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  1. Aftermarket foglights for 2004 imprezas
  2. Voltage Issue in 2002 WRX
  3. FMS1004 anyone use it?
  4. Clear Side Marker Meltdown
  5. do i need kartboy bracket to mount hella 500s?
  6. Gutting Car/Removing wires = problems?
  7. Turn signals dim dash clock
  8. How do I aim the Morettes?
  9. RSM wiring
  10. apexi tt install help
  11. Blitz TT install help
  12. VW guys I need your help (56K watch out)
  13. I could use some advise on what guages to buy..
  14. boost controller install???
  15. Do it yourself Winter Package (long)
  16. timing pulled on bumps
  17. GREDDY wiring
  18. 65/55W bulbs ok
  19. Q:are the JDM lights for the 04STI or WRX projectors or reflectors?
  20. silverstars and deer?
  21. "stealth" gauges
  22. hardwiring a radar detector or 12v accessory
  23. Has anyone sprayed inside their headlights?
  24. 04 WRX BIG fogs?
  25. Official HID High Beam Indicator Thread
  26. review of Prodrive WR Sport Halogen Driving Lamps
  27. Save me from this Turbo Timer!!
  28. Dash lights and Light pods??
  29. my HID's won't turn on sometimes
  30. Driving lights...To Pencil Beam Or Not to?
  31. For all you electrical geniuses
  32. Hella aux. lamp electrical installation help for WRX
  33. FF1000 fitment on GC8 need to know ASAP
  34. Radar Detector Hardwired to Cruise Control Switch
  35. Pic Request: HID on GC8
  36. aux. Lights
  37. KC lites on 99-01 RS
  38. heated seat kits?
  39. semi-ot but HELP!
  40. semi-ot but HELP!
  41. radio went out...
  42. Anyone have a VDO Vision boost gauge installed?
  43. plastic headlight foglight covers
  44. HELP! Factory Alarm quit working..
  45. alternators or dual batteries
  46. egt sending unit?
  47. For those trying to make a PNP harness for STi projectors.
  48. DIY IC SPray wiring help
  49. 3M foglight covers ?
  50. STi alternator current draw
  51. Finally, some PIMP looking lights...
  52. HID ballast bracket?
  53. Weird electrical problem with single headlight
  54. Day time running lights
  55. Prodrive driving lights
  56. RHD JDM Projector HID...what K?
  57. hks camp cpu
  58. sti or prodrive
  59. STi Headlight Disassemble ?
  60. Yellowstars really yellow?
  61. Projector lens question....
  62. Blowing foglight fuse...
  63. Vacuum line fittings?
  64. 99 Outback Driving/fog lights
  65. Good replacement Headlights...
  66. Omori din plate mod
  67. adding keyless entry
  68. Access to the cig.lighter accessory wires
  69. Intermittent short w/ Morette HID's
  70. EDM/JDM projector bulb
  71. taking apart guage cluster help!!
  72. 98 Legacy L fog light addition
  73. 3 Gauges from one power source?
  74. basic wiring help needed please
  75. 2002 Subaru WRX with EDM STi Halogen projectors with Hella Ballasts
  76. Wiring Interior (Accent) LEDs?
  77. Boost gauge Install Question
  78. lamin-x optical blue headlight covers
  79. engine fan stoped working on 2.5rs
  80. the brake light won't turn off
  81. Instrument Panel Lights blink
  82. Headlight Question
  83. Attaching 4 Hella 500 lights on a GC8.
  84. engine oil temp readings too low? Am I grounded correctly?
  85. Dome Light Delay
  86. Converting the CANADIAN Sti to OEM HID?
  87. Diameter of MY04 fogs?!??!?!
  88. projector sti bulb replacement
  89. HID question...Flicker when turned on...
  90. anyone know about wiring Version 8 sti seats and airbags?
  91. Where to find Hella FF1000/Prodrive light mount?
  92. power window full auto 4 windows
  93. Problems re: warranty + aftermarket alarm
  94. 04 WRX (non-STI) gauge cluster in 03 WRX...
  95. Is there any one install ORCIARI projector light in 04 wrx??
  96. Is there any one install ORCIARI projector light in 04 wrx??
  97. sylvannia xtra?
  98. pics of prodrive driving lights, etc
  99. For those of you that changed your stereo to leds...
  100. air/fuel gauge install on 2002 rs ecu wire?!
  101. Wiring harness for the Stock Gauge cluster.
  102. Gauge cluster
  103. anyone know where i can get these?
  104. light bar
  105. GC8 Headlight Question!
  106. Installing Autostart on my 2002 H6 VDC, need TAch wire
  107. orciari headlights vs. Uk300
  108. Jdm headlight. How to wire it?
  109. Airbag Light info on JDM seats, please
  110. Apexi AFR install on a 04
  111. Omori gauge install ??
  112. Fog Light Switch Bulb P/N
  113. Great price on Hella FF1000's!!!
  114. 04 JDM HID Headlight Height switch
  115. I need a set of stock 02 wrx lights
  116. New headlamps
  117. HKS (Type 1) TT w/ Blitz harness install -> HU probs
  118. Help me find some lights !
  119. Altezza tail lights GC8 HELP!
  120. Newbie Question - Turbo Timers.
  121. T Tap sizes
  122. Where to buy yellow/amber 7440 bulbs?
  123. Help, disabled front left blinker
  124. Air/Fuel Gauge
  125. Ignition switch wires
  126. AC/Heat Problem
  127. ebrake light??
  128. what fogs well with kartboy mounts
  129. H4 vs. 9006 legacy headlights
  130. Center tailight has unused brake wire
  131. gauges w/out sensors...?
  132. Why won't my horn work
  133. can't find keyless entry ???
  134. Wrx Stock Boost Gauge Holder Question ???
  135. programming a transmitter
  136. Oil pressure gauge help
  137. ideal place to tap for boost reading
  138. Wiring of gauges help!
  139. has anyone removed the bulb cover from OEM Fog ?
  140. Help with pressure switch for IC sprayer
  141. Cheap off-road lights
  142. Heated Seat Install / Wiring
  143. Condensation in Gauges - Problems???
  144. Help with stock fog lights.
  145. ok need suggestions for my jdm's
  146. oil gauge, elec or mech?
  147. Rallye 4000
  148. Heated Mirrors/Seats
  149. LED/Electronic Component help needed
  150. Brighter headlights? (my new driving lights w/ pics)
  151. Rear Window defroster
  152. I've read the fog lamp mod threads. Now I'm confused.
  153. Need help with bulb color and gauge
  154. Any experience with
  155. Optima Yellow Top problem
  156. Fogs w/ Parking Lights/Hi-beams
  157. gauges help
  158. air/fuel gauge...
  159. turbo timer wiring question
  160. budget light bar completed
  161. Where is connector B37 in the WRX
  162. ive got a HUGE electrical problem. HELP!
  163. Gc8 Guys, Lightbar, Plz Read.
  164. Anybody have an Escort G-Timer?
  165. jdm turnsignals
  166. whatever happened to the HID ban scare?
  167. do eyelids reduce glare?
  168. Jdm/edm
  169. what lap top mount do you have?
  170. Installed Brightstar 5000K HID kit.
  171. I guess I'm going to buy 500's
  172. foglight question
  173. needle on gauge moves when turn signal is on
  174. Where are these??
  175. what can i do?
  176. Driving lights wiring help
  177. Where did you Mount Your Elec. Boost Controller
  178. Defi V1 vs V2
  179. Heated seats install - cross post
  180. headlights dimming intermittently while driving
  181. will MY97 keyless entry work on MY00
  182. 2002 Horn Wiring diagram
  183. Headlights acting up!
  184. Autometer vs. Lotek pillar pods
  185. HKS TT is too bright
  186. Domelight Trigger?
  187. Need to know what this is!
  188. Alternative to HKS C.A.M.P?
  189. Problem after stereo install... please help
  190. Clock and radio have no 'memory'
  191. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: to the owners of Silverstars
  192. Pillar gauges...Necessary?
  193. Keeping 12v cigarette lighter supply active when key is out?
  194. keep getting zap
  195. question regarding hid installation
  196. want to upgrade but need help
  197. Installation ideas for remote radar detector
  198. Changing Subaru Performance 3 Gauge Pack Lighting
  199. '02 and '04 seats: same airbag connectors?
  200. Question about misterjung HID kit for JDM lights
  201. 02 WRX Wagon trailer hitch wiring. Help!
  202. GC8 Taillight Removal
  203. Where are the 12V switched wires?
  204. Morette / WRX 04
  205. Pivot ASL-M Shift Light
  206. Quick question regarding ABS Switch
  207. Greddy Warning EGT and buzzer
  208. Panel Mount rs232 port
  209. 2000 Legacy HVAC Bulb Replacement
  210. sti hid question (black chrome)
  211. hella black magics
  212. TXS Map Switch
  213. radar detector hard wire or other 12v item
  214. Low beams died but highs still working??
  215. what do u guys think of this hid kit
  216. Will this fit an STi?
  217. Cruise Control Switch indicator light replacement?
  218. Car suddenly shut off
  219. Foglight Help
  220. 2000 Legacy Lighting Question
  221. OEM center gauge pod, front panel included?
  222. Q: Are FF1000's in the stock WRX position odd?
  223. Paging bleuquila - FF1000 Q?
  224. Question on the power windows.
  225. HKS turbo timer Type - 0 install Q
  226. will a rs o2 sensor fit a 02wrx?
  227. Oil Temp gauge acting strange
  228. upgraded alternator
  229. Zerosport formula push starter
  230. EDM turn signal bulb?
  231. Omori "Sti Look" Gauges
  232. Plug and Play Harness for EDM STi Headlamps
  233. Need help with connectors
  234. Adding intermittent wipers to '00 RS?
  235. head lights not coming in cold weather
  236. '02 BUG-EYE headlight mod options?
  237. Heated seats which ones?
  238. A/F Guage on a MY04 RS?
  239. Head Lights
  240. Shift light? Tach wire? Color?? Install...
  241. HID Kits??
  242. Autometer oil pressure it dead?
  243. HELP !!! O2 Signal Wire
  244. oil pressure gauge....
  245. HIDs on 2004 WRX
  246. Defi Boost Sensor Mounting Location?
  247. Any USDM cars come with HIDs that can be swapped into H4 headlights?
  248. hella 500's and foglight covers
  249. Sidemarker Lights and Morettes
  250. installing aftermarket fogs (Hella 500)