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  1. Kerry Position on....
  2. which country would you like to see weakened?
  3. The sophistication of our national transportation security system at work
  4. KERRY OR BUSH in 04?
  5. are you up for grabs?
  6. Secret Service now Bush's bouncers?
  7. I really dont under stand this settlement...
  8. AUthenticity of new Bush Memos Questioned
  9. Deaths in the Iraq War
  10. countries weakened [PART II]
  11. Bush in 30 seconds
  12. Time to get out of Iraq?
  13. Who planted the fake memo's?
  14. Wrong-Way Bush--Slate commentary (warning snarling Cheney photo inside)
  15. remembered an old punk song that kinda fits now
  16. funny picture
  17. Patriot day?
  18. Here's what happened to the Republican Party
  19. NK blast: can we handle the truth?
  20. Can someone explain how Kerry Flip-flops?
  21. Why do people think Bush doesn't flip-flop?
  22. More of why terrorists hate the US and not our freedom
  23. Excerpt from G. Bush Sr.'s memoire (truth or not?)
  24. Is Rupert Murdoch Evil?
  25. Kerry Campaign Trades On Fear
  26. Where's bunot?
  27. How divided is our country?
  28. Bush Served Active...
  29. - A cool election game/competition
  30. Nice op-ed by Penn Jillette(of Penn & Teller)
  31. Man... it looks like Bush will win the election
  32. John Kerry's perverted comedy
  33. Bush Supporters...what are they?
  34. Interesting Poll Numbers
  35. Powell - guilt trip or bringing back the bear?
  36. CBS News Memo....Teh Funnay
  37. Cheney's Recent Comments?
  38. do other states have primary elections today?
  39. Group offers $50,000 for proof of Bush service
  40. your lifetime
  41. Wmi
  42. Poll Numbers that REALLY count
  43. Editorial from The Guardian about Bush backers in America
  44. Zbigniew Brzezinski on Bush
  45. Jeb Bush to put Nader on the FL ballot because of Ivan?
  46. Environmental Irony
  47. Kerry Economic Plan (Cleaning Up The Bush Mess)
  48. And i thought Evo owners were dumb....
  49. Iraq war illegal, says Annan
  50. Bush's faith...
  51. so much for the jobless numbers....
  52. Next GOP character assasination?
  53. sucks
  54. similarities bewteen modern terrorism and...
  55. Intelligence Report: Iraq Prospects Bleak (i.e. far cry from "Mission Accomplished")
  56. Judge Orders U.S. to Find Bush Records
  57. Bush bounce losing its spring (2 polls say race is deadlocked)
  58. for all tha anti-war kerry supporters
  59. Bush vs Kerry - speaking style
  60. Pat Buchanan
  61. Girl Cries After Bush/cheney Sign Ripped By Thugs...
  62. Rumsfeld confuses Saddam with Bin Laden
  63. another 911 question
  64. Possibility of draft next year...
  65. Now lethal injection is too cruel
  66. Bush: gynecologists should be allowed to "practice their love with women"
  67. Drugs and western propaganda in the Balkans, the untold story.
  68. Why is Florida declared a Federal Disaster Area when a hurricane hits?
  69. the chronic shrub
  70. More evidence of why the draft is coming...
  71. Understanding global politics
  72. Louisiana Voters Approve Gay-Marriage Ban
  73. The West and the Russian-Chechen war
  74. The truth behind Bush's economic lies...
  75. GOP Mailing Warns Liberals Will Ban Bibles
  76. My ideal candidate would be.....
  77. Hasert says Al Qaeda wants Kerry win
  78. Bush the best recruiter for al-Qaida
  79. I think Bush wanted 9/11 to happen...
  80. How to win in Iraq
  81. You know guys...
  82. So, if Muslims can't handle democracy....
  83. Help Wanted: Looking for an unbiased comparison between the candidates for President!
  84. What are Freedom and Democracy to you?
  85. John Kerry on Letterman
  86. When it comes to election time...
  87. The thread where we make **** up
  88. Now that antidepressant patents are to expire, FDA admits they need warning labels
  89. Rathergate. Why no outrage as with the Swifties?
  90. Bush's UN speech
  91. size of insurgency force
  92. the family vote
  93. any school teachers in the hosue?
  94. Swift Boat Vet Got $40M Contract From Bush
  95. on the river that day in Vietnam
  96. Bush and Kerry agree TV debates
  97. Why are there no Muslim leaders condemning terrorist acts?
  98. Are these beheadings fake, too?
  99. Why is it so impossible to stay on subject in here?
  100. Cat Stevens on no fly list, ends up diverting flight
  101. Not nearly all Muslims are terrorists...but nearly all terrorists are Muslim...
  102. Kerry 264, Bush 241 electoral votes new polls say
  103. Why are there no US leaders condemning christian terrorist acts?
  104. $2 billion spent of next years budget...
  105. Millions Blocked from Voting in Election
  106. "If You Harbor Terrorists, You Are a Terrorist"
  107. GOP not the only one fear-mongering
  108. its an election year, and everyone is dying to know...
  109. How much is this going to cost us?
  110. Letter regarding current situations in the world
  111. Solution to the Middle East (PMCs)
  112. The mistakes of a decisive leader
  113. Flip-flopping charge unsupported by facts
  114. Goss confirmed as CIA chief. Democrats roll over.
  115. Joe Republican
  116. Secret Service... The New Gestapo
  117. Operation Truth
  118. Will J. McCain be the next Vice President?
  119. More tax cutting fiscal irresponsibility
  120. The country we invade next will be...
  121. For those with Comcast On-demand
  122. Winning the election is more important than soldier's lives, and here's why.
  123. Is Goss qualified or just connected?
  124. Letter from Michael Moore
  125. Homeland Security employee connections to terrorism
  126. Right to die upheld
  127. Headline: "Game Puts Players in Kerry's Swift Boat"
  128. Rumsfeld: Violent areas in Iraq might not vote
  129. U.S. waives Iraq $45B because that money was to fund Saddam's military
  130. Whats up with the moderation in here?
  131. Man who swore Bush into Air Guard speaks out
  132. Interesting take on Iraq
  133. First Bush Ignored Clarke Plan for AQ, Then Rejected Pentagon Plans to Get Zarqawi
  134. Bush snipes at Kerry
  135. Why is Nader invited to the debates, and Badnarik is not?
  136. Is Allawi a terrorist?
  137. ôRathergate" Is a Failure of Journalistic Objectivity
  138. There is nothing in this post
  139. Will Jeane, Frances and Ivan determine who wins Florida?
  140. Barack Obama, controlled by the Jews
  141. Top Hamas leader assassinated in Damascus
  142. California at it again
  143. Meanwhile back in Iraq . . .
  144. Press successfully chilled
  145. Deja Vu much? Bush says Iran will not get nuclear weapon
  146. What is your take on this mans quote?
  147. What happens when you actually talk to the people of Iraq
  148. Is God punishing Florida for 2000 elections?
  149. A little good news breaks through from Iraq
  150. How far out do you think/plan?
  151. Your television and 'fear'
  152. Has Bin Laden already been captured?
  153. The Patriot Act
  154. Carter Predicts Florida Poll Will Again Be Flawed
  155. What are you going to do when Bush wins?
  156. inspired by the "what happens when talk...iraq" thread
  157. Gotta figure out who to vote for: Where to find FACTUAL DATA
  158. Bush & Kerry debate style disected...
  159. US may cut troops' tours of combat
  160. Males 18-25 that are voting for Bush, Dont bother, Just enlist now
  161. "Are the Terrorists Failing?"
  162. The price of oil
  163. Comedy Central pwns O'Reilly
  164. US troops 'coerced to re-enlist'
  165. Being firm with Saddam Hussein
  166. PP Fear Monger
  167. CIA's Iraq plan shot down
  168. Whether pittspilot should start posting again?
  169. George Soros on the Election
  170. Top 10 secrets they don't want you to know about the debates
  171. "Daily Show" aces all other media
  172. bush ad the most misleading of 2004
  173. Another Lifelong Republican for Kerry...
  174. Misperceptions, media & the Iraq war
  175. How log will we be in Iraq?
  176. GOP priorities and the "contract with america"
  177. Judge blocks portion of Patriot Act
  178. Another Bush flip-flop, this time on military records
  179. Local radio station has 2 iraqi citizens on the air
  180. Florida voting "like the poorest village in Africa"
  181. Jimmy Carter sez Bush made a false statement
  182. Bush position on Iraq is all over the map
  183. Bush vs Kerry on Education
  184. Secure borders or just a show?
  185. Get your election picks in early
  186. Air America Radio
  187. "Enthusiasm Gap" Threatens Dems
  188. Tonights (9-30-04) Debates: Will Bush's lead increase?
  189. Questions I wish they would ask Kerry tonight.
  190. Referendums?
  191. CBS is at it again
  192. Post Debate Commentary
  193. What's really going on in Iraq?
  194. Bush by numbers: Four years of double standards (LONG)
  195. Which channel are you watching the debate on tonight?
  196. History Can Offer Bush Hope...
  197. Bush is gettin' whooped!
  198. Who Won the Debate?
  199. Kerry is gettin' whooped!
  200. Anyone else feel a little uneazed by the N. Korea stance in the debate?
  201. Fox News says Kerry won
  202. Marine runs for Congress, declares war on Bush
  203. Besides the fact that "He isn't George Bush"...
  204. A few short articles about the debate:
  205. These debates might have some effect afterall!
  206. Rush Transcript of the Presidential debate
  207. Idea: take a test before you can vote
  208. Poland was bribed. Bribed with oil.
  209. senator feingold > tim michaels
  210. Badnarik: Why?
  211. The Human Shield Diaries
  212. vice-presidential debates
  213. The Global moral smell test. What is that?
  214. UN + Kassam Missiles = Happy 'Refugees'
  215. Kerry pulls ahead in Newsweek poll after first debate
  216. Whats Bush's NEXT mud-slinging tactic?
  217. Bush is Lying about the "Kerry Doctrine"
  218. Russia and France were bribed. Bribed with oil.
  219. What is the global test.
  220. The pope and WMD
  221. Bush and Kerry: Similar candidates?
  222. Crawford Texas Paper Endorses Kerry
  223. Moonies for Bush...
  224. Kerry even convenced Bush he was wrong
  225. Fox News posts fake news item denigrating Kerry
  226. The Federal Debt and You (Hint: Your Screwed)
  227. You forgot Poland!
  228. Who will win the second Presidential debate?
  229. Are You Registered To Vote?
  230. Mr. Principal, tear down that picture! (of President Bush)
  231. New Bush Ad
  232. UNRWA Admits to Having Hamas on the Payroll
  233. New Movie: Farenhype 9/11
  234. Kerry dismisses criticism of 'global test' remark as 'pathetic'
  235. FahrenHYPE 9/11 Movie
  236. Troops back Bush 4 to 1
  237. Humor Attempt: This isn't the Republicans versus the Democrats
  238. Rumsfeld: No Iraq-Al Qaeda evidence
  239. Democracy Takes Root in Afghanistan
  240. Why Badnarik may get Kerry elected...
  241. Bush... And Religion
  242. Bremer critical of handling of post-war Iraq
  243. Reasons to vote for Bush...
  244. right-to-life = right-to-humiliate?
  245. Looking for article from Sunday's USA Today
  246. Another debate scheduled!
  247. in love with the enemy?
  248. How badly would your candidate have to mess up for you to vote for the opposition?
  249. Tonight's VP Debate
  250. Check out Bush's "Record of Achievment"