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  1. The US House of Representatives voted 388-to-3 in favor of H.R. 347 (Trespass Act)
  2. *knock knock It's me Fannie again, I need more money!
  3. Should drivers be required to speak english?
  4. Fox news.....its working!
  5. The election poll to end all election polls.
  6. Still not convinced that conservatives are jamming their fatih down your throat?
  7. Andrew Beitbart Assassinated by Obama Hit Squad
  8. About ****ing time: Judge Rules Against Illinois Ban on Recording Police Officers
  9. Who in PP believes that everyone on the right is homophobic, xenophobic, racist, etc?
  10. Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel
  11. HR 347 Makes Free Speech a Felony...or wait, what?
  12. Kasich turns down federal disaster aid
  13. The Vetting, Part 1: Barack's Love Song To Alinsky
  14. teh peepee celebrates super tuesday
  15. What's The Difference Between a Republican and a Democrat?
  16. Mandatory College Dorm for Freshmen = Big $ for Local Gov?
  17. Conservatives won't have Dennis K. kick around anymore...probably?
  18. Still not convinced that Liberals like killing babies?
  19. Panetta: 'International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission For Military Acti
  20. How do you qualify/quantify the cost of war from a mental health perspective?
  21. GOP Cribs (a little old, but good)
  22. 218 Accomplishments of Obama
  23. Extremist
  24. What is the optimum population for a nation?
  25. good fear mongering websites? both Dem and Repub
  26. $3M awarded to couple for "Wrongful Birth" lawsuit
  27. Youngstown Rocks: Is Fracking Causing Earthquakes in Ohio?
  28. Cast Lead 2 in the Works?
  29. US soldier kills several unarmed Afghan civilians
  30. Meir Dagan ex Mossad leader say Iran is rational is agianst strike.
  31. Ronald Wilson Reagan; FBI informant
  32. Solar power ramps up in USA
  33. Bachmann - Still Crazy
  34. President Obama speaks out against China's lock on rare earth metals
  35. release baby release!
  36. US to release oil from the SPR?
  37. US Senate dumps wind energy subsidy in Wyoming
  38. Bender to electorate, "Bite my shinny metal ass".
  39. Has the label "domestic terrorism" gone too far?
  40. No thread for 'Game Change' movie on HBO?
  41. Martial Law
  42. Unarmed Trayvon Martin, shot and killed by George Zimmerman.
  43. PP's editorial thread
  44. Sweden moving towards cashless economy
  45. Three Pinocchios
  46. Obama's daughter goes to Mexico for spring break
  47. Obama has now run up more debt in 3 years than Bush did in 8
  48. Foxconn's Gross Human Rights Abuses
  49. End of the Road (movie)
  50. Republicans vote to eliminate cost controls for Medicare
  51. Teen Set on Fire in Racial Attack; Media Silent
  52. Liar
  53. Rick Santorum found in church bathroom having sex with underage boy.
  54. What rule of Law?
  55. Martha Johnson steps down - GSA Administrator
  56. So, are we ignoring the GOP(house) latest budget?
  57. No F-35's for you
  58. (JOBS) Act signed into law today. Pros and Cons
  59. Sgt. Gary Stein discharged from Marines for anti-Obama comments
  60. Tax the rich . . .
  61. Texts From Hillary
  62. Racism: It's okay if you're a Democrat.
  63. Voldermort works for JP Morgan
  64. Voter I.D. Laws?? Nah, we don't need them.
  65. Romney vice presidential speculation thread with poll
  66. "Buffet rule" the tax on the super-rich
  67. What if Oil currency changed from USD to...?
  68. Newt Gingrich: ‘CNN is less biased than Fox’
  69. RomneyCare vs. ObamaCare
  70. Cuomo issues ececutive order to set up health insurance exchange
  71. Democratic strategist insults women, backpedalling ensues
  72. More push for a nanny state
  73. Failure to Launch
  74. Battle for the internets
  75. Gingrich bitten by penguin egged on by the liberal media
  76. hey poison, what's going on here?
  77. Secret Service members have their members serviced
  78. The World Tomorrow
  79. Qatar
  80. Sociopaths are running our fascist kakistocracy, what else is new?
  81. The Secret Drone War
  82. "two douzen F500 companies didn't pay tax in 2011" - Daily Kos
  83. War on Comedy?
  84. Liberal media loves Obama
  85. SPC Jesse Thorsen reprimanded by Army for speaking at Ron Paul event in uniform
  86. DHS orders 450 million rounds of hollow points from ATK
  87. Bill Daley: Lets fix congress.
  88. Waterloo, 1-term POTUS, fillabuster everything. GOP: day 1 agenda
  89. The End of Pax Americana: How Western Decline Became Inevitible
  90. Arizona: Bravely defending us against the "occult" of sustainability
  91. Biden, not even once.
  92. Robert Wenzel's speech at the NY Fed.
  93. For first time since Depression, more Mexicans leave U.S. than enter
  94. Obesity
  95. spOILed
  96. ICE Agents caught in huge scam and charged with fraud
  97. Squirrel, i mean Jesse Jackson, why you no care about Jamiel Shaw?
  98. GA lottery
  99. Political Party Interview (For School)
  100. Police Misconduct incident #infinity
  101. Dick Lugar
  102. time to move yo $$
  103. Top Republican Pollster Tells GOP to Support Gay Marriage or Else
  104. Project Camelot
  105. Good job humans
  106. Amash-Smith ammendment to 2013 NDAA
  107. Just when you think Wall Street can't get any lower.
  108. Want jobs? Elect Democrats.
  109. Bob Marshall(R) Who Opposed Gay Nominee: 'Sodomy Is Not A Civil right'
  110. Meet the new Ted Kaczynski. (this guy has the lulz...)
  111. Too Hot for TED: Income Inequality or Rich people DONT create jobs
  112. dumping on clean energy, one chinese solar panel at a time
  113. dumping on clean energy, one chinese solar panel at a time
  114. 3 OWS/Anti-NATO leftists in Chicago arrested for plotting to blow up Obama CampaignHQ
  115. UC San Diego student forgotten in DEA cell for 5 days
  116. The Ex-Patriot Act
  117. Misinformed Population
  118. Facebook IPO fail, Wall Street ramifications, Silicon Valley etc...
  119. What happed to kony 2012
  120. 2012 presidential election poll
  121. Wisconsin man avoids jail by agreeing to have his Nissan Skylines crushed
  122. California 9/11 license plate funds used to shore up deficit
  123. NYC's Sugary Drink Ban -or- Allergies Suck
  124. Illinois Senator head assplode
  125. Proof that regulation is killing the free market
  126. Edwards goes free, and corruption will continue.
  127. All your Internets may soon be the U.N.'s
  128. Strategic, Economic Crises Edging Closer in a World Without Leadership
  129. China Arrests Tiananmen Activists, Redefines Irony
  130. Dems that care about the economy should vote Romney
  131. I just hung out with Michael Ware for an hour
  132. GOP Senate blocks Paycheck Fairness Act
  133. U.S. Commerce Secretary went full retard...
  134. President really has little to no impact on the nation's economy
  135. I had to pop a cop in Indy... And it was completely legal. IBmovetoPP
  136. Does Obama's race hurt him or help him?
  137. North Dakota votes to ban property taxes next week
  138. Lucille and Mitt
  139. Michigan to D women, **** and get back in the kitchen
  140. 5 Big Supreme Court Decisions: June 25
  141. An economic discussion on the "Student Loan Bubble"
  142. Selective Truths: Obama and Romney.
  143. You know what we should try again? Mortgage Backed Securities!
  144. The American Government
  145. Sucking Up to Voters: A Guide for Presidential Candidates
  146. What can Germany do if one of the EU bailout contries defaults?
  147. Aliens Cause Global Warming
  148. US Citizens moving to 3rd world countries to retire
  149. ‘Audit the Fed’ bill advances in House
  150. Chuck Norris and gay boy scouts
  151. In favor of discrimination (obamacare thread)
  152. Getting married. Send my gifts to Obama...
  153. Libor
  154. Would you renounce US Citizenship?
  155. Islam is spreading fast in Louisiana
  156. DNA testing of inmates - yea or nay?
  157. Tax baby, Tax
  158. Copping a plea - aka, our 'Justice' system blows
  159. "So, Mitt Romney walks into a NAACP meeting, and he says..."
  160. Military Civics Fail
  161. Gun Control? What? Take it up with UN, bye bye 2nd Amendment
  162. If the EU slowdown brings down China, who will be left to finance th US deficit?
  163. Federal Funding of Diploma Mills
  164. On the no fly list, no problem become a pilot!
  165. Monday is racist?.....
  166. Americans looking a little poor, eh?
  167. 12 dead, 50 injured in shooting at Dark Knight premiere
  168. More Gov Censorship. YAY for big Gov
  169. Campaign Context, out of context
  170. Military Industrial Complex
  171. Should people have to take something like a naturalization test periodically to vote
  172. Prison Industrial Complex
  173. $222 trillion fiscal gap? Holy hell in a handbag...
  174. I Side With
  175. Utah Data Center
  176. Looks like the Govt. killed Martin Luther King
  177. warrant-less wiretapping still legal
  178. lol Obama is gay and secretly married to a Pakistani man.
  179. Trapwire
  180. The ehm... "Family Research Council" shooting
  181. The official 2012 Election Poll
  182. Legitimate Rape Victims Have 'Ways To Try To Shut That Whole Thing Down'
  183. No charges were pressed against the representative as the age of consent is 16 in MN.
  184. General Motors Is Headed For Bankruptcy -- Again
  185. SEC Approves Detailed Disclosure On 'Conflict Minerals'
  186. Texas Judge Goes Full Retard
  187. GOP <3s Women
  188. The Cheapest Generation (article link)
  189. Regulation Room (let your rants do some good)
  190. The Crackpot Caucus
  191. We're all gonna die if the other side wins this November.
  192. Question about Political Science Major
  193. The great stupidity convention
  194. Todd Akin Doubles Down on the Stupid
  195. I feel so sorry for these guys...
  196. "we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers"
  197. France opens murder case on Yasser Arafat
  198. Dolan to lead Rpblcan convention in prayer
  199. new rule to let presidential candidate veto/replace state delegates. Why?
  200. The Presidential Political Debate Jumps Accross Species.
  201. Here ya go, Q. The new SS!
  202. Are you better off now than you were four years ago?
  203. Bill Clinton Lays The Smackdown Convention
  204. Can't be friends because of what candidate you support - gay content inside
  205. Where will the national DEBT be in 2016?
  206. World Trade Center Properties LLC sues airlines
  207. Banning Corporate Profits, or Democrats can be Derps too!
  208. Question for Republicans: Constitution or Bible? Which takes precedence?
  209. just for fun watch this video...
  210. Chicago Teacher Strike
  211. NY Times 9/11 bombshell: Bush admin was warned by CIA as early as 5/1/2001
  212. Youtube pisses off teh my Egypt n' Libya
  213. Is it just a coincidence....
  214. Wtf?????
  215. Israel getting ready to act?
  216. Chinese protesters storm Japanese embassy in Beijing
  217. Our Chinese overlords have arrived with their demands
  218. Halifax mayoral race.
  219. How many EC votes will Romney get?
  220. S. 3576 cutting off foriegn aid to libya, pakistan and eygpt
  221. Obama's spending is greater than a rug
  222. I put this in OT, but.. religious studies homework, please help
  223. Welp, game over. Derpifornia is doing something.....right?
  224. Another Reason California and Democrats Sucks
  225. 10/3 Debate thread: Presidential X-Treme Juggernaut Battle Royale Ultimate Throwdown
  226. The 10/3 debate changed my vote :derp:
  227. Please walk into a door of deer (GOP vs Science again)
  228. The mighty power of The Left!
  229. How much does your governor weigh?
  230. The 2012 Venezuelan Presidential Election Thread
  231. of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1% (congressional wealth charts)
  232. 10/11 VP Debate - Let's Get Ready to Fumble!
  233. Hi employees, if the President wins again, yoar jobs might not, just sayin..
  234. Would you just close up shop and stop trying to make money?
  235. Voter Apathy and Election thresholds. What if nobody votes...
  236. EU wins Nobel Peace prize.
  237. The Reclaiming Religious Liberty Leadership Summit
  238. 10/16 Debate Thread: This time it's town hall style.
  239. F U Rubio
  240. A Tax Plan That Economists Love (And Politicians Hate)
  241. Ohio Soup Kitchen Fundraiser
  242. Obama is coming for your guns in his second term.
  243. Fox special on Benghazi attack
  244. Some Investors Open to Higher US Tax to Shave Deficit
  245. The Smoka Down in Boca: The Final Debate (10/22)
  246. Nearby Nuke Plant Turning Off-Cuz it Costs Too Much!
  247. 'Master Debaters III - Boca sucks, but not in the good way so it's The Final Fapdown'
  248. Should Mitt's religion be an issue ?
  249. U.S. to overtake Saudi Arabia in oil production
  250. Trump to announce Obama an alien @ 12