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  1. Extreme Lighting Newbie, please help
  2. Parking light switch moves freely?
  3. why no spark?
  4. How do I HID my GC8 Morettes???
  5. Autometer Triple Dash Pod - anyone has picture of installed pod?
  6. Fog Lights Will it Work?
  7. Battery Install Issues
  8. 04 WRX foglights please help
  9. Foglight Issue '06 WRX
  10. Any Experience with 500FF *Fogs*
  11. 2003 wrx Independent low beams?
  12. Any one else with factory STI HID's have one go out?
  13. Front left power window issue
  14. dimming lights??howdo u do it????
  15. Can someone please post a pin out for the OEM 6 pin trailer wiring harness?
  16. Mouting Hella 500 fogs sideways
  17. 04-05 Sti HID.........
  18. Question about water temp hose adaptor
  19. 07 Map/ Reading light conversion
  20. Driver side HID out...
  21. One of my Fog's aren't working, need it fixed before I get my inspection!
  22. turn off I/c spray light?
  23. Windows won't go up, deck won't turn on!!! No blown Fuses
  24. MAF troubles on '99 2.5
  25. v3 sti cluster in to a 96L
  26. Q about Lotek Dual Gauge 60mm Pillar
  27. 08 TSX retrofit
  28. Electrical failure affecting DBW Throttle
  29. License Plate Light Laws
  30. Splicing fog lights into headlights?
  31. Anyone use Casper Knock gauge??
  32. current draw with door open
  33. 2004 WRX fog light installation?
  34. Bad wiring or just in my head?
  35. Power surge
  36. Control Unit Power Supply wire DEAD!
  37. Parking Lights-tired of leds
  38. 05 STI cluster into 04 wagon
  39. AC compressor help
  40. Where to place HID ballast in 09 WRX?
  41. Parking Light Problem
  42. Annoying ghost electrical problem
  43. Replacement fog light, are they serious?
  44. Battery Question
  45. white dust on battery, not on leads
  46. Underdash Neon
  47. 2006 wrx tail light fit on an 2002 wrx?
  48. window stupid question probably
  49. 2009 Daytime Running Lights need to be Disabled
  50. instrument panel lights
  51. AEM wideband noise???
  52. LIghts out need help
  53. Where to get red lamp covers for my radio?
  54. 93 usdm impreza headlights in 93 jdm wrx
  55. Aftermarket Radiator Fan Install?
  56. My Baja is dying o me... :(
  57. hooked up my gauges now no radio...
  58. 07 sti abs switch fuse?!?
  59. headlight bulb choices?
  60. Headlights cut out when turn signal engaged..?
  61. Day time running lights WONT die?!?
  62. Fell On My Feet While Driving - WTF Is This Connector
  63. OEM Boost Gauge Question
  64. If i hit a bump my radio turns back on...?
  65. Revers light switch on a 2000-GF
  66. Bugeye Morette Owners - need feedback
  67. Snow Aux Lights
  68. air bag ligh on
  69. Hit the brake and the car dies????
  70. Moonroof/Sunroof/turn signal issue. HELP
  71. Fogs won't turn on
  72. Help! I've gone through 3 EGT and 2 oil temp gauges
  73. Dead battery...need to figure out why...maybe I shorted something out?
  74. Making New relay for hella 500's//need some advice//
  75. HELP!! HID install- driver side wont turn on... period.
  76. Noob hard wire question
  77. Air Horn Kit?
  78. 2006 WRX headlights really dim
  79. help me fix my stupid headlight problem...
  80. emanage
  81. Replaced Alternator, now no-start.
  82. Car cuts out then starts again when fuse box is touched. Halps!
  83. Problem with dashboard illumination
  84. HEELLLLP! TPS issues!
  85. Fog lamps keep burning out
  86. 06 wrx tr
  87. Defi issue
  88. Any one used this EGT gauge setup before?
  89. Problem with oil temp guage, needle goes crazy
  90. Gauge / Airbag light problem
  91. 2003 WRX Wagon fan fuses keep blowing.
  92. Fusible link question
  93. Replaced HID ballasts, now no dashlights
  94. LED v. Filament
  95. sti v7 gauge cluster with constant abs lite! help!
  96. Hooking up A/F gauge
  97. 02 Headlights to a 07 STI headlights need help on wiring
  98. Fans not working at all, Guru's help!
  99. 08 taillight wiring colors - or, installing a trailer wiring harness
  100. Any Handheld Device That Reads MAP Voltage?
  101. Installed factory fogs on 08 STi - they don't light up
  102. Prosport gauges wiring clock pod
  103. Possible short?
  104. Bugeye black housing question....QUICK!!!
  105. wire a hitch on 05 STi; need help badly
  106. Stereo cut out?
  107. lighting question
  108. Need help with wiring for a hitch on 05 STi
  109. will this look good?
  110. Where to mount Ballast in 2002 wrx??
  111. Brake light cuts out
  112. Need technical help w/'window lock' switch wiring...
  113. Dumb STI Foglight Question
  114. Power Door Lock/Starting Issues
  115. halo light problem
  116. Dead power
  117. How do I turn off lowbeam?
  118. specific 02-03 DRL wireing question
  119. Bulb Size
  120. Help: Shifter Light
  121. Electrical whatever I don't know
  122. "IMPREZA-3A-5001" doc in English or AU/EUR equivs for MSA5T0834A236885/7 (GR)
  123. Strange Problem with my headlights
  124. Keyless Entry Programming
  125. Fog Lamp Installation 2008 sti
  126. JDM Retro: Hi-Beams No Worky
  127. need help tail lights not coming on???
  128. Indiglo burnout?
  129. Oil Sandwhich Adapter - Wiring Q's
  130. lights not working
  131. Right fog not working... where to start?
  132. 96 Legacy wgn headlight problem
  133. Need help! is it the battery?
  134. Oil presure gauge
  135. Help on indep fog light mod on 08 STi...
  136. Innovate LC1 Switch Question
  137. Morette Headlight Beam Pattern
  138. CEL with flashing cruise after new battery install
  139. HELP! notice battery was reversed and tried switching, constant blowing fuse
  140. Need to splice radiator fan plugs!!!
  141. Center brake light out
  142. Fog Light Mod Question?
  143. MadDad Clarity boost gauge: maxed out and blinking
  144. Power Surge?
  145. FYSA Accessory switch light bulb part numbers.
  146. 12v to 6v power source? would like help experts!
  147. Need Help!!! Battery problems!
  148. tapping a wire into cigarette lighter socket?
  149. Can I wire my prosport boost gauge this way...
  150. Cluster panel lights dead?
  151. JDM STi cluster conversion
  152. Need help! Starter issues
  153. STRI Gauges
  154. hid question (oh trust me i read a lot)
  155. A/C blowing Fuses
  156. Voltage problems.
  157. Help Wiring HID kit with 03 wrx w/JDM STI projectors
  158. Help Wire HID kit to JDM STI projectors
  159. Hks Turbo Timer Type 1 Help Please
  160. Head Unit Wiring Problem
  161. Finding Negative and Positive wires
  162. electial problem with sti.
  163. An LC-1 Problem
  164. Newb - Question on Removal of Headlamp assemby for 04 Impreza
  165. Wire is cut and jumped together.pic inside
  166. foglight bulbs
  167. 04, 05 sti headlight question!!!
  168. Gauge cluster question
  169. windows wont go up
  170. Cigarette lighter plug?
  171. Help with autodimming mirror
  172. Confused, battery maybe?
  173. Power drain - dead battery after 1 day
  174. Driving without cluster installed = dead battery?
  175. HID BULB Question
  176. Running 100watt bulbs in a set of hellas = popped fuses
  177. Subaru HID fog light question
  178. 04 WRX headlight assembly removal?
  179. no horn, speaker sound and only one low beam any ideas
  180. rear fog light help
  181. Cluster light still on when car shut off
  182. Reliable 12v source?
  183. head lights
  184. AEM UEGO Wideband stopped working
  185. Stock boost control solenoid wiring
  186. Does anybody know how to reassemble the inside of a fog light switch button?
  187. My fog lights in my 04 keep blowing, please help
  188. FuK JDM FOGS
  189. Wiring harness for horns?
  190. Instrument Cluster Needle Color Change
  191. New Battery = Low Idle
  192. I am at a loss with wiring.
  193. broken high/low beam switch
  194. Driver side headlight keeps going out
  195. batt & brake light still on
  196. PIAA 80 Pro XT Help
  197. A few questions about Omori boost gauge install- dimming and extra parts..
  198. Air Fuel Sensor?
  199. battery question
  200. 02 WRX needs new 9007 headlights
  201. Correct turbo timer harness? 04 wrx
  202. got an issue with my car dying while driving, killing battery
  203. 08-09 Impreza Lamin-X users
  204. Cb + abs module = ???
  205. quick audio ?
  206. HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer
  207. tweeters
  208. Looking for LED colored covers
  209. Where to buy Defi snesors??
  210. wiring diagrams...or just plain HELP
  211. guide to make your fog lights on with your parking lights w/factory button and light!
  212. 2008 WRX HID install question (DRL)???
  213. Installed coilovers, now speakers dont get signal!
  214. Bought yellow lightbulbs for my foglights and they blew
  215. Question on how to use a turbo booster
  216. Want to Add HID's to EDM's in the Best Way Possible
  217. Best place to buy philips 4300k d2r
  218. Can someone take a picture of their 08 tail light?
  219. H.I.D Question (about bulb)
  220. Dash, hvac, and corner lights turn on when brakes are pressed
  221. Hvac 07
  222. How Do You Connect Air Fuel Meter?
  223. Need quick answer about JDM STi HID cutoff line in the U.S.
  224. My locks won't work...
  225. hid's for $100???
  226. possible problem with prosport gauge?
  227. Prosport Wideband Kits + Romraider
  228. Replacing right side front parking light
  229. help me chose gauges!
  230. STi Cluster swap
  231. JDM STi V8 Cluster issues
  232. LC-1 wide band
  233. Switch covers left of steering wheel
  234. Electrical affecting engine performance
  235. Secondary Lights not working
  236. Neon wiring
  237. headlight differences...
  238. Blown crossover help.
  239. Defi replacement outer ring.
  240. Auto down power window mod?
  241. Need info for a 02-03 wrx Grnd Relay harness
  242. Do '06 taillights plug right into an '02 WRX?
  243. OEM Lamco temperature gauge acting strangely.
  244. Defi BF Oil Pressure Gauge Needle Movement
  245. HID Retrofit Problem, OEM Ballast, OEM bulbs, PNP Wiring Harness.. Please help
  246. AFTERMAKET BATTERY THREAD! LIGHTWEIGHT, Optima, Oddesy, Deka, Braille, Motorcycle
  247. identify this plug. just got the car, 02 wrx
  248. 09 wrx amber fogs?
  249. How to extend +/- to accomodate small battery?
  250. how to make a push button ignition