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  1. Blitz Harness
  2. Fog light Bulbs
  3. Suggested power connect point for Intecooler spray 'brains'?
  4. Fuse panel question.
  5. instructions for all wrx - put this in the mods section please
  6. To those looking for a cheap, clean boost gauge install...
  7. Earthing Mod
  8. Installed WestCo Miata battery today
  9. Turbo Timer = Pointless????
  10. De-fog switch..does it light up??
  11. Guages Install ? Electrical Connections
  12. Need help with installing the Greddy ProfecB
  13. We Need an Electronics Forum!
  14. Battery Connections & Grounding Mod
  15. Negative Battery Grounding Issues
  16. Grounding Mod thread.
  17. New battery
  18. ScoobySport's Low Catalyst Efficiency Electronic Fix
  19. HKS type-1 turbo timer install (pics)
  20. Correct Installation of Blitz TT and Factory Alarm
  21. Blitz SBC I-D and power I-D question
  22. day-time running lights
  23. U.S. DOT to Ban Use of HID Headlights
  24. preventing AC from coming on when using defogger
  25. Apexi questions, please help
  26. CEL fix from Scoobysport
  27. Electrically challanged needs help w/ boost gauge install
  28. My quest for an oe looking column boost gauge is over
  29. Another HKS TT help thread
  30. Turbo Timer Flaw revealed?
  31. Grounding mod actually works
  32. Push button start question
  33. Lighting on Hazards/rear defog
  34. Swapping OE boost gauge for an Omori
  35. How does a turbo timer work electronically?
  36. Apex turbo timer and Subaru Security upgrade
  37. Jorge's Daily Hash: Ignition
  38. bitz dtt question
  39. Errr...Parking light help
  40. HKS Grounding MOD
  41. HKS Turbo Timer Woes...
  42. Apexi Turbo Timer Not Working.
  43. sbc-id optional harness
  44. Looking for some help
  45. Turbo timer install
  46. Generic Hooking up Gauges question (omori)
  47. Installing A/F to ECU... need help
  48. HKS Turbo Timer Install
  49. wiring turbo timer problem.
  50. tt wiring question
  51. For those of you with the Blitz Dual Turbo Timer (one that gauges boost)
  52. Help with APEX Auto TT
  53. what are ALL the functions of the OEM EGT sensor??
  54. gauge install
  55. Where to tap voltage for Valentine 1?
  56. WRX Turbo Timer Conclusion
  57. All Apex Tt Owners Plz Read!!
  58. Apexi Auto Timer.
  59. REplace factory guages?
  60. Help what wires on the clock do I tap for gauge wiring
  61. turbo timer w/ factory alarm
  62. possible to bypass cruise control button?
  63. best turbo timer?
  64. Radar Detector Mounting
  65. Busted Ground Wire Behind Intercooler
  66. gauge wiring
  67. Turbo Timer Question
  68. cant lock doors when turbo timer is running?!?!?!
  69. Push button starter
  70. HKS Turbo timer...
  71. WRX Power Smoothness
  72. HKS Turbo Timer mounting
  73. Dash lighting.
  74. Valentine1 question
  75. Passport 8500 mounting?
  76. Replacing my Battery....
  77. greddy turbo gauge install wiring help?
  78. Hesitation and rough idle
  79. HKS TT install...FINAL VERDICT!
  80. How to make my light up switch less light up :)
  81. Potential problems with wiring TT?
  82. TT install without alarm
  83. pins for factory ecu wiring harness
  84. VG2 false signals?
  85. Escort Radar products $?
  86. AFC question
  87. Blitz Turbo Timer
  88. STi gauge cluster temperature sensor
  89. Question about grounding Mod install...
  90. power wire produces heat?
  91. Do you have this Blitz turbo timer?
  92. blitz turbo timer
  93. Installed my Valentine One and remote display
  94. Engine Hesitation
  95. Omori EGT gauge problem (long)
  96. So a Subaru mechanic tells me I should buy a Turbo Timer...
  97. Catz HID Kits
  98. Need help finding the cheapest...
  99. My grounding mods and also gutterguard'd my scoop *pics*
  100. Apex Auto Timer Function
  101. electrical question
  102. Hella FF300 Driving Light Wiring
  103. Headlight test results (visual evaluations only, kids)
  104. V1 radar install...
  105. Quick Radar Detector Hard wire question
  106. the third tail light in the window
  107. Welcome...
  108. Airbag light resistor mod (merged)
  109. grounding kit
  110. Someone confirm/deny method for switching driving lights/high beams on at same time
  111. Anyone have driving lights mounted in a WRX airdam. . ?
  112. Ohm testing of light circuits
  113. Electrical Formulas, Basic Electrical information, FAQs, and threads of note
  114. PIAA Super Plasma fog lights
  115. Wiring for Recaro Sports
  116. Guage Pod??
  117. Jim Hoyd Design
  118. Wiring Diagram PDF File
  119. Automotive Electrical info and FAQ submissions thread.
  120. Ver 3/4/5 guage cluster in GC8??
  121. Recommended guages? Newbie questions
  122. ECU neutral wire
  123. Solar Cells and Subarus...
  124. Anyone know where I can get H1 connectors?
  125. STI Gauge Install
  126. Help! Where is the 32 pin plug?
  127. Removing fog covers
  128. Making corner lights into blinkers?
  129. optima in trunk
  130. Weird film on headlights
  131. General forum question
  132. Fog light to Driving light mod
  133. Syms kit for GC8(turn signals)
  134. Tach wire [merged]
  135. what size bulb for low beam HIDS?
  136. Electronic vs. Mechanical gauges
  137. looking for connector on stock foglight
  138. Electronic whine
  139. 91 LSi dash light staying on after shut off..?
  140. electrical problem
  141. STi HID help???
  142. my brake lights went out
  143. gauges: metric vs. american
  144. Lighting problem, help plese.
  145. Alarm setting it self off...
  146. EMI Adapter
  147. HID's and Daytime Running Lights
  148. alternative to grounding mod
  149. A/F Gauge Electrical Interference?
  150. Catz Zeta?
  151. I'm actually an engineer, but... I crippled my fuse box. Help.
  152. rear turn signal bulb type?
  153. where could i find a source for installing an egt gauge?
  154. can someone plz help~!!~(foglights)
  155. Adding Driving Lights to 2003 RS
  156. GF8 + STi V7 gauge cluster question
  157. How to add more power outlets, clean
  158. Cool - Thread ratings added to this forum
  159. Legacy Map Lights
  160. help.need help with bulbs
  161. Apexi Auto Timer
  162. New SAFC II (Pics)
  163. Turbosmart Boost Controllers?
  164. How do you mount the radio in the gauge cluster?(wrx)
  165. OBS gauge cluster in WRX?
  166. Coil and coil pack
  167. headlight mod?(not paint)
  168. I want heated mirrors for my Rex
  169. Installing three Greddy Gauges..
  170. GF6 HL upgrade
  171. Turning off the AC
  172. daytime running lights
  173. Quick help for a electrical n00b
  174. which wire?
  175. Lit Subaru Emblem?!?
  176. Gauge Cluster
  177. compass mirror question
  178. Has anyone installed gauges in the driver's side vent?
  179. Problems with Morettes
  180. Ngk Iridiums
  181. Help! My SAFC installtion didn't work.
  182. Xenon lamps 9007 12v 100/80w - Help?
  183. I think something's messed up now!
  184. Mirror Swapping (heated/non)
  185. G tech pro competition
  186. Replacing stock foglight bulbs (98RS/L)
  187. My Aftermarket HID ballast failed
  188. The standard fog light mod
  189. blue center console light?
  190. Factory alarm and side blinker help
  191. Getting wires from engine bay to cabin.
  192. Anyone have the stock WRX keyless entry/alarm
  193. where to buy yellow 9007 bulbs?
  194. Hanabi HID problems
  195. Cigarette Lighter socket no longer works
  196. JDM RHD projector lights w/ Jim Hoyd Harness install revision
  197. 9003<h4?
  198. Replacing Fog lights
  199. how come my LED turn signal bulbs are barfing on my '00 RS?
  200. Bohmen vs. McCulloch HID kits
  201. Heater only works on 4(high)
  202. projector headlights
  203. Hella 500s doesn't work why?
  204. need help with omori P-105 & oem housing
  205. Air Fuel gauge
  206. battery corosion?
  207. trunk and dome light bulbs?
  208. Diodes
  209. piaa bulbs went out!!
  210. Stock Gauges fading???
  211. Keyless entry
  212. help with Autometer A/F Guage install
  213. question about RPM
  214. Hella lights round 2
  215. 12v to trunk light?
  216. CEL flashing
  217. Help me build a circuit that will make an LED flash
  218. Help wiring these switches, if possible.
  219. HKS Turbo Timer Problems
  220. Fog Lights I missing something??
  221. electronic gods help!!!
  222. Possible JDM projector lights RHD -> LHD conversion
  223. opinions on specific gauge
  224. screw size for front wrx license plates?
  225. Keyless, horn off, how to make lights flash?
  226. How to wire driving lights into foglight switch?
  227. Lights don't blink with arm/disarm on security system
  228. How to install Turbo Timer with harness?
  229. Change Delay Dome Light Stays On?
  230. Damaged Fog Lamp
  231. Headlights wont go off
  232. APEXi AVC Type R instructions- Help !
  233. Anyone else besides Graham Goode make a speedo recalibration kit?
  234. where is my ECU
  235. Guage Questions
  236. Where to purchase hella low beam projector with H7 bulb?
  237. 12,000k hids
  238. help with speeker wire
  239. GC8 Aftermarket light problems?
  240. A pillar removal?
  241. What units does the stock turbo gauge use to measure boost?
  242. auto dimming mirror ?
  243. Anyone here know how to install indiglo gauges for the WRX
  244. Power for the Auto dimming mirror?
  245. Fuse for tail lights keep blowing?
  246. WRX Auto Dimming Mirror Idea
  247. DRLs and Alarm headlight flash
  248. Hyper Ground System instalation
  249. 2002 vs 2003 Alternators?
  250. Aftermarket Lighting options