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  1. OR to tax gas per mile with GPS unit in your car
  2. Reinstate Saddam and leave. Give me a reason why not
  3. My tin foil thread - house market bait and switch?
  4. Bush really cares about your security.
  5. Congress called into secret session
  6. Cheney's new aid linked to false information...
  7. Presidents war powers and an expiration
  8. Rumsfeld hints at more troops in Iraq
  9. Venezuela to give away F16s
  10. Health care discussion
  11. Dear rioting immigrant community in Paris,
  12. Doing away with the party 'system'.
  13. D Pipes in Commentary on "Defending and Advancing Freedom"
  14. God bless America!
  15. Can't donate at this place in the UK
  16. The Dish on the Bushes
  17. Because Oil companies don't make enough money already
  18. "EU to look into "secret US jails."
  19. Department of Defense Funds $53 M Solar Program
  20. U.S. Wind Industry to Break Installation Records; Expand by More Than 35% in 2005
  21. US Fuel Cell Council Publishes FAQ on Fuel Cell Tax Incentives
  22. FEMA Director Michael Brown - Emails
  23. NJ governor's race
  24. Ok so here I am (I'm a terrible liar)
  25. I think Venezuelan President Chavez.....
  26. The War on Christmas
  27. GOP mulls ending birthright citizenship
  28. WhiteHouse making members of staff take 'ethics classes'
  29. Possible Chinese spying case
  30. 25 reasons to become a Republican.
  31. 25 reasons to be a Republican
  32. Earl Krugel, killed in prison
  33. US gov owes Iraq for Halliburton?
  34. under attack
  35. The Vatican comes out in support of evolution!
  36. Supreme court to review terrorism military trials
  37. A few more "bad apples", "we do not torture" and Cheney begging for mo money...
  38. Executive Order 13388 (Oct 25, 2005)
  39. Declassified Iraq info: yes they still lied
  40. Communism or Fascism, if you HAD to pick one...
  41. Who is worse?
  42. Anti church to possibly lose tax exempt status
  43. Calling all Californicators!
  44. Finance staffer pummeled
  45. White phosphorus?
  46. The new fiasco: CIA Black Sites
  47. Why no "Australia:Kaboom" thread?
  48. Security Council Extends Iraq Mandate
  49. Manchester NH Ballot Question
  50. EPA Awards $1M in Clean Diesel Grants
  51. Virginia Governors Race
  52. So, whats the speculation about the Ca elections?
  53. McCain on daily show
  54. The Tobacco Plant Enabled the Creation of the USA
  55. Fight lies with lies
  56. Calling all Angelenos
  57. Who exactly invented Tamiflu?
  58. A new spin on Negative Ads
  59. Judith Miller retires
  60. A War Like No Other
  61. GOP Moderates are starting to defect
  62. What if the US congress & senate was setup like the UK's? (Question wise)
  63. age of consent in Kansas? 12?
  64. Iraqi's, now global terrorists
  65. $44 billion...
  66. Chalabi welcome again?
  67. Thanks house republicans!
  68. EPA Issues Final Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Rule, Eases Some Transitions
  69. Update: Pat Robertson is still a raving lunatic
  70. Could chain stores actually be good for the environment?
  71. Were the gas companies/gas stations really gauging us?
  72. Can A Presidential Candidate Choose a VP from the Opposition?
  73. Another crash and burn for the GOP...
  74. Let's play a little game...
  75. You guys are slow lately. Bush strikes back!
  76. re: our fuel addiction
  77. EPA releases Acid Rain Program 2004 Progess Report
  78. Mike Cox vs. Jeffery Feiger
  79. Fox News documentary on global warming tonight at 8EST
  80. Retired general: Bush shortchanging vets
  81. The fundamentalists still getting preferential treatment at the Air Force Academy?
  82. Alito: yay or nay?
  83. China to demand Arms technology to pay down our deficit.
  84. Bush approval rating slumps to all-time low
  85. I officially declare Iraq is a cesspit
  86. Bruce Willis
  87. U.S. government increases use of renewables 14-fold
  88. Ha Ha Ha I just posted in OT.
  89. OT busted, conservatives flood into PP
  90. What the crap....
  91. How about a formal explanation?
  92. Christian Science article on Muslims in Denmark
  93. The Senate rebukes Bush.
  94. hackers and the spreading of viruses
  95. I can't take it anymore
  96. Senate Demands Withdrawal Strategy
  97. House and Senate Groups to Introduce “Fuel Choices for American Security Act”
  98. Suprised everyone missed this.
  99. If Muslims Weren't Fighting The West - They'd be Fighting EACH OTHER ANYWAY.
  100. Woodward: From Watergate to Plamegate
  101. Feds make dramatic move to save orcas
  102. Greenhouse kids throw a tantrum
  103. Attn: unkadrunk
  104. Anyone watching dick "lash out at politicians against the war?"
  105. Committee backs Bernanke Fed bid
  106. How To Fuel The Coming Century
  107. Steven Hadley leaked Plame's identity to Bob Woodward
  108. Truckers Choose Hydrogen Power
  109. Where will Bush spend Thanksgiving?
  110. Bush Thanksgiving...Where will he be?
  111. How about this lovely bit of politics?
  112. where are those pesky terrorists?
  113. Looks like everybody is Jack's friend
  114. ex-Marine vet Congressman calls for withdrawal from Iraq
  115. Political Money Line
  116. Edwards, - "I screwed up I owe America an apology"
  117. Wakeup, it's friday, time for debate.
  118. Ms. Italia Federici, please meet Mr. Jack Abramoff
  119. Lobbyist charged with defrauding tribes
  120. Fitzgerald sees new grand jury proceedings
  121. What if we found WMD's?
  122. Rumsfeld Given Iraq Withdrawl Plan
  123. Bush, the pansy ass draft-dodger, is vowing to "stay in the fight" in Iraq.
  124. So what is the unofficial death count so far in Iraq... a running tally
  125. Jewish Leader Blasts Religious Right
  126. Driving.Privilege vs. Right
  127. Norway suporting terrorism, booo!
  128. 17 countries pledge faster greenhouse gas reductions with methane program
  129. Please Post Here.
  130. 9:33:11 pm -- Do you know what Jesus Christ did for us? (",) . . .
  131. Corruption - - Lobbyist's, Congress, Crackdown, Yahoo finally
  132. Canada, Japan, Europe failing on Kyoto Protocol targets: UN report
  133. Israel's new "National Responsibility" party
  134. Torture?
  135. What type of admin would you prefer?
  136. video
  137. Free Crips Founder Stanley "Tookie" Williams!?!?!?
  138. Hugo baby. Sing it loud!
  139. Those damn Iraqis!
  140. Withdraw or Stay the Course in Iraq? Neither.
  141. No UN condemnation?
  142. Two options for Iraq: You choose
  143. Serious downside to biofuels?
  144. Nations to debate new climate plan
  145. Fox News won't air Alito ad claiming factual errors
  146. Venezuela to provide cheap oil for lower income Americans
  147. Saving the Environment, One Quarterly Earnings Report at a Time
  148. Troop reductions
  149. Bush planned to bomb Al Jazeera
  150. What's happening in Iraq?
  151. Cold War perspective from "the other side"?
  152. Go Bill Richardson
  153. Research finds CO2 levels stable until 200 years ago; now at 650,000year high
  154. Afghanistan, will it ever be secure?
  155. I'm so sick of people mis-labeling
  156. Implications of Padilla ruling
  157. More Tax cuts for the top 1%
  158. Senate panel votes to end Big Oil tax break
  159. "Iraq as bad as Saddam Era"
  160. From the surreal files: Maybe they should have listened to this guy...
  161. Damn Liberal Media, you've even tainted the Funnies Page
  162. Google "Worst President Ever"
  163. UN climate summit to be held in Montreal...
  164. The Democrats get a face
  165. Second Time reporter testifys (Plamegate)
  166. Busy year for politicians
  167. Bush: Articles for Impeachment have been drafted
  168. Rep. Cunningham pleads guilty to tax violations
  169. What is a tax cut for the rich?
  170. miranda rights, warrants???
  171. ...another one bites the dust...
  172. Former Powell aide attacks Cheney
  173. Who's to know?
  174. Abortion: What should the law require?
  175. I have now seen everything: Shimon Peres backs Sharon's new party
  176. America was founded on slavery and genocide.
  177. Cost of War in Iraq
  178. Censorship... for Cable??..
  179. Could our Economy be on the right track?
  180. Arming Iraq for slaughter
  181. Withdrawal: To spin or not to spin?
  182. England & U.S. relations about to crumble?
  183. Why Americans supported George Bush - and what happens if they stop
  184. Arnie does something ... different
  185. Doing time over Cheney's house
  186. EPA reports FY 2005 enforcement actions cut pollution by over 1 billion pounds
  187. BP making big boost to clean-energy spending
  188. Onesies and Twosies?
  189. OT: History of the World
  190. Current that warms Europe weakening
  191. Capital punishment
  192. Capital punishment (corrected)
  193. Campaign finance reform
  194. U.S. and China Collaborate on Sustainable Development Projects
  195. Bush "On a mission from God"
  196. Lobbyist's Role in Hiring Aides Is Investigated
  197. i love conversations on aim
  198. "Me and my weapon", article on Concealed Carry
  199. US economy generates 215,000 jobs in November
  200. Iran / Russia: $1 billion arms deal
  201. KOS is wrong...America wasn't founded on Slavery and Genocide
  202. George W. Bush....
  203. Need help with my final
  204. Belated surreal Sunday (sorry, it's late, but it's worth it)
  205. U.S. Army report: Israel can't stop Iran nukes
  206. DeLay gets a small break
  207. The MEDIA war in Iraq...
  208. Cheney: As un-American as they come
  209. "Those troops are fighting for your right to protest this war!"
  210. Bush: 'I know we're going to win' in Iraq
  211. Dean: We can't win in Iraq
  212. Poll finds broad approval of terrorist torture
  213. Dec. 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy
  214. Israel to US Army War College: We can't? T3h unpossible!
  215. Eli Cohen: Israeli spy, 3rd in line to become president of Syria
  216. 'Fundamentalist' my new word to hate.
  217. Terri Schiavo's widower takes aim at politicians
  218. You're stupider than I am
  219. Congress: We'll help Hurricane Victims, but only if we find them "Morally Acceptable"
  220. The Holocast did not happen...
  221. UP FOR AUCTION: White 2.5rs's phone number
  222. Katrina Wallops Black Voters
  223. Opinion on Iraq from the troops POV
  224. First, you get the money, then you have the power...
  225. Holy crap FC drives are expensive!
  226. alleged secret prisoner starts talkin-
  227. Tomlinson “Cryptic” Emails With White House Staff
  228. 5,000 anti-muslim aussis riot on beach, attack muslims.
  229. Bush World tour
  230. Plagiarisimo
  231. Supreme Court to Review (Tom DeLays) Texas Redistricting
  232. Bush compares America's founding to Iraq's struggle
  233. Iraqis appear slightly optimistic.
  234. Political Affiliation of Nasioc Members
  235. China is world's leading technology exporter
  236. Why is it that a majority of Democrats are pro-choice but....
  237. Where's the Conservative Outrage?
  238. Gov't keeping tabs on anti-war crowd
  239. Happy 5000th birthday, PP!
  240. "Bush accepted responsibility for invading Iraq based on faulty intelligence." Say WH
  241. al zarqawi arrested!
  242. Dear Rep. Murtha
  243. Wal-Mart Seeks to Double Truck Fuel Economy by 2015
  244. The effects of religion on democracy
  245. So, let's just review the situation
  246. senate rejects patriot act extension
  247. Novak to Bush: Fess up, yo!
  248. Senate Rejects Extention of Patriot Act
  249. Bush, Cheney, Condie and Rummy discussing Iraq
  250. Bush says he signed NSA wiretap order