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  1. Anyone with Blitz FATT DC
  2. I need HID help, you guys are my last hope!
  3. Adjusting MY04 headlights
  4. Greddy autotimer question
  5. Water Temp Probe
  6. quick LHD STi projector harness question
  7. WRX fog lights
  8. "apexi afc help"
  9. replace projector on Morette?
  10. Gauges freaking out
  11. Grounding Kit??
  12. STi Genome 52mm Boost Gauge?
  13. Grounding... Where to ground to get Results
  14. so for some reason my rear parking lights dont work...
  15. reverse lights
  16. Blitz Dual turbo timer install with Factory Boost Gauge?
  17. Making my own Silvervisions...
  18. Brightstar HID kit
  19. Le Mans Headlights
  20. Alarm/Programing Button
  21. Foglights on roof bar
  22. Switch
  23. questions about high beams
  24. solar sensor, what does it do?
  25. Need some headlight help...
  26. JDM projector HID~
  27. greddy boost gauge install=easy?
  28. Blitz DTT DCII?
  29. Shift Light only?
  30. Turbo timer in GC8
  31. What gauge set ups do people have in ther pre-98 Impreza's and Legacy's?
  32. Oil pressure guage
  33. Interior illumination
  34. Can a H3 HID kit fit in the stock WRX foglights?
  35. Stock foglight installation (98 OBS)
  36. melted brake light
  37. RHD JDM headlights (horizontal adjustment)
  38. AC/Defrost Stinks...suggestions??
  39. Valentine 1 question
  40. APEXi Custom Install - LOOK AT ME!
  41. Malfunctioning fuel indicator
  42. fog light aiming
  43. Trouble with the law
  44. wich guages should i get
  45. Check Engine On
  46. S-AFC mount for $10, or other creative mounting areas
  47. Replacing Amber Blinker Bulbs
  48. Can i get some opinions on the Blitz DC gauges?
  49. Heater - no heat
  50. Antena plug in STI
  51. Clicking noise when turning on/off headlights
  52. Subaru JDM HID for 02 STIs
  53. How do I install this???
  54. strange noise from Morettes
  55. Grounding kit instructions for a 2004 wrx
  56. Simpler fog light mod
  57. What HID "K" do you use?
  58. Philips HID 6,000K bulb and JDM Projectors RHD
  59. Omori EGT gauge wiring
  60. LED screw light
  61. Omori Gauge Installation Question Galore
  62. Brighter reverse lights
  63. A/F Ratio gauge conections...
  64. STi V7 Water Spray harness part number??
  65. Cibie Oscar Question
  66. help, help! 2003 WRX 6 disc to 99 RS?
  67. yet another SilverStar thread (Osram!)
  68. jdm light harness
  69. Headlamp relay kit - worth it?
  70. Heated Mirror Conversion?
  71. Need help w/HID bulb replacement (STi)
  72. cruise control problem / broken
  73. Morrette guys- a little help
  74. Anyone replace their stock STi battery?
  75. Plz help with HID bulb replacement (STi)
  76. MY 02 Morrette (Lo/Hi and Fog) Bulb replacement
  77. quick question about gc headlights
  78. Need help with my side lights (pics inside)
  79. Help, my fogs don't work
  80. N-E-1 ever blown a bulb in there Omori WRX look gauge?
  81. Convert RHD 2004 OEM HIDs to LHD?
  82. How to match cluster and dash to my Defi BF gauges?
  83. Turn Signal Relay Location?????
  84. JDM headlights
  85. Need replace wing's Brake LEDs
  86. dome light, map light, keyless entry will not work
  87. Remote Starter/Alarm
  88. HALO INSTALL- need help
  89. Original Subaru Door Chime
  90. Spoiler light
  91. Rear washer resevoir?
  92. Multiplex Controller?
  93. Confused, can anyone help?
  94. TurboXS Fuel Cut Defender
  95. Interior Lights dimming-HELp
  96. How to take apart factory boost gauge
  97. Who makes 3 gauge DIN mounting plate?
  98. help with headlight leveling switch plug
  99. new cluster = mileage start at zero?
  100. Battery relocation Q.
  101. Emergency my car is dead!!!
  102. Gauges fluttering and acting odd.
  103. Which color Wire?
  104. WRX 2004 Orciari Projector Headlight (Look Very Good)
  105. Proper wiring connection for 9007 HID's
  106. JDM MY02 STi Headlights
  107. McCulloch HID Replacement Bulbs?
  108. optima group 35 reverse perfect fit in 2002 WRX?
  109. HID Problem: Please help (1999 RS)
  110. JDM headlight adjustment???
  111. Can the clock wiring support 2 gauges
  112. anyone know what bulbs for 04 wrx?
  113. fuse outline
  114. i need help
  115. In the middle of install, need help plz!
  116. Guage Clock
  117. Please Help! My STi Lights won't turn off!!!
  118. I Need Help, air fuel gauge issues
  119. Who has installed an APEX turbo timer on an STI ?
  120. RPM sensor wire on STI ecu ?
  121. lighting the gauge....
  122. HID install
  123. Heated Mirrors
  124. I need a pics Please.. very important
  125. WRX/STi Instrument Cluster in 02RS
  126. Morettes and DRLs
  127. Where's the headlight adjusting screw on my STI?
  128. Hella 500 install question
  129. Ordering from Dan Stern -- help a newbie out
  130. adjusting Morettes?
  131. Trailer Wiring
  132. What kind of plug does the 02/03 STi headlight use?
  133. Heated Seats - Relay and Wiring Question
  134. Best philllips based hid kit?
  135. Impreza Brighton gauge help
  136. DRL and HID on a 2004 WRX
  137. Installing Cibie Driving Lamps from Scoobysport
  138. Pulled over for having HID?
  139. i/c spray timer/relay
  140. greddy air fuel gauge probs
  141. low voltage during idle?
  142. Has anyone CUT there door panles for speaker install
  143. Swapping HID bulbs???
  144. How Shiflights Work?
  145. Hella Micro DE fogs -- do they live up to their reputation?
  146. install... need subaru part #....
  147. How to install gauges??
  148. HELP - Replacing low/high beams
  149. Factory Alarm
  150. Help me wire something
  151. Just installed my Morettes
  152. Are These Headlights Any Good?
  153. Foglight re-wiring
  154. help with sbc-id spec 3 install... urgent.
  155. how to remove H1 lowbeam bulb in 2004 wrx
  156. Omori Gauges
  157. Best factory fog bulb replacement? (03)
  158. Headlight grounds on a GC8
  159. Turbo timer help
  160. my TT and the A/F ratio dilemma
  161. probably the DUMBEST question ever posed...
  162. Lights won't turn off!
  163. greddy egt probe fitting???
  164. Fog light mod (full function)
  165. quest to find a connector for the damn clock
  166. need oil pressure gauge install help
  167. how to install MY04 USDM STi HID's on a WRX?
  168. Air Fuel Gauge Question
  169. Anybody here Install an HKS Type 1 turbo timer?
  170. Blown main fuse an whatever else...
  171. 9007 Wiring harness upgrade.
  172. Basic question: parking light bulb
  173. Ghostly high beams
  174. Marker bulbs
  175. JDM STi HIDs in 04 WRX
  176. Dash wiring and the defrost air conditioner
  177. HID kit recommendations
  178. I think my Morettes are broken.
  179. Strobes
  180. Dead low beams and DRL
  181. Relacement fog light?
  182. Parking light switch
  183. OEM Boost gauge question
  184. 2002wrx to 2004 sti hid light harness
  185. Impreza L Foglight Replacements
  186. 2004 WRX light adjustment?
  187. Headlights Condensation?
  188. D2S bulb into Morette?
  189. Of that 3 plug bulb connector, which one is high, and which one is for low beam?
  190. HID kit install on a 2004 wrx
  191. Blitz SBC-id-III and power meter
  192. Tap into cruise flipper for i/c spray?
  193. Where can I get a tiny green bulb condom?
  194. i got a problem with my jdm STI headlights o.O
  195. Need a tach for my Brighton
  196. ignitor coil wires
  197. Hella FF1000 for sti
  198. how to pronounce...
  199. OEM seat heater switches
  200. Rpm and Speed signal wires from ECU?
  201. source for LHD prodrive lights
  202. OEM seat heater switches
  203. Weird(to me) electrical problem
  204. Engine surge, flickering lights, alternator issue?
  205. Recent DOT Interpretation Letters About HID Conversion Kits
  206. Help with T-Sport (Revlite) Shiftlight install?
  207. Morette Lens
  208. Need a grommet....please help me.
  209. IMPORTANT sti info needed
  210. problems with jdm hid projector install
  211. whatis the going rate for used jdm sti hid ballasts?
  212. STi Philips 6000K D2R HID bulb change, pics
  213. NO dash lights and climate control lights
  214. spare harnesses under dash
  215. which bulbs fit the front head lights for hyper whites (wrx 02-03)
  216. Zerosports Start switch
  217. 2004 H1 HID install
  218. STi I/C Sprayer Switch
  219. Spec C 12l tank wiring
  220. Lighted Ring Around Ignition
  221. Garage button mod
  222. Autometer bulb condoms?
  223. Greddy A/F gauge instructions?
  224. Help fitting oil pressure sender
  225. Autometer Electronic Oil press. gauge Fritzin out
  226. 04' STi interior lights don't work.
  227. cruise control help
  228. 04 WRX Dash Lighting
  229. Where is the Sti ECU?
  230. Weird problem
  231. Greddy E-O1 question
  232. hella optilux foglights for wrx?
  233. Hardwiring radar detector
  234. MY02 JDM STI HID bulb replacement
  235. Hella 500 Foglight Replacement for '96 OB
  236. hids causing highbeam indicator to be on?
  237. Driving Light Mounts
  238. Backup light switch on 00 RS?
  239. keyless entry not working
  240. disable the DRL's? Can you pull a fuse?
  241. 04 STi HID
  242. HID vs. Projector
  243. Optional Switch mounting idea
  244. Dash Light color
  245. what is this and how do i remove it successfully??
  246. clarification
  247. Omori EGT guage: problems
  248. ABS Switch
  249. Melted Headlamp Plug
  250. making your own shift light?