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  1. Nissan on my Subaru!
  2. Replacing factory headlight. OOOPS, rock smash
  3. Wrx Morette Low Beam - h4 or h7?
  4. Head Lite Problem please help !
  5. OBDII Scan tool
  6. amber headlights in the US?
  7. 9007 harness upgrade
  8. Hella Supertones
  9. Anybody have the Escort G-Timer?
  10. Anyone who has seen Hella FF1000's up close?
  11. Need Help with O2 Sim install....
  12. JDM lights hi & lo beam same time?
  13. Need help - Apexi Auto timer O2/ECU wires
  14. My foglight is cracked!!
  15. fuse blowing problems
  16. Greddy TT Countdown
  17. gauge in factory air vent
  18. Rapid Clicking When Attempting to Start
  19. see how smart you are
  20. Wrx Aussie Ecu Wire Info My00
  21. Morrette ....High Beams out
  22. need help: installing L bumper fog lights
  23. Is it possible to brighten the OEM Guages?
  24. Which Wire??
  25. Size of gauges on OEM 3 Pod
  26. Tach (rpm) wire location?
  27. 04 STI cluster installed in my 02 WRX
  28. Where for best price on Sylvania Silverstar (online or store)
  29. Help me find the ECU ground wire
  30. Driver side window will not roll down
  31. OEM Headlight Mod - Long Term Status
  32. STI conversion lights?
  33. More grounding mod "voodoo"...
  34. hid kits to stock wrx
  35. STi headlights H1 bulbs wattage
  36. Help with blown fuse, brake and battery warning light
  37. Beeping Subaru
  38. '04 Alarm beep on '02
  39. FOR SALE --JDM STi Non-HID Headlights
  40. 03 Headlight Question
  41. Turbo Timer Pics?
  42. Painted Morettes lets see them
  43. Headlights go on and off
  44. Blitz turbo timer
  45. Odometer/Tripmeter/Mileage Reset !
  46. Why is my airbag light on?
  47. tt install goof?
  48. Sylvania Silverstars or PIAA eXtreme white or Razo
  49. Comparison of Morette and Prodrive
  50. Philips VisionPlus
  51. License plate lights dont work.
  52. Replacement clock for gauge pod?
  53. 94 legacy radio wiring
  54. D2S in oem relector housing
  55. Psi3 Electronic Gauge Kit
  56. Subaru Sub wire harness
  57. Help, Keyless remote won't program
  58. should i install my dynamat door kit when getting an alarm?
  59. Bulbs, I want something bright
  60. anyone have CATZ'S HID PIC?
  61. ok, someone explain this
  62. Switched Power Source Under the Hood
  63. need some help
  64. Aftermarket head unit install-dbl din?
  65. Which additional gauges would be usefull on 01 RS?
  66. illumination control unit?
  67. How difficult is the DIY headlight mod?
  68. Turbo Boost Gauge
  69. Dim light reversed in gauges
  70. Omori mech boost gauge question...
  71. Is the Low-gas warning light wired with gas gauge?
  72. Need help wiring HID's for GC8
  73. Need Help Now With Cel Install!!!
  74. Blitz DTT DCII Instruction Manual
  75. Need help quick
  76. Which Optima will clear Greddy FMIC piping?
  77. Defi guage pod, will autometer fit?
  78. Help..Keep blowing fogs fuse
  79. WRX door/window switches - 02 vs. 03?
  80. Defi gauge pod paint color?
  81. keep blowing illumination fuse, help!
  82. third brake light converson
  83. Parking light/horn wire??
  84. Switches.. what can fit where?
  85. Moving battery
  86. LHD Sti Headlight Question
  87. EGT question
  88. Kastles replica clear corner Question ????
  89. choosing an alternator?
  90. autometer EGT gauge
  91. Does the mileage change w/ new cluster?
  92. 04 STi guages wiring diagram needed...
  93. Can't get Center Console out, please help
  94. What Bulb is in the Foglights?
  95. Headlight Lens Question
  96. Kill switch
  97. tapping fuse box
  98. European Headlight Vendor
  99. Keep blowing tail light fuse- HELP...
  100. electric gauge - where do you tap for power?
  101. anyone have any info on the GREDDY PROFEC-B SPEC2??
  102. Anyone got interior LED (or other) lighting?
  103. Interest in lightbar....
  104. EBC question? plese help.
  105. climate control unit problem.
  106. Morette Headlight Help Needed
  107. Electrical event
  108. Another driving light wiring idea - will this work?
  109. Need help with Blitz FATT [URGENT]
  110. ...I Want Strobes...
  111. What is this green plug?
  112. PIAA Super Plasma vs. Xtreme White
  113. Fog lights aim too high???
  114. Hella 500's Install
  115. Stock Boost Gauge Light too dim!
  116. Turn signals aren't working...02 WRX
  117. Fuses blowing... HELP!
  118. Have you changed your STI headlight bulbs?
  119. Fog Lights Always On?
  120. reverse glow gauges???
  121. Need wiring info for Field SFC Hyper fuel computer
  122. HID kit in JDM headlights - Install Help!
  123. Can the foglight handle with 100W consumption...?
  124. Um... Trunk Problem!
  125. Build your own gauges?
  126. needles with reverse indiglo gauges
  127. Headlight Foglight problems
  128. After market fog lights
  129. 140/100 bulb, where to find them?
  130. Compass pack in 02+
  131. stock boost gauge housing? where to buy?
  132. Instrument Cluster Replacement Bulbs
  133. High beam works, low beam doesn't. Fuse or bulb?
  134. Need 12v switched on 04 WRX close to fusebox
  135. Fuel Gauge - Game over
  136. mechanical and electrical gauges
  137. So whats better than autometer?
  138. '00 RS foglight lens
  139. Foglight question
  140. Subaru OEM Gauge Pod Help!!
  141. turbo timer help please.
  142. T-Shift lite help
  143. some electrical lquestions
  144. Installing driving lights - which wire is the high beam?
  145. 00 JDM tail light swap
  146. fog light relay ?
  147. Factory switches
  148. questions about 3 brands of h3 bulbs...
  149. need big help with turbo timer install. something went bad!!!
  150. Can anybody fix a broke Airbag computer? Look i have picture
  151. Fuse blowing
  152. HELP CAR WONT START after sprayer install (im retarded)
  153. JDM Blitz Dual Turbo Timer install on GC8
  154. Help! HID install gone bad?
  155. Got pulled over for license plate lights.
  156. JDM STi HID headlights harness?
  157. Gauges
  158. fog lamps... dead
  159. Interior aftermarket light dimming...
  160. Noise coming from Rear View Mirror
  161. Factory Alarm Weirdness..
  162. OEM Guages on the a-pillar
  163. 02/03 wrx morette owners
  164. Trailer Wiring Harness?
  165. Can you recharge a 12 volt motorcycle battery with a 12 volt car charger?
  166. WRX Foglamps in a MY99 RS
  167. greddy EBC install
  168. a pillar gauges
  169. Best Turbo Time for stealth look and count down options
  170. New Blinker Lights
  171. Good news for those looking for leveler harness
  172. 2004 WRX Lights
  173. HIDS and RHD JDM Lights. Asking for trouble?
  174. Guage Cluster help
  175. Where to get HIDs for MY03 WRX
  176. Indiglo Gauges Install Problem
  177. de-scratching the plastic bugeyes ???
  178. i need a switch
  179. RHD to LHD
  180. Which HID kit should I get, who makes the best kit?
  181. stock stereo problem
  182. Escort Products
  183. what are the cheapest guages possible...
  184. calling all guages!!!!!! show em off
  185. ? For ppl with Hella 500 Driving lights..
  186. Speedmonkee gound kit
  187. I'm getting JDM lights now I need help
  188. fan only works on setting "4"
  189. Auto Climate Control in '02
  190. 02 WRX, Mystery Plug by Windshield Washer Pump Plug?
  191. Help with fan
  192. Morette's w/ 9007 bulbs?
  193. I Have A Question About Morrete Headlights For 02/03 WRX? Morrette owners help me out
  194. Boost Gauge Flutter...
  195. Those stupid orange pieces under the bumper lenses
  196. Ignition Kill Switch: Anyone install one themselves?
  197. HKS turbo timer Question
  198. How to change foglight in MY04?
  199. HKS Grounding Kit
  200. OEM HID + harness
  201. What beam type did you replace your factory fogs with?
  202. Oil temp probe attatchment plate
  203. what are the stock fog light size? and anyone w/nokya experiance?
  204. Help!!! Dash Illumination is dead!
  205. Where to get 7-Segment display drivers??
  206. Anyone have an AirCon wiring diagram?
  207. Car will not start!?!
  208. wire diagram
  209. Sirius Wiring help
  210. Need Help Installing DEFI Link Boost Gauge!
  211. Defi HUD power source, which wires?
  212. JDM Foglamps
  213. A/F Guages...your thoughts
  214. Apexi Turbotimer Install
  215. Keyless entry no longer beeping
  216. Air/ Fuel wired wrong?
  217. HKS Circle Earth Gounding System.
  218. Searched: Stock stereo pin out diagram
  219. illumination control unit install
  220. 2003 wiring diagram for autometer air fuel
  221. How To Eliminate Stock Stereo Dimming Situation
  222. Radio Illumination
  223. Eliminate Daytime Running Lights
  224. Lightweight battery recommendations needed
  225. "always on" connection to the battery cut somewhere...
  226. Blitz Wiring Harness.
  227. Please help with fog light decision
  228. Another door locking problem
  229. question about auto-dimming mirror install
  230. HID bulbs, should i clean them?
  231. G-Tech Pro Competion
  232. 99 rs coilpack vs 01 rs coilpack
  233. Aftermarket Bulbs
  234. Boost Gauge Install Walkthrough?
  235. Blitz FATT- Which Setting?
  236. Morette turn signals
  237. anyone with headlight swap
  238. 51R battery
  239. are you mounting to your car?
  240. Overdoing ground mod will cause it to not work at all!
  241. HID operation: Turn on one at a time?
  242. new headlights
  243. ABS indicator light question - please help
  244. What gauge wire to extend O2 sensor?
  245. Some night time pictures of Cibie's and SilverStar bulbs
  246. 2004 WRX Fog light bulb replacement?
  247. Where did you get your Philips HIDs?
  248. Help with headlight problem
  249. '04 WRX - Connecting Dome and Map Lights
  250. PART I: AVI's of levelling Orciari's, flashing fenders, Euro/*** sidemarkers + more..