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  1. PART II: AVI's of levelling Orciari's, flashing fenders, Euro/*** sidemarkers + more.
  2. Psi3 Gauge/Data unit?
  3. grounding mod vs warrenty
  4. Another Turbo Timer and Factory Alarm question
  5. anyone install bellof hid's?
  6. About to hardwire my radar, some final questions?
  7. Installing car alarm.. Need a pro to install it to get warranty though?
  8. JDM Headlights Bulb?????
  9. Intake Temperature Guages... your thoughts?
  10. Ebay healights? Yay or Nay?
  11. (Simple) IC Sprayer control help needed
  12. GC parking lights
  13. Gauges.....?
  14. Can anyone give me a link to the diy headlight mod for 04???
  15. Alternator Connector
  16. oil temp install location
  17. hella 500 fogs
  18. need to splice in new map sensor
  19. Anyone installed dimming mirror in RS?
  20. Main Fuse Keeps Blowing???
  21. MAF wiring question
  22. red gauges?
  23. Escort SR7 vs SRX
  24. JDM headlight install
  25. Do I lose my alarm settings if i reset the ECU?
  26. Speedometer needle getting stuck at 40MPH
  27. Want to see madness!
  28. Do I lose my idle settings if I reset my ECU?
  29. can i make a 9007 bulb to fit an H1?
  30. hooking up electronic oil pres gauge
  31. Alternator compatibility between models/years. Could I use a 02 WRX on my Legacy 90?
  32. backlit ignition
  33. Wiring Harness for JDM headlights.
  34. WT - Where to tap in with Mechanical WATER TEMP
  35. Where can I find instructions for replacing 2004 WRX H3 fog light bulbs?
  36. Firewall passage for A-pillar mount
  37. how do you operate fog lights?
  38. GC8 power window problem
  39. Turbo Timer Alarm....followed instructions but no luck.
  40. Boost gauge install
  41. Fog Light Alignment
  42. Headlamp crack... can i fix it?
  43. Brake light problem
  44. How do you turn your headlight off when it auto on??
  45. Omori Egt woes
  46. Stock Radio appears to be a gonner
  47. Turn Signal Flasher location
  48. Show me your guages......
  49. yet another 9007 lighting question
  50. Fuel gauge problem
  51. Morrete replacement lamps
  52. Autometer EGT probe P/N#?
  53. Who make the stock alarm?
  54. How-to install 194 sized bulbs in parking lights?
  55. brake light probs
  56. ecu swap
  57. Technical Literature/Publications
  58. Question/Prob after installing Apexi Auto TT
  59. Tiny Bulbs Behind Climate Control
  60. Plug 'n play PSI boost gauge for OEM column mount?
  61. oil pressure gauge clarification needed
  62. Prodrive headlight - levelling motors?
  63. CB radio install questions
  64. I have a question about STI headlights
  65. Need Major Help Quick Please!
  66. Anyone with autometer gauges
  67. Grounding Wire Mod
  68. 2004 WRX H1 Hid kit
  69. Hks camp install help
  70. Gas gauge problems
  71. Size of Subaru Column Mounted Boost Gauge?
  72. Hella 500 x 4 Light output
  73. changing the light of the gauges.
  74. Sti Foglight Wiring Question
  75. How to adjust RHD to dont blind other drivers so much...???
  76. Stock fog lamp face removal?
  77. Not your typical Morette question...wires/bulbs
  78. Electric Fans
  79. 9006 bulb question
  80. HIDs Soon to be Banned
  81. Where did you mount your gauges and why?
  82. Which and where to buy HID?
  83. Stock head unit question...WRX
  84. EDM STi Projectors w/ HID upgrade Questions
  85. 04 WRX/STi fog lamp bulb type
  86. 04 wrx replacement headlights
  87. Cibie Oscar for 00' rs?
  88. Fog light replacements
  89. Wiring Questions (Hella 500 Driving Lights)
  90. a/f gauge install
  91. help! greddy boost gauge wiring
  92. Can you make the Morettes use OEM HID bulb
  93. Can RF Modulators mess with Fly By Wire systems?
  94. HELP My Compass mirror is stuck
  95. WRC Look vs OEM light output
  96. ABS Switch using the OEM foglight switch
  97. Overhead Drawing/sketch/schematic wrx sedan?
  98. Hella Supertones help!
  99. 2004 Clock wiring schematic
  100. Can i use the rear wiper fuse as a source to tap +12 Switched for my gauges?
  101. How to Adjust Headlights
  102. Anyone install Autometer gauge cup on steering column like OEM?
  103. Alarm Remote
  104. Where buy Sylvania SilverStar Signal lights?
  105. Fuel Door Open Light...
  106. Using motorcycle battery in WRX
  107. fan control w/turbo timer
  108. help with pressure switch for IC water spray
  109. 2001 Problem
  110. Clear Bumper Lenses
  111. Tach and speed sensor STI
  112. cruise control light stopped working
  113. power tap in
  114. 3rd horn for alarm?
  115. Temp gauge hookup
  116. Will the '04 STi levelling switch and harness plug right into '02-03 LHD STi lights?
  117. FINALLY! Look here if interested in a lightbar!
  118. STi projector HID retrofit color question
  119. Oil Pressure needle bouncing
  120. LED vs Cold Cathode vs EL Wire
  121. bulb comparison: Philips vs Sylvania vs...
  122. Anyone running 4 FF1000's?
  123. Anyone installed Autometer Shiftlight?
  124. Oil pressure gauge
  125. Can Whister DE-1748 radar det. be hard-wired without kit?
  126. EGT & Oil Pres Gauges-How complicated to install??
  127. Any EE's out there? Need help with building a wideband -> narrow band
  128. Which HIDs are good?
  129. really weird problem
  130. Bel radar detector owners - how is the digital voice?
  131. After Market HID's - You maybe Fined
  132. STi cluster in GC6.. tach and speedo problem
  133. kartboy brackets for piaa's on a '02 wagon?
  134. 2004 STI headlamp motor wiring HELP
  135. question on what to do about fog lights
  136. Gauges for center pod that match STi dash gauges?
  137. auto dimming mirror question
  138. horn stopped working
  139. Can i have PNP TT and PNP push button starter?
  140. Can i have PNP TT and PNP push button starter?
  141. Autometer gauge problems
  142. Tacky Tachometers
  143. AZ subaru new shop PHX
  144. Air bag switch?
  145. Pictures of stock 3 gauge pod.
  146. Idea for an "easier" DIY IC spray
  147. Best Gauge Pod
  148. 3 horns and a relay
  149. parking light wiring?
  150. one of a kind headlights
  151. Windshield Washer Curcuit
  152. HELP!!!! Car won't start
  153. anything louder than supertones?
  154. Hooking up JDM STi Instrument Cluster on '02 WRX
  155. Weird noise issue
  156. Where to Buy Apexi Turbo Timer?
  157. Turbo gauge
  158. Interior Lighting
  159. Lights! Camera! Lights!
  160. turbo gauge lighting question
  161. Grounding Mod and Possible Heat Problem
  162. proform shift light any good?
  163. EDM STI headlights 03 wrx wagon
  164. After Market Gauge Pods?
  165. good place to buy HIDs
  166. 01 RS foglights vs wrx foglights
  167. HELP! MSD rpm window switch wiring...
  168. extremely random CE light...(not flashing)
  169. Help! my wrx is lifeless!
  170. Oil pressure sending unit install...HELP
  171. Replacement blubs
  172. Dome Light and Deck Clock
  173. aftermarket pumps for intercooler spray
  174. Question About CC-B Wiring Harness for EDM STi lights
  175. Morette headlight bulbs???
  176. hella 500s w/ mesh fog covers???
  177. CEL Fix
  178. Underbody Neon With Horn
  179. Underbody Neon (again)
  180. Different Gauge Pack Housing For STi?
  181. Morette/Orciari Lights
  182. Disconnecting Running Lights, how to?
  183. Is their a good spot for battery under rear seat?
  184. gallery plug
  185. My GC6 Morrette smashed, where do I get a replacement?
  186. Autometer Electric Oil Temp Gauge Question??
  187. Greddy 52mm gauges
  188. humm just a few questions Gauges . =/
  189. best vacuum hose for MAP sensor
  190. Alarm Problem:
  191. Aquamist 2D wiring - injectors question
  192. WRX radio
  193. edm sti headlight question
  194. Where to tap for power to guages?
  195. horn/hazards trippin a fuse?
  196. Watt question
  197. Help out a newbie, please!!
  198. auto dimming compass broke?
  199. hid bulb/ballast question
  200. Wagon Altezza tailights?
  201. Which HID company? Pics?
  202. Speaker Wattage
  203. Tips on replacing low beam bulbs in Morettes.
  204. STi Genome boost gauge install help
  205. Help engine swap wiring problems.
  206. difference b/t manual and auto wiring harness
  207. Brake Light Still On!!!
  208. morette bulbs, mine went out
  209. quad beam conversions
  210. JDM Headlights
  211. When to install EGT sensor?
  212. JDM Projectors and DRL
  213. Another oil pressure sender question...
  214. Installing oil pressure/oil temp guages
  215. Digital boost gauge
  216. HID legality?
  217. Reading WRX Gauge Cluster Mileage
  218. bulb power question
  219. New horn mod!!!!!
  220. Subaru car alarm set off radar detector??
  221. Foglights off at high beam
  222. Rear o2 sensor wire on a 2000 2.5rs
  223. Bulbs for UK300/Prodrive lights?
  224. Hella 500 driving lamp protection
  225. Morette headlamp wiring
  226. STi guage cluster for 02 WRX?
  227. where to get light weight battery?
  228. Battery Relocation
  229. what knid of bulbs do i use in 04 WRX
  230. help: need to make 3-wire cb radio a 2-wire setup. how?
  231. Grounding
  232. Stock 3 gauge pod problem.
  233. Ballast mouting
  234. '95 Indiglo gauge installation?
  235. magnetic cb antenna grounding question
  236. Hella 500 question
  237. HKS Type 1 turbo timer Install?
  238. new horn mod idea
  239. Radar Detector Hardwiring
  240. What gauges to get???????
  241. can anyone show me how
  242. STi I/C water level sensor
  243. JDM Headlight Mod...Anyone done this?
  244. Odd problem, no radio, no clock, no lights...
  245. Headlights go on...oil pressure guage goes crazy
  246. Standalone Fan switch?
  247. A question about nitrous and gauges???
  248. ODBII question
  249. Will radar detector work through semi-metallic tint (front & back windshield)?
  250. replace fogs with driving lights in 97 legacy gt?