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  1. Flasher Relay for LED's constantly clicking
  2. stock sti inter-cooler sprayer not working- fully swapped 02rs-sti conversion
  3. How are the 2009 WRX projectors?
  4. where to buy fog light bulbs 06 wrx
  5. gauge pod
  6. TSX projectors: optimal spacing between bowl and lense?
  7. Yellow Fogs - 2011
  8. Power mirrors not working, what to do?
  9. oil gauge
  10. Foglights on a 05 sti.
  11. Back Feeding Electrical Current Through Cluster
  12. Fog light bulbs at a good price?
  13. My Bugeye FX-R Bi-Xenon retrofit project.
  14. fog light film for JDM fogs?
  15. My Stock Headlights Suck
  16. 93 impreza Electrical issues
  17. My headlights control my speedometer.
  18. Parking light - switched ground?
  19. Making big 3/grounding kit + upgrading alternator, questions?
  20. stri boost gauge install
  21. Changing fog light/bulb
  22. Help! Washer nozzles not spraying. Pump motor dead?
  23. 09 WRX seat heaters not working
  24. how to replace the fog light bulb on an 08+?
  25. best light set up for morettes
  26. Grounding mod on 04-05
  27. cc,fog lights, dash clock wont work
  28. Which Trickle Charger/Battery Tender?
  29. 2011 WRX Headlight Bulbs
  30. running lights on all the time.
  31. Need new clock spring? Try fixing it first.
  32. Electrical Mess- Audio Short- Tail Light Shorts
  33. how does the dome light power work?
  34. HVAC lights dont come on after Prosport gauge install?
  35. Low beam problem
  36. Random Battery Cable
  37. Custom pod for APV2 and phone - replacement for clock pod
  38. Guage Cluster short
  39. quick question about removing oem boost gauge
  40. Lighter than Stock Replacement Battery
  41. Is there an IOD fuse on Subarus?
  42. 02 WRX Tail Reverse Latch
  43. Installed supertones, now randomly go off
  44. Sti Intercooler Spray
  45. NEED HELP: headlights?
  46. Help multiple electrical failure
  47. Hella 500FF HID Conversion?
  48. Multifunctional electronic gauges
  49. 2008 leggy rear lamps
  50. DCCD mod - move to steering wheel?
  51. Canadian cluster - USDM engine and ECU
  52. where to get a hellatone relay?
  53. Green Harness?
  54. Yay for a stupid question!
  55. Longtime newbie needs headlight help.
  56. 06 Sti cluster in 03 wrx?
  57. HID Harness question.
  58. Bulbs don't fit..
  59. tach stopped working
  60. FX35 retrofit questions
  61. power window help
  62. Turbo timer help
  63. STi cluster in a 04 OBS?
  64. Fuel Pump fuse keeps blowing
  65. Can I mount my Hella 500FF (fog lights) "upside down"?
  66. Help! how ti wire a single speed fan to an sti?
  67. OEM Gauge Cluster
  68. About to start an 06 retrofit
  69. Troubleshooting weird idle behavior which goes away as the car warms
  70. Gauge wiring question
  71. contradicting morette info
  72. Questions on Hella 500FF's
  73. Need help!!
  74. Wiring up auxilary lights to siwtch on with high beam...
  75. bi-xenon bs, need help
  76. headlight and foglight functions
  77. gauge install problem??
  78. Odd fog light and high beam behavior! HELP!
  79. Foggy sti head lights...
  80. Diagnostic Plug on 08 subaru?
  81. Gauges oil temp oil press egt
  82. A seriously creepy/annoying electronics problem... [SOLVED]
  83. PLEASE I need help asap with my sti wiring harneed swap
  84. Cruse Control Not Working Auto Trans
  85. Where To Buy Bugeye EDM Projectors
  86. how do I crimp this?
  87. HELP! Changing Low Beams
  88. hks type 1 turbo timer help!
  89. day lights wont turn off on my 06 wrx..
  90. tail light
  91. anyone make duel full length gauge pods?
  92. spt boost gauge fitment
  93. Light Bar/Push Bar for 2011 WRX/STI
  94. What kind of battery is this?
  95. A/C Fan control speed won't work???
  96. Advice needed - Key ring mod issue (car won't start)
  97. GD with real push button start?
  98. Changing a headlight on an 06' impreza
  99. prosport electric boost gauge not working
  100. Speedometer fluctuating
  101. relay setup.
  102. Help wiring headlight relay
  103. wiring strobes to come on with hazards?
  104. Killed the Cig Plug, not sure how...
  105. 2011 WRX HVAC issue...?
  106. 2002 WRX license plate light blown
  107. Changing my gauge color
  108. Halogen bulbs
  109. Prosport oil pressure gauge ground
  110. Help Wiring Bugeye HID JDMs
  111. Blown cooling fan fuse
  112. stri oil temp guage/ factory sensor
  113. Need Help In the middle of my 06 Retrofit
  114. PLEASE help: wire pulled out of harness
  115. How do you remove the HVAC control panel in an 02?
  116. Anyone retro fit HID's in 2011 yet?
  117. DIY 06 Morimoto Retrofit Step By Step Writeup
  118. Dissatisfied with my bugeye light output
  119. Bugeye Headlight Upgrade Ideas
  120. EGT, A/F wideband or both
  121. Converting LHD to RHD
  122. Gauges won't illuminate at night
  123. headlamps???
  124. quick bulb question
  125. JDM HID Projector bulb issue
  126. What is the wattage drop across the stock harness?
  127. Aftermarket harnesses?
  128. Speedo, tach, radio, HVAC illum probs...
  129. Help quick headlight question.
  130. rearview mirror
  131. Issue with Bi-xenon kit
  132. Top feed conversion question. (injector clip wiring)
  133. wiring a gauge harness
  134. Wire your STI Intercooler spray for your WRX made easy
  135. Wiring Diagram Help
  136. Aftermarket HID companies
  137. 1 Pin Vs 2 Pin airbag? Quick question
  138. ~Vintage HKS gauge, need halp!1
  139. Seat heater blowing fuse
  140. Apexi Auto Timer
  141. A/C compressor auto on with defrost....
  142. Apexi TT question. search with no luck
  143. Issue with Xenon H1 Kit
  144. Morette Fuse Holder Burned Up...Now What?
  145. Where is the Oil Galley Plug located?
  146. HID retrofit option - anyone seen these, or know if they are any good?
  147. Hella 500 ff wiring fuse keeps blowing
  148. Center Air Vent Gauge Pod?
  149. Help...Problem with Defi Oil Pressure gauge
  150. V-LED taillights conversion Video/pics
  151. Help me understand battery cable routes.
  152. proport fuel pressure
  153. Video: 3rd Brake Light LED Strobe Conversion
  154. Ambient air temp sensor in 02 Wrx with 04 Sti gauge cluster
  155. Restoring Headlight Lenses
  156. Question about parking lights stuck on.
  157. Airbag issue! 04 STi steering wheen on 01 Impreza.
  158. confused...wiring
  159. 07 Gauge Cluster not lighting up anymore
  160. Help finding a Fog Light Mod thread please
  161. Electronic experts wanted - cusco water sprayer replacement
  162. What's Wrong??
  163. Removing Stock Clock Pod/Gauge Pack
  164. HELP How to eliminate Ignition key!!!!
  165. I give up! Airbag and clockspring question
  166. Switched 12V Power?
  167. JDM bugeye HID
  168. dead fuse box under dash 95 impreza
  169. Wiring Diagram: '05 Tails On An '06 2.5i Wagon
  170. Anyone try installing the factory HIDs into a non limited 08+ WRX?
  171. Disabling 05 DRL
  172. Drivers side switch for heated seats
  173. Installing Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
  174. Driver side power window doesn't work in my '11 WRX T.T
  175. Fog light Problem
  176. starter symptoms, not starter.... help plz
  177. Hids into non-hid(halogen) projector housing
  178. Rewiring Morette Headlights/Everything
  179. HID problem
  180. Tach lighting odd issue
  181. Where can I find non-halo "ebay" bugeye projector headlamps?
  182. fastest foglight mod
  183. Looking for coil pack connectors
  184. O2 sensors and M.A.F
  185. 06 WRX TR Seats for 05 STI seats need help with Plugs
  186. Do I really need to pull my headlight out to change my turn signal bulb? 2011 Wrx
  187. bugeye jdm projector
  188. OEM alarm blowing door lock fuse(s)
  189. Car randomly wouldn't start, then did with no change
  190. I get shocked everytime I close my door
  191. Water sensor adaptor size?
  192. JDM Version 8 black Chrome HID Bulb help
  193. Fog Light Suggestions for 10 WRX Limited
  194. 2007 WRX blown main fuse!!! =(
  195. Relay...?
  196. prosport premium gauge w/ peak warning
  197. bugeye jdm projector
  198. Buying d2r bulbs.
  199. '04-'05 STI HID Pictures
  200. Could I add another stock speedo/odo?
  201. Sunpro boost/vacuum gauge install question
  202. 2011 WRX headlight and fog light bulb upgrades
  203. Wiper help please (wont turn off)
  204. help for 02 morette wires to battery + & -
  205. hid install now a dim brake light on dash
  206. Is it possible
  207. clock on the dash wont turn on
  208. 2002 LHD projectors
  209. Autometer gauge
  210. Help? Turn signals not working
  211. Exterior lights turning off randomly.
  212. certain parts of my dash wont light up
  213. 09 tag lights
  214. Boost Gauge Question
  215. Osram 60W melted my sockets!
  216. 09 Impreza Turn Signal Question
  217. new alternator
  218. make cigarette lighter always on?
  219. cat sensor resistance
  220. Need part name/number or site where I can buy for headlight bulb retaining clip
  221. Car Lights Won't Shut Off
  222. interior lights issue
  223. 2006 STi lows and highs wont turn on
  224. Does anyone know where to buy the bulbs for an my02 gauge cluster ?
  225. JDM/EDM Non-HID Headlamp Relay Harness question
  226. Headlights do not work when car is off.
  227. My Bugeye JDM HID to TSX retrofit
  228. converting front parking lights to turn signals
  229. ? about overlays on jdm foglights
  230. Side marker as turn signal ?
  231. Tapping into Mirror for Radar Detector, what wire is power?
  232. Flickering light
  233. 06 hid help
  234. Looking to get Defi Guage Set-up
  235. what bulb is the 3rd brake light (inside the 2006 impreza sedan)
  236. driver side headlight not as bright as passenger?
  237. Outside temp gauge light is out on 06 wrx cluster, easy fix?
  238. HID Conversion Kit questions . . .please help
  239. Any gauges which can display more than 1 reading?
  240. Power window problems
  241. ground issue
  242. Are the STI's equipped with automatic levelling?
  243. how do i install a turbotmer sti 2011
  244. bug eye fog light pattern
  245. Hid issue
  246. Turn signal light mod on my bugeye
  247. AEM Oil pressure gauge very jumpy
  248. NEED URGENT HELP! Spliced clock pod wiring for gauges, now nothing works!
  249. Help broken connector after IM removal
  250. 04 STi seats in a 06 airbag plug question