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View Full Version : Factory 2.5L Turbo Powertrain (EJ Series Factory 2.5L Turbo)

  1. Gruppe-s headers
  2. JUN Stroker kits.
  3. not in WOT when pedal is all the way what would the problem be?
  4. how to make the STi 300WHP?
  5. will this up pipe fit my sti?
  6. I think I'm done with ball bearing turbos...
  7. Invidia uppipe
  8. Fuel smell after turbo, injectors, pump.
  9. Which JDM Brand
  10. need advice from you 2.5 guys with set up
  11. Axis 2.5L shortblock swap
  12. is boost higher or lower in rainy days??
  13. Max Psi Pe1820
  14. Samco Intake Hose
  15. short blocks
  16. Perrin TMIC wont mate up with STi Y-pipe!!
  17. 04sti tops out in fifth gear between 5000- 5500rpm?
  18. 06 wrx boost mod?
  19. Which turbo inlet hose to get?
  20. SBR 20g? any feedback
  21. 2006 WRX: Downpipe with no EM a good idea?
  22. Looking for a broad power band, which turbo
  23. 06 wrx fuel cut
  24. Noise from DBW throttle body ?
  25. Downipe Support Bracket Bolt Size
  26. MY06 leaking BOV ?
  27. Will a gt35R pull hard to 9,000 Rpms
  28. will oil pressure increase in higher gears & revs??
  29. IC Weight
  30. sti ported turbo
  31. Boosting Problems in 4th 5th and 6th
  32. where to get external wastegate uppipe for aps sr55
  33. gt30r to 35r?
  34. Oil lines from Forced Performance?
  35. 55 lb/min Turbo ~ Compressor Surge ~ Stock BPV
  36. Asking the experts...Modifications Help
  37. Boost Creep solution: EM or Porting?
  38. Low budget STI turbo upgrade. GREEN?
  39. so i ordered the DSS upgraded axles
  40. Cobb Turbo back exhaust = check engine?
  41. CEL help needed.... p0137
  42. Stock replacement forged pistons... experiences?
  43. TXS shorty users, how to keep filter dry?
  44. What are you spec'ing for lash on your cam install?
  45. Need your help fellas!
  46. will an invidia downpipe mate up to a jdm rsr catback?
  47. whats wrong w\ my car
  48. Compressor Surge - Different kinds and causes
  49. I need help with my sti
  50. Gonna be buying new pistons
  51. new 06 wrx owners
  52. Invidia DP w/cat wrap or no wrap?
  53. paper cone air filters with 5" ID?
  54. APS CAI Question
  55. Stage 2 WRX Only Puts Down 214 hp? Is This True?
  56. More torque at 4,000-5,000RPM
  57. slow spooling gt-30r, HELP!
  58. I think I my car is this technician competant?
  59. Help! I can't find any loose lines or connections
  60. fujitsubo down pipe
  61. Problem with 2.5ltr HYBRID- is it cooked
  62. modifications to fit a motor made for wrx heads to sti heads?
  63. Need HELP (Metal on Metal Noise not moving in first gear in the cold) (04STI)
  64. how many miles on ur GT35 stock motor?
  65. Question about Ebay Catback Exhaust
  66. Vividracing GT35R vs. T67 turbo kits???
  67. I can't win sometimes....
  68. STi Oil pressure
  69. wow.. New shift points made a huge difference!!(STI studied my dyno sheet
  70. Tell me what exhaust I need
  71. Oil Leak and Possible Cause?
  72. Turboback opinion
  73. Just got a 04' STI, some technical newbie questions...
  74. Perrin header?
  75. Head or No Head
  76. 2005 STI acting funny after mods :D
  77. cobb catted dp vs no cat dp
  78. looking for sti part #s or website
  79. DIY 720cc JECS Injector Install
  80. Bad gas problem?
  81. twin scroll info
  82. STi Left Turn Fuel Cutout - File a Complaint with NHTSA
  83. Cobb heat shield
  84. What is the ultimate direct replacement turbo charger for an '05 STi?
  85. Header,upipe,tbe instal, HELP
  86. 06 wrx
  87. oil cooler question
  88. Oil cooler raise oil press?
  89. 04 STI Problems
  90. Turbo Oil Feed Flare ?
  91. MadDad downpipe top section pics
  92. MadDad downpipe, lower section pics
  93. B&B 3" exhaust pics
  94. New bolt on option
  95. gt35r
  96. new axles arrived
  97. Rpm's Rise In Gear?
  98. Built Motor Compression test
  99. Problem with Samco turbo inlet hose. Some electrical thing
  100. I swear it's a new turbo question...atleast barely mentioned before
  101. Overboost with an external wastegate
  102. 3" inlet sz55 or 3" fp green?
  103. is 11.5 A/F ratio too lean?
  104. STi Strut Set???
  105. Oil leak questions w/pics
  106. GT35r 1.06a/r ,on a Built 2.8L block
  107. Injector O-Ring size
  108. Those of u with td06-20g or 18g on sti-in 4th gear at what rpm do u hit full boost?
  109. service manuals?
  110. Exhaust Cutout
  111. no maf help
  112. APS Equal Length Split Pulse Headers
  113. '06 STi equal length headers
  114. '06 STi equal length headers, questions
  115. Swap possibilities and turbo choice
  116. UTEC & Alcohol injection
  117. Where to put 06 STI catch can??
  118. anyone useing DPR AVCS cams wanna chime in on how its going?
  119. Build engine questions
  120. Confused? About what uses which EJ25T blocks
  121. sc6152s
  122. Sourcing connectors for Nismo!
  123. GeNOME question
  124. Does this STi intake work on an regular WRX?
  125. Aftermarket Parts for 06 Outback?
  126. Switching to cams that disable AVCS
  127. STi pink injectors in 06 WRX
  128. BPM MKIII TBE on 06 WRX
  129. Bolting different brand exhaust componants?
  130. New STI FMIC with more frontal cooling area
  131. Godspeed SS oil feed line question
  132. two months latter and its here
  133. WRX Cams in STi Heads
  134. Cosworth 2.5L head
  135. Any 06 WRX Tuner Ready
  136. 2.0 Perrin Fuel Rails on a 2.5
  137. Rotated throttle body--not manifold
  138. Any Anti-Lag kits available?
  139. What 05 STi parts will fit on an 02 bugeye WRX
  140. Hard to start after getting gas
  141. VF-23 upgrade?
  142. EJ257 crank....forged, or billet?
  143. Selling 02 WRX STG4+FMIC, buy 04 STI?
  144. injector comparisons?
  145. Weak 2006 STI pitch mounts? Pics!
  146. Modding, not so simple sometimes.
  147. Perrin Exhaust Question
  148. semi-pre bent intercooler pipings?
  149. which pistons and which clutch
  150. Who makes an exhaust that fits the 06 STI??
  151. Walbro ... good bad?
  152. Piston/Rod Info + Opinion needed
  153. Here are my modest SR 55 numbers.....
  154. Got an Sti a few questions
  155. New Oil Filter leaks?
  156. Running Lean Under Boost
  157. difficulty cranking motor...
  158. Element GT65 Turbo Kit?
  159. Anyone got stock STI axleback laying around? Need a favour
  160. sti short ram or drop in filter?
  161. Detonation in 2006 STI???
  162. ?s about aps' new headers???
  163. 06 WRX Drag times
  164. SPT Catback for 2006 STI
  165. Need some feed back on what i should be aming for
  166. what size turbo ?
  167. Nismo injectors
  168. question about borla xr-1
  169. CEL fix at ECU??
  170. TO4Z on an 2.5 swap
  171. STI safe to drive?
  172. Boost coming on late?
  173. 2.5 knocking issue
  174. Uneducated in exhaust fitment: help with 2.5" stromung exhaust to helix dp fitment
  175. How much WHP is the 06 WRX good for on stock turbo?
  176. Any rotated setups use the GT3040R?
  177. Would it fit?
  178. Mechanical CEL fix?
  179. Downpipe size/
  180. Your favorite turboback exhaust setup at the right price?
  181. *** do I do about my Buddy Club exhaust!!!! Need help now!
  182. whats up with my turbo?
  183. Manual Boost Controller
  184. APS Exhaust, please help
  186. STi Short SHifter, did I get hosed?
  187. Cobb heatshield: detailed pics w/black thermal coating
  188. Will This Work ????
  189. jethot or swaintech?
  190. help needed on GT35R, thanks!
  191. funny idle help?
  192. Normal gauge Readings for 05 STI?
  193. Megan Racing Headers?
  194. Got a Ligh Today
  195. APS short ram (maf safe) vs. K&N Typhoon (wrinkle red for sti)
  196. 05 STI problem
  197. Spearco TMIC > TurboXS TMIC or vice versa?
  198. What is the difference between a standard STI shortblock and a Crawford S2 shortblock
  199. Project STi, AXIS motor
  200. Turbocharging a 2.5 RS
  201. Exhaust Suggestions for 2006 STi
  202. STI wont start
  203. Xotic tuned '04 STi w/ CB 277hp/314tq
  204. 04 STI brake's problem
  205. different boost reading??
  206. Anyone hearing about Perrin's reverse intake kit???
  207. Stage 3 from Godspeedinc...
  208. What to do about too much boost?
  209. Helix Downpipe question
  210. stock turbo wrap?
  211. Apexi AVC-R w/ EWG
  212. what pressure hoses connect to the turbo?
  213. The Ultimate Head Setup
  214. Possible 04 sti problem.... Help!
  215. Removing cat Saturday
  216. STi Injector Flow Rate?
  217. Legacy GT Mods
  218. Sti is misfiring.
  219. About FP20G and DB20G
  220. downpipe...
  221. Reversed Manifold- Kit Ideas
  222. CEL Code
  223. Rev limit of stock internals
  224. 05 STi fuel cut in 6th gear pulls
  225. cheaper for invidia G200 exhaust?
  226. 2000 miles, ticking begins....
  227. Exaust
  228. Built blocks and knock tuning
  229. just heard someone with an evo9mr say this
  230. help with this downpipe..?
  231. Just got my used 04 sti w/ 24k, has that usual rear suspension problem
  232. missshifted! potential damage?
  233. Rough idle on 04 Turbo motors (2.5L) TSB
  234. how much would you..
  235. Ideas on my head porting project... posted in 2.0 too...
  236. What is the VF39 wastegate actuator PSI set at stock from the factory?
  237. Help! Installed DP, AP Stage 2 and no boost, stalls!
  238. APS DR725 Cracked WTH?!??!
  239. How much power from DB 20g?
  240. Need some input on filters!! intake silencer delete and boost controller!!
  241. idiot oil change people overfilled...didn't drain it all out plus added 5 quarts
  242. Will standalone affect my DCCD.
  243. Rod and main bearings oil clearance
  244. Just purchased crawford block what turbo setup should i get??
  245. prices for STi parts?
  246. Exact difference between APS R1 and R2 exhausts?
  247. 2006 WRX question
  248. Perrin Downpipe on STI 2006
  249. Perrin Fuel Rail Problems
  250. '05 STI Intake Upgrade Help