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  1. In Idaho, Paul beats Hillary and Barack combined
  2. Be it resolved that . . .
  3. speculative solutions to neverending middle eastern conflict
  4. Investigate Big Congress, Not Big Oil
  5. (Rest of World) - Cluster Bomb Ban close
  6. Those who don't remember history . . . something something
  7. Japan: "We'll help your quake victims" China: "Sure, but don't use your planes"
  8. Privatize Marriage
  9. The Accountability Project: Investigate Wasteful Spending in Iraq
  10. Chavez at it again
  11. What To Do When You Don't Like Any Of These Candidates
  12. Debunking "Progressive" Mythology - When And Why Joe Wilson Outed Valerie Plame
  13. How the **** can Hillary NOT concede after this?
  14. Candidate Views on Topics/Issues Website?
  15. Where is the active McCain support thread?
  16. U.N. Nuclear Inspectors to Visit Syria
  17. Hillary will be president in 2008!
  18. Ding dong, the witch is dead...
  19. the VP thread
  20. FYI - States' Libertarian Party ballot status
  21. Oops.
  22. this country is DOOMED!
  23. Obama's campaign poster?
  24. New study calls for $45 trillion to cut greenhouse gases in half by 2050
  25. United States of America is holding Iraq's money hostage
  26. Want net neutrality and less vapid news coverage? NCMR 2008
  27. ABC News: Match-O-Matic (picks your candidate for you)
  28. Oil up over $10 a barrel and DJIA falls 400 points.
  29. Canada and England is lost, will we be next?
  30. Bill vs Bill deathmatch --- Bill O'Reilly vs Bill Moyers
  31. Why local elections are just as important
  32. The Democratic Primary Race in 8 Minutes
  33. Dennis Kucinich introducing articles of impeachment
  34. "It may well turn out to be the largest war profiteering in history."
  35. McCain will be elected president, and we will invade Iran
  36. CNN pulling sensitive articles?
  37. The QoTD is too relevant to not post.
  38. Just when you thought Fox News couldt get any worse: "Obama terrorist fist pump"
  39. Pakistan Border incident - US Air strike
  40. Bush and 4 dollar gas
  41. This looks like a job for GreenGay
  42. I'm voting Republican
  43. Detainees at Guantanamo Bay have rights says Supreme Court
  44. Digital copyright Draft from Hell - ACTA - G8
  45. The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
  46. Ireland: Keeping it real!
  47. Flooding in Iowa
  48. Oklahoma Declares Sovereignty
  49. The Fall of Conservatism
  50. Easy offshore drilling question!
  51. The Bush Excuse
  52. Report: Exams reveal abuse, torture of detainees
  53. Excellent interview with Ralph Nader
  54. Republican bigots at their finest
  55. Should single unwed moms be penalized/taxed for having too many kids?
  56. Pennsylvania residents, help me eliminate Gus the Groundhog
  57. 'Why Liberals Should Love The Second Amendment'
  58. Muslim woman: Scarf kept her from seat near Obama
  59. And so they were right... big oil companies back in Iraq
  60. U.S. Says Exercise by Israel Seemed Directed at Iran
  61. B. Hussein OBAMA the Muslim
  62. Domestic Spying to become Permanent Reality
  63. House passes new surveillance law
  64. Where does Noam Chomsky get his news?
  65. McClellan under oath...
  66. Troops get free in-state college tuition + stipend
  67. In honor of Obama!
  68. Nukes and Tanks: Not such a wise argument
  69. Iran says attack by Israel 'impossible' AKA Baghdad Bob moved to Iran?
  70. New Im a Bitter Gun Owner and I Vote! Yard Signs Available Now
  71. Obama with 15% lead over McCain!!
  72. Let's see a show of hands... Who's sick of Greenguy22's rambling?
  73. Let's see a show of hands... Who's sick of neo-cons and Paulites?
  74. First violation of Israeli, Hamas truce reported
  75. Al Qaeda declared winner by TKO in 7th round.
  76. Confessions of a Maturing Libertarian
  77. Having Hillary and Bill in your corner is costly
  78. The politicizing of government.
  79. Brady Campaigns list of CCW holder crimes
  80. How would you change the prison system?
  81. WTF is going on in Texas?!
  82. Washington D.C. gun ban unconstitutional
  83. explain to me how this business with N Korea this morning is good
  84. Obama proposes $150 billion green energy fund
  85. "We Told You So"
  86. Real men of genius: US Senate
  87. Why are we not trying to close the Enron Loophole?
  88. US Preparing Battlefield in Iran
  89. The Shrinking Influence of the US Federal Reserve
  90. What Black Men Think ....
  91. So where does this stupidity come from?
  92. Next time stuck in traffic, thank Old Man McCain's agenda against Amtrak
  93. This is 1 of the many reasons why I'm not voting for McCain ...........
  94. No thread on McCain's tax problems?
  95. Change
  96. McCain: hot-tempered hypocrite
  97. RFID chips in drivers licenses
  98. Well Known Liberal Blogger Shot In Washington, D.C.
  99. Don't let McCain win vote Obama!
  100. Obama leading in Montana
  101. Who did you want to see make it to the general election?
  102. Atheist vs Lutheran Paster
  103. The fabrication of terrorism!
  104. Perfect Examples of why Immigration Reform is a Sham
  105. Rethinking GDP
  106. Which CHANGE Political Motivational Poster do you like the best out of these 2?
  107. what if we left energy up to free market forces
  108. Remember "Three Kings"? Here's a real life corollary:
  109. "The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein's nuclear program..."
  110. Hydrogen Fuel Cell the wave of the future! I would like to thank the Democrats
  111. Want some torture with your peanuts?
  112. What about Pakistan?
  113. Hold up a McCain=Bush sign in public; get arrested
  114. UGH this timetable crap is pissing me off now
  115. John McCain Doesn't Know How to Use a Computer (Video)
  116. Can someone explain the reasoning for this?
  117. Atheist soldier sues Army for discrimination
  118. About 36,000 registered guns unaccounted for in D.C.
  119. Higher CO2 levels may be good for plants: German scientists
  120. Iran test-fires missiles in Persian Gulf
  121. Republican Party Lies In Ad - Newsweek
  122. Jess Jackson makes "crude remark" about Obama
  123. Oregon implements new driver's license requirements
  124. The guessing game!
  125. A journalist, who typically has an editor and fact checker and journalistic standards
  126. how to smoke weed...properly
  127. **** You, Obama.
  128. Learn a foreign language
  129. Brady Campaign and VPC inadvertently prove restrictions do not curb violence
  130. Hitchens has a go at waterboarding
  131. Missing Nukes?
  132. Nation of whiners
  133. Judge Moon Says: "No longer possible for police to protect citizens"
  134. IRAN OWNED over Missles
  135. Big Brother is here, folks.
  136. John McCain; 61 Flip-Flops and Counting...
  137. if the election was tomorrow
  138. US planned nerve gas attack on Australian troops
  139. Ahh ... to be safe in a place without guns.
  140. Where do the liberals get their oil values from?
  141. i have always subscribed to this theory.
  142. McCain's Nomination at Risk as Republicans Start to Panic
  143. The NewYorker and Obama...Nice.
  144. Obama's 'civilian national security force'
  145. Stay classy FL: Billboard invokes 9/11 so that you won't vote Democrat
  146. A Change we can believe in ... politics as usual
  147. Jim Rogers Horrifies the Liars by Telling the Truth
  148. Israel's idiotic "Prisoner Swap"
  149. John McCain: My religion is better than yours!!
  150. Time for Some Campaignin'
  151. Bush's doublespeak knows no bounds
  152. McCain raises $62.5 million through public finance loophole
  153. bush "a total failure"
  154. APS Calls Global Warming a Hoax
  155. San francisco honors GW bush
  156. We don't talk to terrorist states, Mr. Obama...
  157. Send Karl Rove To Jail (.com)
  158. Bush Administration agrees to withdraw from Iraq
  159. Looked at your 401k lately? Wonder where your money went?
  160. Lifelong Republican, Advisor to Reagan, Endorses Obama (video)
  161. Iraqi PM backs Obama troop exit plan
  162. Another lose for McCain
  163. Another problem in Iraq linked to....Dick Cheney?
  164. You kidding me? People actually want this guy as President? Iraq-Pakistan border?
  165. McCain's Pastor thinks Islam is evil and violent and unAmerican
  166. Bob Barr: The "magic honkey?"
  167. Taking al Qaida's big guns to trial
  168. Rally_Wannabe and KingGalantVr4: Some Questions
  169. If you're not doing anything wrong, you don't have anything to worry about.
  170. The AT&T Democratic National Convention
  171. brilliant political conspiracy or subtle play on a familiar logo?
  172. Closing on 3 months 'til the election; when will the Terror Alert Level start around?
  173. Irony: McCain Oil Rig Photo Op Canceled Due to Weather....oh and a massive oil Spill
  174. McCain..Looking for New Enemies
  175. Rockstar or presidential candidate?
  176. Russia 'may use Cuba to refuel nuclear bombers
  177. What's the Matter with Kansas?: How Conservatives Won the Heart of America
  178. Previously secret torture memo released
  179. Reagan 08
  180. The War on Terror, how would you change it?
  181. Are you Ready!?
  182. Political Junkies Check In Here!
  183. OFFICIAL: White House, Bush setting agenda on Fox News
  184. Chris W. Cox tells it like it is about the Elite Ruling Class
  185. What Obama's visit to Afghanistan was REALLY like..
  186. Bush administration projects record 2009 deficit
  187. Police: Man shot churchgoers over liberal views
  188. Justice Department audit says politics affected hirings
  189. Another republican going down a series of tubes....Ted Stevens INDICTED
  190. Presidential Candidate's proposed TAX Plan
  191. Perception: Is McCain always blasting Obama on air?
  192. Southern town proud of its mandatory gun law- not so fast
  193. Legislators aim to snuff out penalties for pot use
  194. Israeli PM Olmert finally crushed
  195. Independant states.
  196. Interesting quote from a highly celebrated democrat (liberal) president.
  197. Political stances on abortion - I just don't get it
  198. Demographics of Abortion - simple question
  199. This cong mike rogers. Please stand up for an american made energy!!
  200. Proof that not all blacks are for Obama. Hecklers get a word instead of a taser.
  201. Pelosi officially does not give a ****!
  202. No thread about Oliver Stone's new 'W' movie ?
  203. A thoughtful argument for the prohibition of drugs: Is it out there?
  204. Obama caves again
  205. Obama backs away from McCain's debate challenge
  206. Interesting article after this last weeks campaign turns
  207. Obama...THE
  208. Who is more likely to shout out...
  209. Rasmussen Report has McCain winning in polls
  210. Have your political views changed as a result of political debate?
  211. McCain on car care
  212. Obama Leads by over 100 electoral votes - Independent Groups
  213. DHS Laptop search policies revealed
  214. ohhh really? "CIA link letter"
  215. Liberal Spending, No Social Perks: Call It Neo-Neoconservativism
  216. France accused in Rwanda genocide
  217. McCain Huddles With Marshall Team
  218. Bush redefines incompetence once again...and we are paying for it dearly.
  219. Obama's oil ads run out of gas... which might turn into a good thing
  220. Israel threatens Russia
  221. Rightwingers: Stupid or Joking?
  222. Ann Coulter
  223. Pickens' plan
  224. Russia vs Georgia
  225. McCain has finally outdone the "Willie Horton Ad" - calling Obama the "Anti-christ
  226. John Edwards for VP!
  227. Want to learn about oil? Tonight only 7p and 9p EST on CNN HLN
  228. Anyone else here heard of the "New World Order"
  229. Political Playground
  230. Do you believe you are born with an inalienable right to someone Else's stuff?
  231. I'm going to punch someone in the face...
  232. Cheney orders forged document linking Saddam and 9/11
  233. We already have socialized medicine. So what's the big deal?
  234. Endangered Species Act
  235. Republicans For Obama
  236. Greenspan's comments on the housing crisis, predicts rebound next year
  237. When did PP become Media Matters and daily KOS penis extensions?
  238. US response to South Ossetia conflict
  239. Subject: Is Mccain Secretly A Woman...or Even Worse?
  240. is cjfike serious or just a troll?
  241. Condaleezza Rice on Russia/Georgia
  242. GWB's lasting damage
  243. Why Bill Gwatney death pulled from media?
  244. Woot! Russia wants to play Global Thermonuclear War!
  245. IMHO: McCain will win. And here's why.
  246. 9 Tips for Dangerous Times
  247. McCain ahead in new polls
  248. I'm voting...
  249. Democats comments on the war
  250. Unfunded liabilities will kick our A$$