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  1. Is NAFTA good or bad?
  2. Company Offers Canadian "Camoflauge" package to US Travelers
  3. Viva Karzai!
  4. Soldiers Challenge Pentagon Policy Extending Enlistments
  5. Shawn Hannity endorses Al Gore in 08!!!
  6. The new *supposed* intelligence reform.
  7. A letter to both the blue and red states
  8. Wilfred Owen
  9. Fallujah Chemical Laboratory Slideshow
  10. Suicide, euthanasia, or slow death?
  11. Depressing Story of the Day
  12. NEW RULES for teh Pee Pee
  13. Rumsfeld faces tough questions from troops
  14. Ann Coulter is a Stupid Whore (now with more Whining!)
  15. A New Idea to Kill Insurgents
  16. Should CBS just admit it?
  17. Terrorism Target List Way Behind, Officials State
  18. Canada Court APPROVES Gay Marriage
  19. Mass's next Senator- Maybe Prez Candidate in 2034?
  20. Good Idea, Bad Idea
  21. Leading atheist concludes the existance of a god
  22. "Environmental organizations are fomenting false fears in order to promote agendas."
  23. starspangledicecream
  24. Islam and Reform
  25. MoveOn to McAuliffe: We bought the party
  26. Canada may not be an option
  27. Secretary of Defense: Donald Rumsfeld: 703-692-7100
  28. Kerik Withdraws His Name for DHS Chief
  29. Taiwanese Opposition (Conservatives) take parliament: Thank God
  30. Ukraine: Yushchenko WAS poisoned with DIOXIN
  31. Spying on El-Baradei
  32. Marine chooses ring over finger
  33. Medical malpractice costs.
  34. "America's One Party State". Funny article about diversity of politics in University
  35. Keating - Savings and loan. Point A?
  36. Pentagon Disinformation Operations
  37. Israel Exports AIDS to the Arab World
  38. Bush Monkey Picture Sparks Protest
  39. How does one become left or right wing?
  40. More Mad Muslims in the UK
  41. 2RS's4US vs. The Moonbats
  42. Tariq Ramadan Gives Up
  43. The MSA is a Pro-Pancake Organization
  44. More Republican Whining
  45. Protecting people or profit? Privatised Military
  46. Way Long, but worth it.
  47. McCain: 'No confidence' in Rumsfeld
  48. another health care thread
  49. Volunteer to Be An Observer in the Ohio & New Mexico Recount!
  50. Secret Document leaked from White House
  51. I Guess I'll Watch The Inauguration After All...
  52. The son of star wars.
  53. Evolution Sticker Shock
  54. What really happened in Jeddah?
  55. This makes me love the 9/11 commission.
  56. San Francisco Gun Ban
  57. Bin Laden fights for democracy... hey, wait a minute!
  58. Do a bad job, get rewarded
  59. Bush Considers Domestic Spending Freeze
  60. Walmart and the Poor
  61. Have fun with this.. (long)
  62. yay! SOA!
  63. Time Magazine 'Man of the Year': Bush
  64. Rumsfeld used a signing machine for condolence letters
  65. Privacy Rights! Someone Call the ACLU!
  66. Christmas "Under Attack"?
  67. President Bush must have a mic in his ear
  68. Bush stands by Rumsfeld on Iraq
  69. Cuba Prepares for 'Possible US Attack': Joke?
  70. "No question... The bombers are having an effect." says Bush
  71. A question
  72. I am bummed out
  73. Voices of Iraq
  74. I have changed my mind about you guys
  75. New Abuse Allegations
  76. Social security reform.
  77. Military Spin: AIF = Anti Iraqi Forces
  78. Introspection
  79. Thoughts on Little Nicky?
  80. Assault on Annan?
  81. Christian marketing
  82. George Bush is not stupid, but was mislead (captured)
  83. North Korea and Japan at it again
  84. NEWSFLASH: US had no occupation plan for postwar Iraq according to Army strategist
  85. Confirmation of what we all already knew
  86. Subaru of America: Homosexual activists
  87. "Extraordinary Rendition" : CIA takes prisoners to other countries for torture etc.
  88. "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities" Voltaire
  89. No Ukraine election Thread?
  90. US initial aid package = OMFG that's embarrassing
  91. 1984 : America
  92. "Adjust the Results"
  93. This seems retarded....
  94. Dear Blaster88
  95. Poll shows troops in support of war [2RS'S4US vs. The Moonbats II!]
  96. New Years resolution for liberals
  97. Updated private donation figures (tsunami)
  98. Anybody concerned about the Washington Election?
  99. Colin Powell drops ball in Times Square.
  100. I know there has been a tsunami!!
  101. ATTN: unkadave
  102. From the NY Times: Nuclear Secrets: Dr Khan's Network
  103. Faith and Force (ARI Op-Ed)
  104. Abbas the Pushover
  105. Pennsylvania plane shot down...
  106. URGENT: 'TARGET #1': al-Zarqawi reportedly arrested in Iraq
  107. *Desperate Housewives* and Desperate Regulators
  108. What's going to happen January 30
  109. There are now more insurgents in Iraq than US Soldiers..
  110. Top 10 most outrageous statements of 2004
  111. Powell meeting / aid to go thru UN
  112. Schwarzenegger Proposes Overhaul of Redistricting
  113. The election is over, but Ohio results protested
  114. Tucker Carlson Let go
  115. In 100 years will the events of 9-11 be forgotten?
  116. Ignorant Mother Kills Son
  117. Deserter once again
  118. More PC nonsense from a university
  119. Theres no such thing as eternal justice...
  120. Reporter paid $240,000 by Bush admin to boost no child left behind act.
  121. Where's 2RS's4US Been?
  122. Delete
  123. Another reason to stay out of the Middle East
  124. Interesting Iraq article
  125. US drops 500 lb bomb on Iraqi house, killing b/w 5-14 innocent civilians
  126. CBS fires 4 top employees...
  127. Flame suit on.
  128. Does it worry anyone else that Bush keeps picking law enforcement types for homeland.
  129. Awww.... T3h Fallujah people are mad at us.
  130. Suppose we pulled out of Iraq NOW.
  131. More mad cow disease (lets all stick our heads in a hole)
  132. Should flavored tobacco / cigarettes be illegal?
  133. Is African-American History Month government sanctioned?
  134. Official: U.S. ends search for WMD in Iraq
  135. Not One Damn Dime
  136. To those who think Bush has a better policy towards Israel
  137. Israeli Oil Company Gets Lucrative Contract in Iraq
  138. Bye bye seniors
  139. Oh no, gun control doesn't work!!11!
  140. good criminals always hide their victims bodies
  141. "he brought the truth to the American people"
  142. homeland security commercials
  143. Iraq: now a terrorist training ground
  144. Turkey and Iraq?
  145. Get Ready For The Hard Sell On SS Privatization
  146. "Bring it on"
  147. Guilty
  148. Fox still making fake news to push neocon agendas
  149. found money
  150. Coalition Forces Damage Ancient City of Babylon
  151. Whats the best news magazine
  152. Anyone going to DC on the 20th
  153. China, Political pundits
  154. Iran rumor and innuendo
  155. "Not giving us Thursday off is un-patriotic"
  156. The Monkey Speaks
  157. Pennsylvania can't figure out why its hemmoraging young people
  158. When will the President stop lying about social security?
  159. An absolutely shocking article in the washington post.
  160. Iraq to close borders for polls. Are they kidding?
  161. Where's the "Bash the wasteful $40MM+ inauguration" thread?
  162. Roe v. Wade plaintiff asks USSC to vacate ruling
  163. Dr. Rice Confirmation
  164. Wave hello to Stalin!
  165. Bush - uniter or divider?
  166. 250gr for talk show host Armstrong Williams
  167. NIGHTLINE covers the Ohio
  168. Hey who's the fat chick walking in front of Bush?
  169. Bush's speech
  170. A Victory for the Palestinians
  171. Michael Powell to resign
  172. An American Van Gogh?
  173. Sponge Bob the New Teletubie?
  174. "Outposts of Tyranny" Replaces "Axis of Evil"
  175. Inuaguartion $125 Million
  176. 28 Senior Gov't Employees With Fake Degrees
  177. Hey Philippines, help out the Tarsier!
  178. Another "Zarqawi in Custody Rumor"...
  179. Osama's thoughts - Best Seller list??
  180. Strategic Support Branch
  181. WA: Major Anti-Gun Laws Filed
  182. an affordable endeavor
  183. Central banks shift reserves away from US
  184. 1/4 of a Trillion dollars to avenge his Daddy's honor.
  185. Everyone say goodbye to Zman......again
  186. Shiites in Iraq Say Government Will Be Secular
  187. Just saw Bjorn Lomborg give a talk
  188. Gun ownership and political beliefs
  189. Sen. Boxers Petition
  190. Airline Missile Defense Too Costly
  191. Ok let's try this again--gun poll
  192. No one cared about the Holocaust?
  193. New CNN poll on democracy in Iraq
  194. Stalin: Visionary leader or Hitler's brother?
  195. Today's laugh (Cheney on Iran): We don't want a war in the middle east
  196. Court OKs Obesity Suit Against McDonald's
  197. Schaivo case continues on
  198. How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?
  199. How do you feel about this form of gun control?
  200. And here I thought Guantanamo Bay was a BAD place to visit!
  201. NeoCons / Conservative biz men. Can't walk the talk
  202. Democrat wants to put the gloves on..
  203. Your Ideal Government
  204. Post Iraqi Elections: secessionists vs insurgents
  205. Classy Dick - WHAT was he thinking?!
  206. Canadian Appellate Court Vindicates Man of Kitten Killing
  207. Another Bush co paid columnists/pundit
  208. Attn SoCal PPers!
  209. Bankrupcy: Oh yes, it can happen here
  210. A Chat with 2 Iraqis
  211. Polls Open in Iraq
  212. Number of dead tomorrow in Iraq?
  213. So what does PP think about Dean as Chairman of the DNC?
  214. Spin This
  215. Audit: U.S. lost track of $9 billion in Iraq funds
  216. Federal Judge Rules Gtmo Trials Unconstitutional
  217. "Did New York help orchestrate the Asian Tsunami?"
  218. UBL / How ya doi'n?? Wish you were dead by now
  219. Kennedy Jr. on fascist america
  220. China to get Venezuelan oil
  221. Arab League Reaction to Election
  222. Is it all about the oil?
  223. State of the Union addy.
  224. Warning, this thread may be confusing to zzyxz! Or: Abbas, kicking ass, taking names
  225. The Myth of Peak Oil
  226. What They’re Not Telling You About the “Election”
  227. Waves to all the guests of the Political forum
  228. Bush's Betrayal of America: The Iraqi Elections (ARI op-ed)
  229. The whole "Ward Churchill" thing
  230. So what if its about oil?
  231. What can we agree on....
  232. When people ask me why I don't like the Bush admin
  233. Please Read - If we cared about domestic security.....
  234. Where did the U.S. of A. decide that it had to spread democracy?
  235. Concensus - Daily $ burn rate for Iraqi occupation
  236. State Of The Union Thread..
  237. Georgia's reformist PM dies of gas poisoning. Foul play?
  238. Is Zarqawi really worth $25 million?
  239. Bush’s Social Security plan
  240. Documents: U.S. condoned Iraq oil smuggling
  241. For the Libertarians
  242. China's economy booming
  243. So the shiite party has 6 times as many votes of Allawi's party right now
  244. New York: Gay marriage ban unconstitutional
  245. Rumsfeld the war criminal
  246. Instantly Orphaned
  247. I propose eliminating nonprofit tax exempt status across the board
  248. Bill Clinton, 100% Politician
  249. Traditional Marriage License Plates
  250. U.S. / confessions of a Economic Hitman