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  1. Fahrenheit 911
  2. Republicans and Democrats: Is man inherrently good or bad?
  3. best presidential election article I've seen
  4. The Truth, Covered up and Conviently Forgotten
  5. besides the prez, who will you vote for and why?
  6. Sent in my vote by mail today
  7. Why is/are Hollywood/Most Famous people so left?
  8. Fun hypothetical scenario for the PP people...
  9. Want to debate the election on the BBC in Florida?
  10. Republican Senator Marlow Webster Cook voting for Kerry
  11. Coulter avoids pie in face
  12. too much of a good thing
  13. President Bush signs $136 billion corporate tax cut bill
  14. Theologians: Leaders should not distort Christianity
  15. I'll see you on election day.
  16. Did a thread vanish?
  17. 169 Business School Professors Decry Bush Leadership
  18. Stolen Honor, just downloaded, fyi
  19. Anyone else just sick of the election and can't wait till its over?
  20. Query: Would you personally condone election "cheating" to get your guy to win?
  21. The Separate Realities of Bush and Kerry Suppporters.
  22. Healthcare in the U.S.
  23. Bush economics
  24. kidnapped female aid worker
  25. Jesse Ventura supports Kerry!
  26. most bush supporters suffer from 'cognitive dissonance'
  27. Are we still in the cold war??
  28. Why don't...
  29. UChicago Divinity and Eminem: Strange Bedfellows against Bush
  30. "If john kerry had been in charge, maybe the Soviet Union would still be in business"
  31. Is PP a good idear or bad idear?
  32. The Power of Nightmares
  33. 50 Iraq Soldiers Apparent Ambush Victims
  34. US Violates Geneva Convention?
  35. This would be pretty ironic if it were true.
  36. Anniversary of My IDF Commanders Death
  37. Bush Suffering From Degenerative Brain Disorder
  38. contract with america
  39. Did anyone happen to watch...
  40. Does Your S.O. Share Your Politics?
  41. Does Your S.O. Share Your Politics?
  42. Americas doom-Kerry
  43. Article: taxpayers footing the bill for Bush's campaign?
  44. 380 tons of Iraqi explosives missing, were secure under UN's watch
  45. The difference between Bush and Kerry
  46. Good source for unbaised voting information
  47. Be careful with what Kerry says
  48. they actually say it....
  49. Chief Justice Rehnquist hospitalized with thyroid cancer
  50. its been said .
  51. Islamists website?
  52. Wisconsin to decide election?
  53. "Conservative Week" here at UCLA
  54. A proper rant
  55. Yes Political Banter, But Plzz Read
  56. Just looking for some laymen's answers
  57. How long before the government in Iraw is toppled or turns on the US?
  58. People who honor facts support Kerry
  59. Kerry's truth's?
  60. When Bush wins, will there be riots?
  61. Vote God, Guns and Values
  62. North Korea about to invade?
  63. Bush incompetence provokes "American Conservative" magazine to endorse Kerry
  64. How has your paper's editorial board decided?
  65. Another $70 Billion "Emergency" funding for Iraq
  66. Insurgents Are Mostly Iraqis, U.S. Military Says
  67. The clinton effect
  68. Kerry wants to invade Palestine?
  69. Weapons Already Gone? Did we jump the gun blaming Bush?
  70. Bush Changing His Stand on the Issues
  71. A plan for national security... from my "neocon" point of view.
  72. Libertarian candidate about to be interviewed.
  73. Bush Could Seek Up to $75 Billion in War Funding
  74. Way too close!
  75. Experts Fear Messy, Disorderly Election
  76. I want my GI son to serve under Bush
  77. Weekly Reader polls picked Bush! VERY accurate poll.
  78. Amnesty: 40,000 rapes in Congo
  79. Allawi Blames Ambush on 'Great Negligence'
  80. Powell, proving he isn't a lame duck, incenses Taiwan
  81. 250% tax increase if we continue with present plan
  82. Can't wait until it's over.
  83. "Quacking like a lame duck"
  84. What's so funny about decapitation?
  85. Will we have a winner on Nov 3rd?
  86. Have you already voted?
  87. Why Conservatives Should NOT Vote for Bush
  88. Left or right? I can't tell...
  89. Bush Says His Party Is Wrong to Oppose Gay Civil Unions
  90. Idiot republican emails....
  91. Paris Hilton "Vote or Die"
  92. PBS Frontline: "Rumsfelds War" starting right now
  93. Voter disenfranchisement special on BBC
  94. Excellent and mostly unbiased article about the evolution of the GOP
  95. Liberal? Conservative?
  96. BBC News Crawford, TX Pics
  97. Army Unit Never Searched For Explosives
  98. Dude wears political T-shirts in opposing areas of the country. Funny article!
  99. "I'll see you on election day" Why sticky? :confused:
  100. Bush Group Endorses Kerry (no joke)
  101. Anyone Listen to Pacifica Radio
  102. White House Website Scrubbing in Violation of 1978 Presidential Records Act
  103. Thousands of Florida absentee ballots appear to be missing
  104. What will Dubya do after he loses?
  105. New Jersey a swing state now, too
  106. US rolls out most expensive jet
  107. IAEA Incompetence Responsible for Weapons Cache
  108. Freedom of Speech Democrat style
  109. ABC Holding Terror Warning Video
  110. Yet another classic GDUB quote
  111. Voter Fraud in Wisconsin
  112. It's already underway
  113. Is the U.N. Meddling in the U.S. Presidential Election?
  114. How goes the Kerry get-out-the-vote effort in Nevada?
  115. Bomb-gate
  116. More misleading Bush ads....
  117. Bush saluting the troops....
  118. Bush campaign starting to fall apart!
  119. Eminem's anti-bush video...
  120. Anyone voting absentee in FL?
  121. So What happens if...
  122. So, who's joining me November 3rd on the steps of the capital?
  123. Is 2RS's4US the Janq of PP?
  124. To the Republicans voting for Kerry... why did you switch?
  125. Crimes against Bush/Cheney Supporters
  126. An analysis on the election put out by Princeton
  127. Swing voters moving towards Kerry...
  128. Bush's Victory Salute
  129. al Qaeda videotape: "WE WANT BUSH TO WIN"
  130. Zogby state polls...
  131. Russia tied to missing arms
  132. Russia tied to missing ordinance in Iraq
  133. Opinions on Bill O'Reilly.
  134. Favorite Cable News Show
  135. F**k you!
  136. Will we know on Sunday who will win the election?
  137. Minneapolis News station has video of explosives at Al QaQaa
  138. Missing Explosives - They were there before Baghdad fell (Proof)
  139. NY Times back Pedals
  140. ABC Suddenly Concerned About Impacting Election
  141. Melee’s at the polling place
  142. Hope for a landslide
  143. Which taxation scheme best represents your preferences?
  144. Republican Photochopping 101:
  145. First experience of campaign vandalism
  146. "Clueless People Love Bush" - opinion piece
  147. Hijacking Catastrophe
  148. Arafat on Death Bed
  149. for those who voted to re-elect clinton
  150. Where Mainstream Media Stands
  151. Study Suggests Media Favored Kerry in First Two Weeks of October
  152. Europe boycotting U.S. goods because of our Foreign Policy?
  153. for those voting to re-elect the president
  154. 50/50: What do you think?
  155. Trend: As the Redskins go, so goes the election
  156. Roadside bombs are the worst
  157. Post campaign pics here:
  158. The Choice
  159. 'The Economist' Endorses Kerry, Conservative Mag Cites Bush Incompetence
  160. Republican Economist Wanniski Voting for Kerry
  161. Bush's stance on gays.
  162. 39 million Americans in working poor families
  163. Civilian death toll in Iraq exceeds 100,000
  164. FBI investigates Halliburton complaint
  165. bush supporter expresses his love for his girlfriend
  166. Sattelite photo of Weapons dump on its way
  167. irony defined
  168. John Kerry - Superhero
  169. You damned stupid sheep neocon dumb poops...
  170. Debate thread for pilot: Bring it on, biznatch
  171. Largest European Newspaper Endorses ...
  172. FBI investigating how Halliburton got Bush administration contracts
  173. Kerry is soooo full of *****!!!!!
  174. Communists for Kerry
  175. Foreign news websites?
  176. GOP fights voter registration in key swing states
  177. What Is John Kerry Hiding?
  178. Nuclear weapons poll...
  179. Campaign Funding?
  180. IDed Man in new Threat Video
  181. Supporting our Troops?
  182. Democrats: Please read this article
  183. News story attacking Kerry/Bush
  184. Al-Jazeera to play tape from Bin Laden
  185. Osama Tape for the american people on its way
  186. FOXNEWS ADMITS bin Laden's tape is to get Bush reelected
  187. I see alot of XYZ News is to liberal or Conservative. Well what isn't?
  188. Anyone listen to Savage nation today?
  189. Cant Bush talk for himself?
  190. Do you think Bin Laden watched F9/11?
  191. UBL's speech
  192. The meaning of OBL's tape
  193. Parallels: '79 Afghanistan, '03 Iraq
  194. What do you think?
  195. Rush Limbaugh
  196. How do you think the election is going to come out?
  197. Bush's plans to get US Troops out...
  198. Does Your State Allow You to Vote Early? If so, did you?
  199. 3 days
  200. Saturday Political Overload Thread
  201. Repub Party Organized Voter Fraud - Court Transcript
  202. Which pres./kerry Would make this decision?
  203. Should I vote for the candidate I want to win?
  204. Bush team calls OBL tape "a little gift"
  205. What's the process involved in Bush phoning U-Haul?
  206. Left Speechless....Eminem SNL
  207. Redskins home game predicts election
  208. I support _____ and I use a _____
  209. How would this chafe your hide? Bush as President, Edwards as VP
  210. Who abuses lawsuits the most - Individuals vs Corporations?
  211. Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry (entire movie - FREE)
  212. Iraqi Insergents interviewed on TV
  213. Colin Powell: US is losing Iraq war
  214. Intelligence officers confirm: Bush let Osama escape at Tora Bora
  215. Who should I vote for??
  216. Theo Epstein at today's Kerry rally
  217. Why I don't care about the election
  218. before you go stand in a long line to vote, READ THIS:
  219. Other than Biden who is gonna be on Kerrys Cabinet?
  220. Videogame Voter's Guide
  221. It is with deep regret . . .
  222. New Viral Video
  223. Since several members are incapable of using the search function....
  224. Weeping for....Arafat?
  225. All bets in....
  226. Nasioc Exit Poll
  227. Who did the polls favor election day eve of 2000?
  228. MI6 WMD information almost completely wrong
  229. Speculation of Kerry Win Bringing Oil Prices Down
  230. What am I? Republican, Democrat, other?
  231. Terrorist attacks election day?
  232. Is the reason Bush isn't worried about OBL...
  233. OK... Who do you think WILL win?
  234. Badnarik or Nader? Who'll come in 3rd place?
  235. Check out how Fox spins poll numbers
  236. 119 countries, 113K votes Bush gets 9%
  237. OBL wants Kerry to win too!
  238. do you miss being politically apathetic?
  239. Pre - electionday pranks!
  240. French Push Limits in Fight On Terrorism
  241. My prediction for Florida
  242. bin Laden: My goal is to bankrupt the US
  243. Computer ate my vote...
  244. what do you guys think of puff daddy and his vote or die stuff?
  245. So, when will we know?
  246. The part that frightens me about the Bush administration...
  247. Anyone see this yet?
  248. Planted votes in Philadelphia
  249. You think if more young people voted...
  250. What are your biggest issues?