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  1. toggle switch blanks in wrx
  2. A few questions about gauges?? (water temp, pyrometer, trans temp, boost)
  3. AC button getting stuck?
  4. Help! My SAFC won't turn on!
  5. Installing an Autospeed "Intelligent" IC spray controller
  6. non matching corner lamps
  7. Adj. headlights in 04'
  8. autometer A/F gauge hookup
  9. Defi Help Please!
  10. factory turbo gauge troubles
  11. Prodrive/UK300 light owners: Help needed
  12. gauge reading drop
  13. Auto up windows? Search disabled
  14. lighting mounted to wagon rack?
  15. Valentine 1
  16. Fog Light replacement
  17. no crappy blue lights want something bright and nice
  18. Hella FF50?
  19. horn upgrade
  20. higher wattage bulbs... what exactly melts?
  21. Which gauges should I get?
  22. Reversed my Tail Light Bulbs...
  23. HELP!!! CEL!!! Restrictor???
  24. Need Wire For Shift Light Install
  25. How to remove rear interior trim (wagon)
  26. GC8 Morrette question
  27. Which bulbs to get for my 2k3 impreza 2.5rs
  28. Bulb Sizes?
  29. HID's for EDM Projectors
  30. AC problem
  31. What do u need to hold in bulbs.....
  32. check engine light blinking after installins safcII for 99 2.5rs
  33. check engine light blinking after installins safcII for 99 2.5rs
  34. Foglights
  35. Turbo Timer???
  36. anyone with autometer egt can help
  37. Autometer Boost Gauge T-fitting???
  38. Morette + HID fix for flicker and loss of low beams
  39. Oil sensor for lamco gauge pod??
  40. Lightweight battery installation, WRX
  41. Flasher Mod
  42. fix gauge dimming problem
  43. lazy boost gauge help!
  44. photos or details on where factory 3 gauge pack oil temp wires are please
  45. 04 Fog lights...
  46. Help!!!
  47. Yellow foglight owners!
  48. Defi Oil Pressure gauge install....
  49. Mystery plugs
  50. Horn Location on a Protege?
  51. fog ligh switch removal
  52. Speedometer wire?
  53. How can I wire HIDs into my new OEM JDM HID projectors?
  54. Anyone seen Altezza style Wagon taillamps?
  55. Who knows what this clip is for?
  56. Anyone have a wiring diagram for JDM HIDs?
  57. Side Marker Lamp Blink Mod
  58. Power Window Woes....PLEASE READ....I'm Stumped.
  59. Brighter/Better Bulbs to replace JDM Projector Bulbs
  60. Need help ASAP, wiring in Sti lights to 03 wrx
  61. How to instal JDM MY03 STI HID on USA MY4 WRX?
  62. wiring for the daytime light
  63. Headlight Question
  64. Turbo timer in GC8 with viper remote start?
  65. adjusting headlights
  66. wiring diagram
  67. Electronic tinkerers...a question.
  68. A/C question
  69. GC8 fog light adjustment
  70. Different Cluster Mileage Correction
  71. Installing map light - can I drill into the ceiling?
  72. Apex Turbo Timer
  73. Autometer Air Fuel Gauge
  74. Accurate boost gauge?
  75. how could i clean hyperwhites that are smudged?
  76. Upgrading wattage of foglight bulbs
  77. Does EGT Probe Install Void Warranty?
  78. Autometer Boost Gauge
  79. Were I can Find or Buy a HID Leveling switch and harness?
  80. Morette HID... flash-to-pass??
  81. Lighting Problem
  82. problem with brake lights
  83. Making the front turn signals into parking lights too...
  84. Morette bulbs on passenger side
  85. Dash light problem
  86. Which wire??? Please help!
  87. Gauge prob Help!
  88. Cigarette Lighter / Power Outlet problem
  89. 9005 High beam bulb options?
  90. Changed the color gauges but now what it stock again, help.
  91. EGT Probe Problem
  92. GC8 STI tail light install
  93. Which gauge pod to get?
  94. High beam won't stay on w/ my Morettes
  95. Subaru Knock Sensor
  96. Hella FF1000 mounting bracket
  97. posi-lock connectors...
  98. Alternator getting hot!
  99. Grounding Mod
  100. Cruise control unit part #???
  101. security light is flasing
  102. LAMCO Stock Gauges
  103. Apex Turbo Timer Install: I NEED HELP!!!
  104. bumper fog light question
  105. help with new fogs
  106. A/C disable in defog
  107. ground wires make 5-9hp?
  108. install apex turbo timer
  109. Need some help
  110. Help! Fog lights won't turn on after HID install
  111. STi headlights in '04 wagon??
  112. Subaru headlights from afar
  113. How do I tell if my Morettes are RHD or LHD?
  114. HIDs flickering? I'm assuming grounding, please help
  115. what to do about foggy headlights?
  116. Need part # to JDM lights
  117. HID Sale now Illegal... Petition Here!
  118. Wiring harness for stock fog lights in 98 OBS
  119. gauges/swap
  120. DIY PnP Harness
  121. Pics of AutoMeter boost gauge and Greddy mount
  122. lights and blower motor not working
  123. 96 impreza headlight upgrad
  124. Airbag light on, no horn?
  125. Blitz egt gauge help
  126. hella 4000
  127. DIY JDM STi Headlight harness adapter
  128. Water Temp gauge
  129. Odometer LCD screen
  130. ? need help w/ autometer gauge
  131. Hella Horn Install
  132. recommendations on gauges?
  133. Day time running lights ?
  134. Airbag brain for 2.5 RS
  135. Problem with SECS unit
  136. jdm headlites (hi beam q's)
  137. AVO Boost gauge
  138. What is brighter? HID headlight conversion or Hella FF1000 driving lights?
  139. STi cluster in 98 2.5 RS?
  140. Dual HID Conversion?
  141. ??amps??
  142. autometer boost and oil temp questions
  143. Corrosion Cleaning Question
  144. Compass/Altimeter pack: which wire for speed (not from ECU)?
  145. Silverstar H1 availible
  146. alarm/light problem
  147. Rallye4000's?
  148. daytime running lights question
  149. Headlight wiring questions
  150. High Beam/Low Beam
  151. Stock Radio Wiring Diagram
  152. "Fogging" INSIDE headlamps?
  153. clock
  154. Autometer Ultra lite EGT with oem egt probe?
  155. wiring schematics for APEXI SAFC II
  156. Clearing headlights problem
  157. JDM STi instrument cluster mod???
  158. EGT Resistor Mod
  159. Weird Alarm Sound
  160. Boost Guage Install - Hose Diameter
  161. Reverse 04 Headlight bulbs?
  162. boost gauge
  163. ATTN: color code guys
  164. CEL problems on WRX04 with full decat?
  165. Emergency Guage Instal Question, Please Help!!!
  166. do autometer phantom gauges light up blue
  167. STi headlights for 04 Sport Wagon
  168. Morette woes
  169. Anyone is using an Apexi turbo timer in their STi? Does it work with the stock alarm?
  170. The HID difference! (pic)
  171. ATTN: electronic masters i need your help
  172. won't start - battery dies
  173. Diff. between Mechanical and electrical boost gauge
  174. STi: Driving lights?
  175. 2004 Morettes.. pics!
  176. fog lightbulb - any recommendation?
  177. Picture of 2004 STI HID ballasts and plugs??
  178. Help! I think I screwed up my wiring.
  179. Radio Fuse Keeps Blowing
  180. Headlight Harness Woes (kind of long.. sorry)
  181. do i really need this?
  182. Is It Possible
  183. need ventilation system electrical diagram
  184. HKS Oil Temp Probe fitting?
  185. Where to buy and how to wire levelling motor switch for STi EDM lights?
  186. piaa bulbs
  187. Everyone needs a little rice
  188. greddy turbo timer wireing
  189. Turbo Timer
  190. auto dimming mirror giving out?
  191. Relay harness schematic for UK300 lights
  192. Install question on Hella lights ** doing this as we speak **
  193. Defi gauges.....
  194. Morette w/harness for cheap?
  195. Gauge's Pwr Hookup
  196. 2004 wrx turn signal bulb
  197. did foglight mod, now i have a problem
  198. safc and avc-r ground question
  199. Blitz TT harness
  200. Switch Tach to Center (Like '04)?
  201. What HIDs for JDMs
  202. MSD Stacker Ignition
  203. AutoExpress: Test of bulbs
  204. Boost Guage
  205. Just got the Sylvania Silverstar headlights!!
  206. 2004 Subaru Impreza
  207. Single 60mm Guage pod???
  208. Can WRX Coils be wired to NA engines?
  209. how-to re-center Omori boost gauge?
  210. STi I/C Water Spray Button (RED)
  211. Removing factory keyless entry
  212. 2004 Lighting Questions...
  213. Wiring diagrams/adding a new 12v outlet???
  214. Tapping Radio Light
  215. Instrument and HVAC bulb quantity and sizes?
  216. Show me your Airhorn installs!!!
  217. Boost Gauge install... minor q's
  218. How do I spread light around?
  219. Fog Lights on, w/o the headlights
  220. Head light prob Any Pointers?
  221. guage cluster and center console light change
  222. Help on the HKS Camp
  223. Running wipers from a swtich
  224. Oil Temp or Oil Pressure Gauge?
  225. What is this connector, and why is it unplugged??
  226. Changing '04 Foglight Bulbs
  227. STi Boost Cut Defender Install Instructions Enclosed
  228. blitz dtt
  229. windshield wiper questions for 04 wrx wagon
  230. HID Kit Install Problem
  231. US vs JDM bumper beam & absorber for 130mm fogs
  232. Does anyone have these?
  233. I don't get the hype
  234. is300 bulbs in an 03 wrx?
  235. How difficult is it to install the OEM gauge pack in an RS?
  236. Huge problem with STi headlights
  237. Installing gauges
  238. route for electrical wires from outside to inside?
  239. My cables won't reach
  241. JDM A/C Control Panel
  242. hella FF upgrades???
  243. Need help with Blitz turbo timer install
  244. Defi gauge wiring
  245. Aftermarket headlights in CA...?
  246. 11,981 miles and...
  247. What is wrong with my headlight? HELP!!!
  248. I need help
  249. Fog light mod help
  250. Need help with clock wires for guages