. How do I safely store airbags?
  34. does anyone have morette wiring diagram
  35. re-aiming fog lights on an MY04
  36. Hella 500s in the WRX OE fog location.
  37. Installing Reverse Glow Gauges HELP!
  38. Omori EGT gauge problem...
  39. 2001 2.5 RS headlight beam pattern
  40. Lighting to SEE well, or to be SEEN?
  41. How worthy is the WRX security alarm?
  42. Plug and play HID kits.
  43. Turbo timers... other uses?
  44. any wire harness for Apexi TT
  45. Switch and Relay Question
  46. 04 headlights ?
  47. Anyone know anything about Catz ??
  48. good light bulb for stock headlights
  49. weird wiring problem?
  50. factory fog lamps
  51. H1 headlight bulb replacement plugs? Any1 know where to buy them
  52. Need help on installing Blitz dual TT
  53. Turbo timers and alarms - questions about what to connect/disconnect
  54. Using a 30amp Bosch Relay STDP to connect four Greddy Gauges and TEC-II Switched 12v.
  55. please help! ecu pin questions!
  56. Gremlins visit after fog mod
  57. HID and daytime running lights..
  58. apexi tach problem help!!!
  59. Anyone know where I can find an HID wire harness???
  60. Sylvania Cool blue....
  61. Need install guide for doing grounding mod.
  62. oil temp gauge install please help
  63. how do you replace a foglight
  64. DRL problem
  65. 2000 2.5rs HID Kit
  66. Tsport rev light install tach signal ?
  67. Engine Start Button Mod Aka. BRB
  68. Need MY02 Legacy Electrical Wiring Diagram
  69. sti edm/jdm or morettes?
  70. Need help choosing fog lights!
  71. Who is going to be first to try to convert USDM 04 WRX Fogs to Euro / JDM fogs?
  72. Where can I buy 55w yellow stars?
  73. Omori 52mm guages/Derres Catalono faceplate
  74. Autometer Water Temp Question
  75. fog/cruise/defrost/hazard switch bulbs
  76. Found my probelm- how do I fix it?
  77. Possible Relay Problem?
  78. Boost controller
  79. autometer a/f gauge... help please
  80. HID's
  81. switch blank
  82. Installing clear turn signals?
  83. what bulds do the Jdm/edm lights use and what do stockers use?
  84. V1 Hardwire
  85. What is the difference?
  86. Good site for PIAA bulbs, etc
  87. Alarm to turbo timer
  88. HELP! Volume Cuts (when power doors are pressed)
  89. RHD to LHD projector conversion?
  90. Disable DRL's behind glovebox
  91. Omori 52 mil EGT wiring dilema,,help please
  92. Driving lights on wagon crossbar?
  93. Does the Blitz FATT DC II beep on count-down?
  94. tail lights stay on
  95. EGT gauge stopped working help
  96. Factory gauges?
  97. what bulbs?
  98. HID and Positive Ground System
  99. nervous hid questions
  100. BLITZ SBC-id & Power Meter
  101. Autometer Boost Gauge Clearance (steering column)
  102. SAFC dimensions
  103. name of male side repeater connector?
  104. aftermarket HID's on an 04?
  105. can i wire the car so the fogs and brights run at the same time?
  106. Melted DRL harness w/ fries - $3.99
  107. Stock connector with aftermarket EGT probe
  108. Problem installing HID kit
  109. Sylvania SilverStar
  110. Fog Light Assembly Question Need Help!!!
  111. Fog light went dead in 00RS..what to replace it with?
  112. Halogen Hella FF100 or equivalent?
  113. LED's
  114. Window clunk (it's not what you think)
  115. Greddy oil temp gauge help
  116. more hid problems
  117. GC8 headlight mod?
  118. Question about Omori EGT install directions:
  119. I need a Decent Gauge Pod
  120. New Hellas Optiplexes?
  121. HID wonderings....
  122. PSI3 Automotovie Monitor?
  123. Airbag Light ?? how to disable?
  124. Sylvania Silverstars for motorcycles only?!
  125. STI Radio
  126. Corner bulbs that match headlight color?
  127. Omori 60mm oil pressure gauge....and Defi dash pod
  128. Quick LED+resisitor question
  129. my driving lights won't shut off what should I do?
  130. 2003 WRX HID retrofit
  131. Anyone using
  132. STi HID headlights--availability as aftermarket?
  133. Review of PIAA of P-1000XT
  134. temp sen assy. (temperature sensor assembly?)
  135. quick egt guage help
  136. Hid's for 1998 Legacy L sedan?
  137. Electrical Issues Need Help!
  138. Omori,,bulb question
  139. fog light bulb options
  140. 04 STi HID pics
  141. Dash/Climate Control/Radio display illumination problem!!
  142. how to get lights to blink when locking doors?
  143. omori gauge face replacement
  144. Torque specs for A/C
  145. Lower Bumper Slots 1997 OBS What can I install ?? Foglights/Driving Lights
  146. Fog bulbs in 2004 Imprezas
  147. Headlights are found where again?
  148. Side Markers
  149. Driving light comparison
  150. What H1 bulbs are you running in your complex morretts
  151. anybody know where i can get this stuff
  152. need wiring diagram for 02 sti ic spray switch
  153. Door light problem.. any suggestions?
  154. Gauge illumination help!?
  155. Nylon hose
  156. Anyone Had a plug/harness meltdown running silverstars?
  157. JDM projectors question?
  158. A/F gauge acting srtange, video included
  159. parking lights
  160. Dual color lights
  161. Where can I buy a WRX wire harness for towing my trailer?
  162. Replacing a headlight harness
  163. Temp gauge
  164. STi projector low beam doesn't stay on
  165. Greddy 52mm EGT Gauge Needle stuck at 1200 Celcius...
  166. Anyone w/stock headlights and HID
  167. autometer voltmeter: where to ground best?
  168. 9005/HB3 and H4 connectors
  169. blue foglights
  170. omori gauge source?
  171. Oil Gallery Plug sizes?
  172. 51R fitment
  173. Need help on STI HID projector headlamp
  174. Lotek gauge pod
  175. stock led brake light
  176. wire layout on ignition harness?
  177. Omori Gauges
  178. which gauges to get? ive already decided on brand.
  179. Turbo timer shorts out when I shut the door
  180. Hella FF1000 over 500's. Worth the extra $$?
  181. How to check if my alternator is working ?
  182. advice on no spark from cylinder # 3 and 4 - ignitor?
  183. Urgernt: HID install help
  184. How do i connect a turbo timer with a factory alarm system
  185. I Bought New Gauges But Need Help!
  186. GC8 Fog Light Part Numbers
  187. When installing a resistor....
  188. how many of you like the stock green gauge illuminations?
  189. Head units wiring diagram
  190. Removing Headlights ?
  191. keyless entry removal problem... please help
  192. Defi boost gauge issues
  193. Two questions about relays and switched ground systems
  194. Lightweight stereo, does it exist?
  195. wiring diagram for HKS tt harness?
  196. Plug/socket questions?
  197. Wiring HIDís in the STi headlights...
  198. nice spot for a 12 volt tap..
  199. Solar Panel
  200. cigarrate lighter with full time power?
  201. alternative battery long term experience
  202. WRX lamp pods? where to get them.
  203. Autometer WRX Gauge Bezel Pics
  204. question about 2nd gen newage sti gauges
  205. Do 04 wrx fogs == P1 fogs?
  206. Subiegal WRX Single Gauge Pod install?
  207. What is bulb type of 04 WRX/RS..?
  208. current draw
  209. I need some real help from you electrical guru's
  210. WRX and heated mirrors????
  211. Instalation on clear side markers???
  212. how to turn on instrument/gauge light on when ignition is off?
  213. Gauge harness
  214. Lights out!
  215. Like I need more encouragement to pull G's.
  216. Wow. HID power! Pics
  217. How to protect my lens???
  218. STI HID's (Version 7)
  219. 2.5RS (gc8) fog light upgrades?
  220. STi cluster outside air temp wiring
  221. Sylvania Cool Blue vs. Nokya Arctic White bulbs
  222. Help: water condensation in my headlight
  223. Help, Boost install gone bad
  224. Relay and Fuse for rear accessory plug on wagon.
  225. '04 STi guage cluster in my '02 WRX
  226. neon lights laws in PA?
  227. Burnt out fog
  228. Please help
  229. GC8 owners, what did you seal your jdm tailights with?
  230. Compass Kit Wiring
  231. My morettes suck! Help me get some light output
  232. Odd Foglight Problem..Help!
  233. Star Shield Armor alternative to protect Fog Lights
  234. STI Projector Electrical Tilt Adjuster - Help
  235. STi water spray switch help
  236. For those with the Omori mech boost guage?
  237. Need help installing OEM guage pack
  238. What is the right grounding points?
  239. What's more important, brand of light housing or bulbs?
  240. were is the stock radio bulb swap to LED thread
  241. Found cheaper protection for WRX foglights ...
  242. Installing a citizen's band radio
  243. angel eyes help!!!
  244. How to hardwire
  245. digital speedometer
  246. What average, or specific, alternator outputs do EJ engine series vehicles have?
  247. 04 heated seats in 03
  248. Rewiring horn
  249. electrical experts: i want to do a front turn signal mod, need some help direction
  250. apexi auto timer wires?