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  1. Iraqis have few illusions about U.S. election
  2. the lines
  3. Alaska Measure 2: Legalize Marijuana
  4. The official vote thread
  5. Election day...
  6. Intimidation Nation: Who will Watch the Poll-Watchers?
  7. Voter Turnout
  8. Political photochop request
  9. Its gonna be a long night.
  10. ...and if your candidate doesn't win tonight..
  11. Democracy: Is it an export?
  12. COngrats to Nader Voters, You are helping Bush win
  13. Exit Poll: Who did You Vote For?
  14. I voted. i was in and out of there in 10 minutes. Long lines! PAH!
  15. What the BBC is saying right now
  16. WIll Bush try to abolish the 2 term limit?
  17. Yahoo has exit polls...
  18. Cool Electoral Map vote thingy
  19. Virginia too close to call!
  20. Young Bush supporters
  21. Unrest if Bush wins?
  22. Florida is Breaking for Bush
  23. Obama wins!!!
  24. New Jersey goes to Kerry!!!
  25. New voters not materializing
  26. Welcome to Kamp Kerry... er, I mean PP...
  27. is homer simpson a republican or a democrat?
  28. Zogby predicts Kerry win
  29. Why is CNN only calling Red Wins?
  30. Colorado Electoral College Measure Fails (Projected)
  31. Bacon vs. Chocolate
  32. wisconsin
  33. Ahhhh!!! I Can't Take The Suspense!!!
  34. Bush uses White House to speak
  35. Coffee or Tea?
  36. Piss Or Vinigar?
  37. Pennsylvania Almost 2:1 Kerry!
  38. Kerry guys...
  39. Defenition of "crazy".
  40. This could go 269:269
  41. I voted for Kerry in PA today, but if Bush wins...
  42. Fox says CA "Too Close to Call"?
  43. My vote today
  44. 15 minutes of fame?
  45. 2008: Obama or Hillary?
  46. Dewey Defeats Truman!
  47. getting slow, bush must be winning
  48. Tom Daschle losing
  49. Ohio
  50. As it sits right now
  51. Thanks for playing!
  52. Africa: Do we(The US) do anything?
  53. 80 million voters???
  54. maine goes back to 4:0 kerry
  55. Bush wins Ohio,,,its over....per FoxNews..
  56. HARDBALL...all the Kerry people left?
  57. So how exactly is 4 more years of Bush a good thing?
  58. Kerry Victory Celebration.....
  59. Amazing Race
  60. Its Over!!!!!!!!!!
  61. Let The Liberal Whining Begin
  62. I just got off the phone....
  63. Senate Minority Leader
  64. CNN's delay to report Ohio...
  65. Kerry Campaign: Doesnt Believe Ohio is W's, says they will Win!
  66. Funny how the states in Blue...
  67. What I really wish for...
  68. final result will be Bush 286 Kerry 251
  69. If Bush Wins, Biggest Sore Loser for the Liberal PP
  70. Were did all the bush support come from?
  71. Senate Races
  72. Whom ever wins...
  73. W
  74. Bush to declare victory tonight
  75. anyone else find the irony?
  76. Who is after W
  77. Candidates Needed 2 out of 3 Battleground States
  78. Gloating: A plea for the winners.
  79. Ohio May See Court Battle Over Election
  80. The "Love it or Leave it" attitude
  81. Reason Bush would win
  82. Can OT not be a pity party just for today?
  83. Wow!
  84. Will this be a wakeup call for the Democratic Party?
  85. Doh!
  86. Anybody Out There In Ohio?
  87. CNN: Firefighters battling large blaze at Courthouse in Prince Georges county, MD
  88. So who is going to help all the hollywood dems pack?
  89. Stock Market
  90. Okay. THIS is the sign of a f-ed up country.
  91. To the citizens of the REST of the world
  92. Gay marriage ban amendments...
  93. So, what will the Bush Cabinet look like?
  94. Calling LA County voters
  95. Here's a good election site - Pop. votes state by state
  96. ATTN: Democrats (Especially Glenn Wallace)
  97. Kerry calls it quits?
  98. Who did you vote for?
  99. Who's embarrassed??
  100. Oil prices rise with Bush victory
  101. Kerry is a pansie!!!
  102. Hillary Clinton 2008
  103. I felt myself feeling sorry for Kerry
  104. We Win!
  105. NOW i worry about terrorism and the future
  106. WWRD to Bush?
  107. Congrats to PP Conservatives
  108. Dutch Filmmaker Killed by Muslim Extremist
  109. Does this mean...
  110. The bright side
  111. Jews pull the strings in Washington!?!?!
  112. Lots of locked threads I see.....
  113. Kerry Concedes!
  114. Here We Go...Its Already Starting
  115. I think Gavin Newsom was a deciding influence in this election.
  116. So for those of us on the Left Coast
  117. Electronic voting / Manipulated??
  118. Vote or Die = Teh Suck
  119. who do you think...
  120. Bumper stickers?
  121. Is there a streaming video of the upcoming speech?
  122. OMG, Kerry just won cause of a screwup!!!
  123. Thomas Kean/Rudy Giuliani for 08
  124. OK, now I'm really scared
  125. My post election thoughts
  126. Bushes Second Chance - Divide or Unite
  127. Today, we have initiated a countdown...
  128. What am I?
  129. Mighty Casey
  130. If anyone else quotes Bin Laden...
  131. So what happened to the Libertarian vote in NH
  132. I'm tired of hearing Bush mention Texas every chance he gets.
  133. A new ban policy for PP?
  134. Is it illegal to have voter incentives?
  135. Are you angry at me for voting for Bush?
  136. How long?
  137. Stop
  138. We are screwed. Cheers everyone.
  139. Is Iraq better off now than before "the war"?
  140. The 14 Defining Characteristics Of Fascism
  141. Economy predictions?
  142. Unhappy Democrats Must Wait to Get Into Canada
  143. Tyranny of the Majority?
  144. How many people who say "I'm leaving" will actually leave?
  145. How's this for campaign reform?
  146. does anyone know what the root word of Liberal is?
  147. Serious Question - Mandate?
  148. hey PA04STI
  149. hey who keeps locking all these threads and why?
  150. Hey Caddy Daddy
  151. Apology
  152. Let the healing begin
  153. ibtl
  154. Kerry and Bush Speeches from today?
  155. Why are so many threads getting locked?
  156. Cheney '08?
  157. PP Alec Baldwins: I'm calling you out
  158. Are WE better off now than before "the war"?
  159. Hillary vs. Powell in '08
  160. Rich educated people lost; poor redneck rebels won?
  161. Standup Guy.
  162. How to move to Canada
  163. Will gays ever be considered "normal" in the US?
  164. This feels like being dumped by a girl...
  165. Bias Beyond the Pale
  166. Ban Electoral College?
  167. Toward a New Democratic party
  168. Who is the Speaker of the House?
  169. The Original PP folks
  170. 2nd term positions…
  171. Surefire ways Democrats can retake Congress, Presidency etc.
  172. PP Question: What exactly is/are the republican "Moral Values"?
  173. No measure 33 for Oregon:
  174. Breaking News per CNN: Arafat in coma
  175. Voter Turnout theory
  176. My Mandate, by George W Bush
  177. Where to find "United States of Canada" pic?
  178. Buh Bye Ashcroft
  179. God has no place in politics
  180. Possible backlash?
  181. U.S. troops say they were outnumbered by looters who took explosives from Al-Qaqaa
  182. Will Bush raise taxes?
  183. Mood Lightener: Political Haiku
  184. How The "Anybody But Bush" Left Helped Elect Bush
  185. Elizabeth Edwards Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
  186. USA Popular Vote Map vs. USA Night Illumination Map
  187. Project Build A Platform
  188. The Year of the Green Monkey
  189. Considering the bigger moral picture
  190. Bush irregularities
  191. My vote may not have been counted
  192. Go ahead, cut the deficit in half.
  193. Ready to pull the plug on Arafat?
  194. Moonbat Nov 3rd celebrations
  195. my republican friends (semi-long and personal)
  196. World reaction to Bush's re-election... Not as harsh as I was expecting!
  197. The Sad Truth Is That All Terrorists Are Muslim
  198. We watched the tragedy unfold
  199. If Kerry had won...
  200. How about this attempt at a serious debate. (Religion v. Reason)
  201. Top 2 Items on Domestic Agenda
  202. McCain Statement On Electorial Fraud
  203. I have a very simple question
  204. Kerry won?
  205. Ashamed of America? Can't get a date?
  206. Bush family past
  207. Bush, Reagan past II.
  208. Easy Question about Bush's past
  209. Election fallout. Democrats should fight on . . .
  210. The Price of Ignoring Reality - Will's Take on the DNC
  211. Way to go, San Diego!
  212. How the Brits gave Clark County, OH to Bush
  213. What causes the U.S dollar to gain/lose strength against foreign currency?
  214. For Wagon and unkadave--Cats are Democrats...
  215. Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Ohio Votes
  216. Is this forum overwhelmingly liberal or what?
  217. Are you concerned about electronic voting?
  218. I'm off to blow **** up
  219. great forum.
  220. School fired upon...
  221. The speech Kerry SHOULD have given
  222. Those of you that voted for Kerry.
  223. Information is your friend...
  224. Blue Democrats lost red America back in 1965.
  225. Bin Laden tape - Full transcript
  226. Bush & co: Protecting Us From Presbyterian Cleric Terrorists
  227. How political are E-Voting issues right now?
  228. Where to from here?
  229. Jacques Chirac = Le Worm, EU freeze out Tony Blair
  230. Population density and it's affects on political point of view
  231. The Conventional Wisdom is Wrong
  232. Joke or possibly nuts candidate wins Orange County school district race
  233. Should I be offended....
  234. Who will democrats use in 08?
  235. I get it now. "Vote or die" refers to Fallujah.
  236. Liberals and social elitism...
  237. Bush scammed the entire country again!
  238. Democrats didn't elect Bush!
  239. An old story rears its ugly head, or ...
  240. Now that's commitment!
  241. Mission Accomp.... oh
  242. Not a draft, but if you've served, get ready to be reactivated...
  243. Have any discussions on PP changed your political views in any way?
  244. A message from the Queen
  245. first 24-hour news network
  246. Bush to seek constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage
  247. How would the USA react?
  248. When did the republicans change their ethos?
  249. Is it time to consider Liberty over Democracy?
  250. Did France run this by the UN?