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  1. What to Do About Gasoline Prices (ARI op-ed)
  2. Rumsfeld: No one anticipated insurgency's strength
  3. Another Kieth Olberman Youtube Video
  4. O'Reilly Listener Cited - Shows True Colors
  5. dr_wheel's political commentary
  6. President asking Congress to pardon him, and his administration, ahead of time?
  7. The End of Liberalism?
  8. What makes a good UN secretary general?
  9. State Of Denial: Bob Woodward
  10. Left strangely silent on Darfur crisis
  11. "I would drive a few miles for a hot stud like you"
  12. Newsweek publishes unreal excerpt from Woodward book (text inside)
  13. Now there's a shocker...
  14. "Land of the Free" - Just a catchy slogan?
  15. Bush: Democrats Can't Be Trusted!!
  16. WOULD America win a nuclear war?
  17. Former Rep. Mark Foley was molested as a teenager...
  18. Beijing Disables US Satellites
  19. Cheney strikes again
  20. FOX news, slowly headed more to center?
  21. Aide: I told GOP Leaders about Foley wanting to Priest it up.
  22. When Will We See a Civil War or Uprising
  23. i can't believe it's not torture!
  24. New promise of trouble from Iran
  25. Bob Smither Campaign (libertarian for congress TX)
  26. is history doomed to repeat itself?
  27. Muslims offended again...imagine that
  28. How long for China to rule the world??
  29. Electoral Futility
  30. PP Caption Time!
  31. Is George Bush a Dictator?
  32. Wind Energy in Texas Gets $10 Billion Boost
  33. Assad gives Ahmedinejad Lap Dance while Putin Watches
  34. Who will make the first move? U.S. or North Korea
  35. CROW: It's what's for dinner
  36. Bad question..but.. anyone have the STRATFOR stuff on the NK sit.
  37. WTF is the world coming to...
  38. Bush: North Korea is a threat
  39. Would a Presidential candidate win on the following platform?
  40. Anyone think this is a coincidence?
  41. Dutch Prophet Mohammad cartoons are back!
  42. Jon Stewert for President!!
  43. North Koreans are swell fellows!
  44. Islam for Dummies
  45. Would China bomb the crap out of NK for us?
  46. The Window of Opportunity
  47. Need proof that Universities are havens for liberal scumbags? (Iraqi death toll)
  48. From the people who brought you airplane
  49. Senator fights the tide, calls warming by humans a hoax
  50. habeas corpus, it was nice to know you...
  51. How many House seats will the Democrats gain?
  52. I keep receiving this joke pic from repubs. any democratic rebuttal pic?
  53. Dems: Mark Warner announced today that he will not run for Pres. in '08
  54. Bush uses Christians like Clinton did Monica
  55. North Korea Set to test H-Bomb?
  56. Corrupt Republican lobbies
  57. Is Israel in America's Interest?
  58. Was Kim Jong bluffing??
  59. Air America is declaring bankruptcy after 2 years on the air
  60. Last straw for my support with Bush/Congress.
  61. Scalia lectures the ACLU
  62. Israeli president is a rapist?
  63. 42 % of Americans believe Bush is responsible for gas price drop
  64. Time to leave...
  65. Bush the evangelical Christian
  66. Israel accused of testing new weapon on Palestinians
  67. the passing of H.R.6166/SB 3930
  68. Would you say the terrorists have won?
  69. Has Bush done anything worth praising in the past 6 years?
  70. Why vote republican
  71. no oil dependence? or energy independence!
  72. Lost another city in Iraq. Curse those dead-enders!
  73. N. Korea<- The reason for this mess.
  74. Attention Liberals (This means almost all of you)
  75. Hannity: Democrats stay home on election day... for the sake of the nation
  76. Fat lady sings and pigs are flying???
  77. Who declared today "****TY TROLL PARTY IN THE PP" day?
  78. Diet Supplements under attack
  79. A Secret Regional Alliance Against Iran
  80. Iraq withdrawl crib sheet
  81. Another win for Stephen Colbert
  82. God Damn Flip Flopping Lieberals
  83. Israeli PM lets hard-liner in government
  84. Saddam to be sentenced to death on Nov 5th?
  85. Holy brown-nosing, Batman!
  86. So how long AFTER the November election will more US troops be shipped to Iraq??
  87. In Iraq, Stay the Course - but Change It
  88. Who you voting for?
  89. IBtheycallthisguyanenemycombatant
  90. The Media's Mistreatment of Jeff Skilling
  91. Pres '08 What do you think of Bill Richardson?
  92. Matt Drudge: Foley is a victim
  93. Taiwanese lawmaker(?) gasses chamber!
  94. NJ Supreme Court - Civil Unions Required (At Minimum)
  95. Rolling Stone: The Worst Congress Ever
  96. Will the next election be hacked?
  97. Pre-election Political Joke Thread:
  98. Dear GOP:
  99. Dear Democratic Party:
  100. Assassination of George W. Bush...
  101. What did Rumsfeld just say?!
  102. New Hope for MidEast
  103. I See Dead People......Voting
  104. All your base are belong to us!
  105. Election Material: Is Bush a four letter word?
  106. Negative Campaigning, Holy Hell!
  107. You bet you won't see this on CNN
  108. I propose a new voting system that should allow more third-party participation!
  109. John Kerry you piece of s***!!!!
  110. Katherine Harris the victim..
  111. How do we pull back from teh brink?
  112. The Democrats' plan in Iraq...
  113. Bush signs Martial Law bill
  114. Iraq - you break it.. YOU buy it...
  115. If anyone owes our troops an apology...
  116. Well, the good news is......
  117. Don't blame the Admin or Scumsfeld. It's the Generals fault!
  118. In MA Governors race everyone loses
  119. Bush Adminitration TOP 10
  120. Another sex scandal brought to you by the GOP... beat-up mistress paid to keep quiet
  121. Need help: good site for unbiased info on candidates?
  122. Americans: Why aren't you in the Miltary
  123. British believe Bush is more dangerous than Kim Jong-il
  124. Bet you won't see this on Fox news!!
  125. Disinformation central
  126. This article actually made me feel sorry for Bush
  127. Civil War to follow Saddam Death Sentence?
  128. Neocons turn on Bush, say war was the wrong choice
  129. Real Security Act of 2006
  130. What was the quote? "Nobody expected an insurgency in Iraq?"
  131. Republicans post nuclear bomb plans on web for political gain
  132. Defintion of Liberalism....
  133. Your tax dollars at work
  134. media mindbombs
  135. I just heard the most blatant mis-use of Political Advertising ever... (EBS)
  136. GOP shy about its sugar daddy...
  137. Republican Voter Suppression Campaign in VA?
  138. Pot legalization? they are really voting on this??
  139. End of the Neo-Cons Essay:
  140. Vote!
  141. What was your voting process like?
  142. Bush's Election-Eve Message: Lies and Nonsense
  143. Politics + KKK = Record Setting
  144. CNN Calls Congress for Dems
  145. First order of business: Start Impeachment proceedings...
  146. This VA senate race is killing me
  147. Democratic Voter Suppression in New Mexico?
  148. A toast to the 1st woman speaker of the House?
  149. Oh my. McCaskill (D) is ahead in Missouri.
  150. Dems take House and now TIE control of Senate!!!
  151. Yet another election that brings zero change
  152. This is how hated the Republicans are this year
  153. CNN reports that Rumsfeld has stepped down!
  154. Hey DubYa!
  155. World weighs in on U.S. vote
  156. Montana!
  157. Nancy Pelosi is hawt!
  158. How does Ted Kennedy keep winning?
  159. This just in: Cheney's pacemaker is powered by faulty Sony Laptop batteries!!!
  160. Farewell to these Republican All-Stars...
  161. Will the PP neo-cons be offered amnesty here?
  162. Israeli shelling kills 18 civilians in Gaza
  163. Wal-Mart shares drop after Democrats win
  164. Dems take the senate
  165. nothing to see here
  166. Our New House Intelligence Committee Chair?
  167. I have zero remorse about saddam's death sentence...
  168. Why the Democrats really won! (a geek's perspective)
  169. Virginia's Marriage Amendment
  170. Democrats in - Bolton out?
  171. What We Owe Our Soldiers
  172. The Anti-Life Movement
  173. Spitting on Soldiers = A-OK!
  174. Should John Bolton be reappointed as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations?
  175. Negro Marriage
  176. Definition of courage....
  177. Germans to investigate Rumsfeld for potential war crimes?
  178. So was your vote counted?.... if you live in FL, maybe not.
  179. Slippery Slope Argument
  180. Stop outsourcing with... robots?
  181. Bill Maher censored on CNN...
  182. Giuliani forms presidential exploratory committee
  183. The Federal Reserve is the biggest scam in history
  184. OBsession: Links to FIlm about Islamic Extremists
  185. Agenda for the 2008 Democrat National Convention
  186. Soldiers' widows sue for pagan symbols on headstones
  187. Islamic Land Laws
  188. Should someone born in the US be a US citizen if their parents are here illegally?
  189. I dont understand why people get so pissed about banning illegal immigrants
  190. Trent Lott: Our New Minority Whip
  191. Hillary in 2008
  192. Educated voters unite!
  193. I'm at a loss for words...
  194. I would vote for this republican...
  195. Dems, is Dean Inept?
  196. Why Intellectuals Still Support Socialism
  197. Good news for the left
  198. Fox News Leaked Memo Reveals Nonbias!
  199. Milton Friedman dies
  200. Recent torture situations...
  201. GOP Still Not Getting The Message
  202. Recent events temper Bush's Social Policies?
  203. israelis create dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees out
  204. Could John McCain or Rudy Giuliani win in '08?
  205. Voting in the Dirty South
  206. Democrats Want to Instate the Draft?
  207. Saddam trial 'flawed and unsound'
  208. Why shouldn't the Democrats act more like NeoCons??
  209. Gaza Stripped
  210. I'm with McCain - send more troops in to Iraq.
  211. Pennsylvania plan would cut mercury emissions 90 percent in nine years
  212. Study Says Renewable Fuels Could Account for 25 Percent of U.S. Energy in 2025
  213. U.S. political parties: The future seems bleak....
  214. Breaking the Law in the West Bank
  215. Israel High Court: Must Recognize Gay Marriage
  216. I predict one day George W. Bush will say this guy is doing a heckuva jorb...
  217. It is now racist to prevent illegal aliens from working?
  218. Jim Webb speaks out on the class war in the WSJ
  219. Anti-Syrian Christian assassinated in Lebanon
  220. Police kill groom on wedding day...
  221. Russian ex-spy poisoned with radioactive polonium-210
  222. Abbas promises no more rocket attacks
  223. It's not a bribe, it's a gratuity !
  224. Dividing Iraq
  225. political thermometer reading
  226. Somewhere out there, YoungWilliams is popping a champagne cork...
  227. Wesley Clark considering '08 run
  228. Castro no show at belated birthday celebration.
  229. Is it just me or....
  230. Well, at least one election seems to have been Diebolded...
  231. Forget Illegal Immigrants, we're deporting legal ones too
  232. Pelosi looks past Hastings for intelligence committee post
  233. The dead vote Democrat ... and the crazy vote for Dubya
  234. Now that the ISG has come to a "consensus"
  235. 1 in 32 adults....
  236. Will doesn't like Webb...
  237. Barrier in Jerusalem causes upheaval
  238. Radio host says Muslims should be IDed with crescent-shape tattoo
  239. Rumsfeld memo admits Iraq strategy failing
  240. US gets tough with North Korea (NOT!)
  241. Move Over, Hoover
  242. Hillary Clinton discussing Presidential bid...
  243. Bolton "resigns"
  244. Whats at stake.
  245. Looks like Gates isnt afraid to say it
  246. Money, time, blood
  247. $125 million for courthouse in Gitmo??
  248. Israel owes lotsa money to Iran
  249. U.S. tortures innocent Canadian
  250. Get to work! fricken slackers.... :(