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  1. McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns.
  2. Did Cheney make who is going to be the VP candidates more important of an issue ?
  3. God Bless America....????
  4. Evan Bayh house webcam.....
  5. Why I hate the NRA...
  6. Houston, we have a problem.
  7. Obama's brother
  8. why are so many of you morons?
  9. Obama & Biden
  10. It's Biden!
  11. McCain's VP
  12. Diebold actually admits the voting machines are faulty
  13. Lets learn more about Joe Biden
  14. Obama tax plan... the truth.
  15. Cheney's Staff being investigated over fabricated intelligence documents
  16. Iraq 'deal' on 2011 troop pullout
  17. attempt to assasainate obama
  18. McCain up some more
  19. pigs at the trough
  20. 600 Detained By ICE Today
  21. Did anybody catch McCain's Olympics commerical?
  22. A Vote for McCain is a Vote for WAR with Iran
  23. Can anyone explain this contradiction?
  24. Teh Supreme Court
  25. Obama's gonna get us killed...
  26. Obama, McCain, or X?
  27. Ron Paul is endorsing WHO? for president
  28. Poll/Discussion: Obama's acceptance speech
  29. Diebold voting machines don't allow write ins?
  30. Why were we censored from hearing this?.....Ms.Rice?
  31. Palin for V.P.!
  32. KUDOS to McCain !
  33. Tsunami John
  34. New election poal
  35. Who do you think will win?
  36. what is it exactly that the VP does every day?
  37. And the first major long term oil contract in Iraq goes to...
  38. I stumbled on a stunning disconnect between the major media version of election...
  39. Putin: America is provoking wars for political gain
  40. New Orleans and Hypocrisy
  41. Anyone from the Netherlands........
  42. Palin's own mother-in-law is for Obama and doesn't know what she brings to the table!
  43. reality of Obama spendiong from
  44. Ok so she is pregnant
  45. PP Censorship?
  46. Republicans Spurn McCain, Bush in Opposing Financial Bailouts
  47. The bloggerís energy tax
  48. Obama: I Have More Executive Experience Than Palin
  49. Members of 'Fringe' Alaskan Independence Party Say Palin Was a Member in 90s
  50. 8 Reasons Sarah Palin is More Qualified than Barack Obama
  51. 8 Reasons Sarah Palin is More Qualified than Jesus Christ Himself
  52. Rally for the Republic going on right now
  53. John McCain's "good friend" G. Gordon Liddy
  54. Bush quietly seeks to make war powers permanent, by declaring indefinite state of war
  55. First amendment trashed as journalists body slammed, beaten and handcuffed
  56. Palin Slashed Funding for Teen Moms
  57. Whats worse pulling out the race card or the sexist card?
  58. why Obama can't close the deal from WSJ
  59. Im watching the RNC right now...
  60. Obama to interviewed by Bill O'Reilly 9/4/08
  61. McCain's age--a personal perspective
  62. Palinís Alaska: Funded by Windfall Oil Profits TAX - horrors!!!
  63. Sarah just smoked the Dems
  64. Poll/Discussion: Sarah Palin's Convention Speech
  65. Peggy Noonan: Palin pick political bull****
  66. $100 that Palin's son doesn't deploy to Iraq
  67. Daily Show - Republican's on the Gender Card
  68. Penn Jillette on the Election
  69. I dont vote...but
  70. McBama vs. America
  71. Who's Not Voting?
  72. RNC and DNC speec​hes avail​able on iTune​s if you misse​d them (Free)
  73. Community Organizers Demand Apology From Alaska Governor
  74. Poll/Discussion - McCain's speech
  75. official prediction- bristol palin will end up with a record contract
  76. A great point I heard on NPR about the topic of Palin's kids
  77. What is the Difference between John McCain and George Bush?
  78. US jobless rate near 5-year high
  79. Idiots for McCain
  80. Idiots for Obama
  81. Democrats vs Republicans?
  82. Article- Obama: "Republicans must thing you're stupid"
  83. The Silence is Deafening
  84. Why Obama looks vulnerable
  85. Global Warming is a left-wing hoax
  86. MTV Video Music Awards....
  87. Daily tracking poll. It goes up! It goes down! No matter who your for.
  88. DNC Trashing Flags
  89. Later Boys - Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews
  90. Matthews and Olbermann Removed as Election Coverage Anchors
  91. "US waves goodbye to prosperity and democracy"
  92. Dear Blowbyu24 and other brainwashed foxnews supporters
  93. Sarh Palin: Speaker of Tongues and The Second Coming!
  94. Turning your freedom over to a fascist soccer mom
  95. Dear party loyalists on PP
  96. Poor Joe Biden.
  97. Palin charged Alaska for nights spent at home, trips for kids
  98. Conservative Hip-Hop song: "Move!"
  99. Do you honestly think McCain chose the best VP candidate for the country?
  100. Ron Paul will appear on Montana's ballot this November
  101. Would you support this amendment
  102. Can someone please post a site that lists differences among the candidates?
  103. ZOMG Cindy McCain = dorifito!?
  104. Sarah Palin: The scripted Cowardly GOP Robot?
  105. About Sarah Palin
  106. I know my presidential choice...but tell me about the VPs...
  107. As Campaign Heats Up, Untruths Can Become Facts Before They're Undone
  109. Ron Paul and Ralph Nader holding press conference today
  110. 545 People. (Great essay.)
  111. Palin Derangement Syndrome - PDS
  112. Science Debate 2008
  113. Why rednecks may rule the world
  114. The OFFICAL Sarah Palin THREAD, Post it here!, Enough with all the threads!!
  115. Cindy McCain: Potential First Lady, Part Time Drifter
  116. oil again
  117. a list of political parties
  118. Bob Barr Asks Ron Paul to Run as his VP?
  119. Will Ralph Nader hand the 2008 to McCain?
  120. For those of you who always vote your party affiliation:
  121. Looking for McCain/Obama policy on NIH- Cancer Research
  122. I just bought this. Which makes me better than you.
  123. Did the Clintons undermine Kerry?
  124. Leftist Traitors and Useful Idiots...
  125. Former GOP senator calls Palin a 'cocky wacko'
  126. Chavez recalls ambassador from washington, evicts us ambassador
  127. Forget Bush doctrine. I don't think Palin knows a doctrine is....
  128. Republicans and small-town America
  129. To the 60% of Americans that are tired of voting for the lesser of two evils
  130. OMG OMG OMG McCain doesn't use a computer!!!!!
  131. The Tube has spoken: 9/11 © & John McCain can capture Osama?!
  132. McCain defends Palin's "hypothetical" book banning query
  133. Mcain, how does that foot taste?
  134. The Role of the Press is to Question the Candidates
  135. Hot, Flat, & Crowded
  136. Charlie Gibson doesn't know the Bush Doctrine
  137. Greenspan: No McCain tax cuts without reduction
  138. Charles Gibson, maroon deluxe interview of Palin
  139. Political Addiction: A Funny article no matter who you are voting for
  140. Unraveling the myth of the Straight Talk Express
  141. Obama Should Be Sweating
  142. "Party on, dudes. Drill your brains out" - Carl Hiaasen
  143. Sports and Political Affiliation
  144. Harper, Dion or Layton?
  145. Libertarians could do worse than Sarah Palin
  146. When Washington Helps al-Qaeda
  147. McCain has gone too far with his ads
  148. Lehman Brothers files for Chapter 11
  149. Raging Against Self Defense
  150. 102 Minutes that Changed America
  151. Hey...HEY, NEW YORK, come buy you're own RFID chip
  152. Double-standards get Idiots Elected in America.
  153. Oprah vs Palin
  154. McCain may not understand the economy....
  155. McCain not winning a single state that Kerry won in 2004
  156. Obama Waffles
  157. Obama Wants to Loosen Bankruptcy Laws? no....just no...
  158. The McCain Campaign Gaffe List
  159. Former HP CEO, Fiorina: "I don't think John McCain could run a major corporation."
  160. The Thrilla from Wasilla
  161. rome if falling, and we're talking about lipstick
  162. Why didn't we see the Mac/May/housing crisis coming?!
  163. Hey Pakistan!!!!
  164. OMFG MCain/Palin must not win..
  165. Gun rights for hunting: The right to arm bears!
  166. The GOP post-convention/Palin bounce is over!!!
  167. Will the Palin witchhunt be overdone?
  168. McCain's new ad - The Economy
  169. Democrats, the party of hate
  170. Biden: Wealthy Americans Must Pay More Taxes to Show Patriotism
  171. "A Conservative for Obama" - My thoughts exactly
  172. Top Republican says Palin unready
  173. Buy 'merican! .. or why Palin hates America.
  174. Mcain Fails on Spain
  175. This is Your Nation on White Privilege (Sarah Palin et al.)
  176. Somehow this seems appropriate for PP...
  177. Should Wall Street CEOs' salaries be limited?
  178. Obama's Fannie Mae "Connection"
  179. when did the economy start failing.....
  180. Palin's Pastor Problem
  181. Bush administration asks Congress for $700 billion in 'toxic mortgage' bailout
  182. Can we please stop "fixing" people's posts?
  183. Here's something we all can agree on
  184. Former Secretaries of State to next President: Get over it. Get real. Be smart
  185. The Libertarian Case for Obama
  186. Cheney Is Ordered to Preserve Records... or awaiting computer "glitch" in 3...2...1..
  187. Damn you Obama!
  188. Farakhan and Sharpton are community activists Reagan was a Governor
  189. a better black Presidential choice
  190. Election Day - Nov 4th 2008
  191. McCain: "I've bought American literally all my life and I'm proud"
  192. Wasilla (palin's town) charged rape victims for their own exams :unamused:
  193. Vice Presidential Debate Format
  194. cwb124, JRSC13, rally_wannabe = One Person?
  195. Christianity and Politics.
  196. NRA Launches
  197. "Read the Bills" Act
  198. by defintion WRX owners should not be liberals
  199. Sarah Palin's Informerical
  200. Bush Backs Unlimited Compensation For Disgraced CEOs
  201. 'I think everyone should be licensed in order to speak freely and practice religion.'
  202. Ye olde NASIOC presidential election poll part deux
  203. If Democrats were Republicans, they would totally run this ad
  204. your #1 issue?
  205. Decade worth of suppressed messages and interviews from bin Laden leaked to web
  206. Palin continues to hide from the press like a wuss!!
  207. People who haven't made up their mind in the election...
  208. semi serious thread. Tina Fey vs Sarah Palin
  209. 32 Problems with the Wall Street Bailout
  210. Michelle Obama is Amarossa from the Apprentice
  211. $700 billion bailout, lets vote!
  212. Biden to excuse self from Ticket? be replaced by Hillary?!
  213. As Capitalism Crumbles, U.S. Taxpayers Pick Up the Pieces
  214. BREAKING: McCain wants to delay debate
  215. How do we pay for a bailout?
  216. Obama and McCain holding hands
  217. Case Studies In Clueless PP Hypocrisy...
  218. McCain cancels on Letterman, and is spotted down the street. Lulz
  219. President Bush Bail Out Speach
  220. Kenyan Preacher 'lays hands' on Sarah Palin, asks Jesus for funds, protection for her
  221. Dark knight: What do you know about america and what are you hiding from us?
  222. Palin interview on CBS
  223. NO To The Paulson-Bernanke Derivatives Scam Bailout - a long read, no cliffs :(
  224. Bill Clinton on Larry King, Comments on - Bush's Bailout & Role of the Next President
  225. Interesting Take on Palin's "Corruption Free" Alaska, firsthand.
  226. China takes step to pull back from risks posed by US Financial meltdown
  227. what is Tucker Bounds' drug of choice?
  228. OCTOBER SURPRISE? Biden Dropping Out
  229. Obama whiffs at a slowly pitched softball
  230. If McCain doesn't show up for the debate, I'm done
  231. "You liberals could put a negative spin on anything!"
  232. Anatomy of a depression
  233. Do you trust your government?
  234. Who will win tomorrow's debate?
  235. How the Democrats Created the Financial Crisis
  236. Sarah Palin should terrify us all...
  237. I heart Rachel Maddow
  238. Obama runs misleading advertisements, too
  239. Palin talks to Couric - if she's lucky, few are listening (ouch)
  240. Alright, I gotta say something about this Palin/Russia thing.
  241. Obama Supporters- Obama backs up his ANTI-Gun status yet AGAIN.
  242. Place your bets here - Will there be a debate tonight?
  243. Why don't Bidens stupid remarks matter?
  244. Why is the PP flooded with anti-Democrat drivel from the same half-dozen people?
  245. Palin Accepted $25,000 in Gifts, Alaska Records Show
  246. Poll - Single Issue Voting
  247. Who has credibility regarding the Bailouts?
  248. How are you positioning your investments?
  249. Mint halts sale of 'dead metal' (gold coins)
  250. Why aren't any of the other presidential cannidates invited to this debate?