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  1. Our Own STI Forum
  2. New parts for the Forester
  3. STi silicon hose ?'s
  4. Data gathering on blown EJ257's
  5. stock sti - vibration in 5th/6th
  6. Greddy Profec setting problems
  7. took the sti in for trans grind today and...
  8. New Engine Probs for STI?
  9. Low tranny fluid straight from the dealership.
  10. Mixing Engine oil?
  11. im sure its been beatin to death but my search turned up nothing
  12. Mod day
  13. what happens to the sti at 150mph?
  14. I have finally driven the impressions and questions on modding...
  15. Which parts are Interchangeable with STi?
  16. VF22 + TBE + MBC - Eng MGMT = ??
  17. borla headers
  18. flow of stock exhaust?
  19. Deadbolt prepared VF39 + TurboXS stealth + stock ECU
  20. ran out of gas
  21. reset ecu after TBE install?
  22. 290whp/350bhp Forester XT
  23. flames
  24. New STI
  25. STi on the Autobahn after rear sway bar/strut bar
  26. STI egt
  27. God GT25R kit Specs?
  28. Fujitsubo Legalis Viable ..hmmmmm
  29. Need advice with XT mods
  30. Cobb Acessport ECU Firm release date
  31. CEL & blinking cruise light
  32. What can be expected with just a downpipe
  33. Input? Turbo XS' Shorty Intake system
  34. Apex'i N1 for STi? Availability?
  35. Built motor? Check in here
  36. Thinking about an APS catback for your STI? Read this first.
  37. great news, K&N has made an sti intake,10+hp
  38. TurboXS std muffler: does it mount straight or angled?
  39. How can I get higher boost??
  40. Which boost controller for '04 STi?
  41. Where to get STI spark plugs?
  42. Oil pressure ?
  43. impreza 2.5rs
  44. ...
  45. running 110 octane on a stock STi?
  46. STi Turbo back exaust size?
  47. Dealing with intercooler sprayer bottle freezing on Sti
  48. Cobb DP for STI
  49. Twin TURBO!!!!
  50. What makes the STi sound so low and full of bass?
  51. samco bov hose fit the sti?
  52. I did search, but i couldn't find an answer.
  53. Which turbo can make 350awhp on 93 octane
  54. Cel fix quick answer pls~~
  55. Intake for STI?
  56. STI Catback on WRX
  57. Turbo XS UTEC
  58. Cobb Catback
  59. Ah I didnt know anyone came out with a chip for the STI?
  60. What to do first for cheap?
  61. VF39 specs
  62. flyin high in the skie
  63. Looking for opinions
  64. info for 05 sti?
  65. anyone with FMIC
  66. Pic Request Please Help
  67. Installed Catback...Having problems!!
  68. Boost Creep Returns
  69. Well, it didn't break yet. ;) (427whp on STI block)
  70. oil catch can
  71. EJ257 hybrid possible headgasket trouble
  72. Help with removal of injectors !!!!!!!!!
  73. Will a catless exhaust harmful to the muffler??
  74. Redlined by accident...Very worried!
  75. Oil Consumption
  76. ok, so how many rpms have you hit?
  77. Removal Of Ecu
  78. Utility I have been working on
  79. I heard some negative stuff about garret GT turbos
  80. Perrin 02 Simulator
  81. Turbo timer
  82. 320 whp 300 tq on the stock turbo
  83. New STi threw the alternator belt
  84. How could SOA tell I had a UTEC on my STi?
  85. if u know subarus pleases help
  86. STi turbo back and uppipe on FXT?
  87. Ordering a black sti. What basic mods to raise boost?
  88. STi shudder
  89. Confused between down pipe and cat back
  90. Prodrive center pipe for STi
  91. Prodrive
  92. STi boost creep, with just a catback?
  93. '04 STI DP , I need answer
  94. Basically stock w/Blitz SBC... do I need to get a BOV?
  95. STi owners: how many miles per tank? (stock STi's only)
  96. EJ20 style perrin fuel rails for an sti?
  97. How rich is dangerous?
  98. STI performance muffler
  99. STi mods
  100. Help! oil in the intercooler
  101. Engine Management
  102. Installed a VF34 today...
  103. Just put N1 catback on ST-i, Love It
  104. Knock pingaping knock pingaping
  105. catback: straight or S-bend?
  106. Header Dyno with TBE?
  107. APS and Perring FMIC's
  108. Pulling the motor?? Compared to other cars??
  109. Prodrive axel back on an Sti
  110. Moving up to STI
  111. STI owners read: FS: GOLD BBS (1)
  112. xxceleration, anyone familiar with?
  113. Another idea to combat boost creep on STi...
  114. experience w/ gt30r 56,84 trims
  115. Quiet exahust?
  116. Walbro Fuel Pump w/o tuning
  117. want see pictures STi motor pulled, everything in-tac. Anyone
  118. spittin fire...
  119. Anyone have experience with turbos running clipped turbine wheels?
  120. Anyone w/ STi Vishnu stage 1 in Boston area?
  121. k&n's new system is on the sti today!
  122. Need help identifiying speed sensor wire on harness
  123. STi owners: Who wants a FREE S.P.E.C Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel
  124. Annoying I/C water spray light.
  125. Forester XT can be faster than STi
  126. 50/50 BOVs
  127. Next Step up turbo for sti???
  128. want e-mannage what will i need to work on a STI
  129. Aps Cai
  130. Engine Break-in
  131. STi trigger info same as wrx?
  132. anyone pump a fuel pump in ther STI
  133. RFL BOV problems
  134. Has anyone found the limits of the stock fuel pump yet?
  135. VF-39 removal help
  136. Drive by wire throttle
  137. Anyone have XEDE tuned with Perrin's big MAF?
  138. To all STI owners that did a compression test
  139. STi ECU Transmission
  140. weird idle problem I can't figure out!
  141. Samco Radiator Hoses
  142. Modded STI ARE SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  143. Vishnu STi Stage 2
  144. GT3540 Anyone try one yet?
  145. headers ? who thinks blah
  146. anyone have XT service manual pdfs?
  147. tial wastegates
  148. STi boost creep caused by flapper not opening enough??
  149. Modded STI's Are Sick! - look one exclamation point
  150. STi wiring help
  151. egt install
  152. '04 STi (stock) engine oil analysis report at 7,323 miles.
  153. Sti Bov
  154. PSI Question
  155. OIL for STI?
  156. Anyone running a PE1820 on their STI?
  157. Stock boost gauge - mine reads low, or not
  158. header=cel
  159. Blueprint and balancing
  160. intercooler bypass valve question..
  161. Cusco STI only rear sway bar?
  162. STi Power Cutting Out on Turns
  163. Another Migration
  164. Oh very sad day...
  165. Best Intercooler Design
  166. When buying a used STI...
  167. Installing TXS TBE Exhaust - Few Questions...
  168. uppipe necessary?
  169. Blitz SUS intake problem
  170. sti lowering spring options
  171. MSPT Power Package for STi
  172. STi vs Evo Exhaust Note
  173. Dyno results>>>
  174. ECU Reflashes for the STi
  175. RFL BOV Questions
  176. JDM VER.8 forester STI 2.5 heads (PIC)
  177. 3/16" mod
  178. oil squirters?
  179. New STi Turbo Kit
  180. Popped the Motor
  181. Question About Availability of STi Service Manual
  182. Octane Rating
  183. some general help with STI
  184. Wooho Installed yeah baby
  185. Tsudo Catback Exhaust
  186. Exhaust-less STi? Any problems with doing this?
  187. STI ECU on XT
  188. K&n
  189. Installing a 2-step in an STi????
  190. Intake question
  191. ARC induction box in STI
  192. STi Owners: Who here is making POWER and hasn't popped the motor?
  193. Catless DP=more audible ping???
  194. HKS downpipe
  195. STI OEM uppipe
  196. For those of you that want the perrin injector mod.....
  197. ID of stock STi Exhaust
  198. JDM 2.5 close ups and install
  199. STi ECU MAP
  200. bout machtane
  201. Top Speed of STi
  202. Paging God (Dan)
  203. Real Real Basic question
  204. Spraying the STi
  205. rsr exhaust fitment
  206. Interesting GT turbo I stumbled on
  207. Oil Catch works
  208. Turbo XS exhaust?
  209. Basic (cheap) motor build?
  210. HELP! EBC Install on 04 STi
  211. Wastegate porting specifics
  212. some question about the set up my friend is getting
  213. Those with Perrin turbo inlet hose......
  214. Price for stock STI short block @ Dealer
  215. Oil Catch Can Install on 04 STi
  216. Vishnu Signature Series Exhaust on my STi
  217. PArts help??????
  218. anyone have a decent Stock STi dyno plot to share?
  219. Sti Power Packages
  220. WHAT? Sti "Special Oil Filter"
  221. HKS BOV n00b question
  222. 20G or a Green for a USDM STI
  223. pe 1820 on sti
  224. oes anyone make a cat-back test pipe?
  225. TBE with Race Pipe?
  226. Took some pics of A GP MOTO header and exhaust install on a STI.... check it out.
  227. Ti exhaust - few questions
  228. Turboback Exhaust
  229. best catback exhaust for sti
  230. Favorite BOV -poll-
  231. STI Motor
  232. titanium catback's
  233. favorite catback
  234. Help....????? very low mpg
  235. exhaust choices
  236. PE 650 INJECTORS OK with 18g?
  237. "Basic" upgrades for STi - or a help with search keywords?
  238. switch to a utec ? are you
  239. Exhaust
  240. To spray or not to spray?
  241. vishnu or cobb TBE
  242. sti fuel system
  243. FP Green info............
  244. Who is running modded injectors?
  245. DIY porting the wastegate
  246. Compressor Surge sound and FMICs
  247. Greddy EVO question...
  248. VISHNU Stage 2 GT450 BB turbo pics...
  249. Cobb Turbo Back System?
  250. Anyone have APS 3.5" sound clips?