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  1. Detonation/pinging with stock STi?
  2. STi: Exhuast supposed to be getting louder????
  3. STi ECM update released (ping fix)
  4. need help with catchcan
  5. Help me pick a turbo for my STi
  6. 370BHP? Vishnu Stage 1 STI Prelim Dyno Results
  7. STi: TurboXS exhaust melted my bumper
  8. STi Detonation cause
  9. STi: Ping after reflash
  10. Blitz BOV...
  11. Torco Race fuel Concentrate
  12. STi ecu diagram?
  13. STi: Loud ticking when car sat all weekend
  14. STi: fuel cut or hesitation in hard 90 degree left-hand turns
  15. STi: APS got 311 hp at the crank stock!
  16. Serious Q.. which thread...
  17. STi axleback exhaust vs Greddy
  18. US STi timing
  19. Bosal downpipe on the STi?
  20. Cams for the USDM STi?
  21. Anybody tried to put TXS TMIC on STI yet??
  22. Bellmouth vs. Split Collector?
  23. Sticking to one kind of gas for STi??
  24. APS says WRX turbos do not fit?
  25. first ping today
  26. STI IC piping
  27. Vishnu STI
  28. Forester Turbo Dyno'd
  29. ESX has a Top Mount to fit STI
  30. Sti Exhaust Gains vs. Noise Levels
  31. turbo xs mega bellmouth
  32. build dates and ECU reflash?
  33. Loosing Boost w/o Intake Silencer
  34. cleaning bugs etc. off intercooler
  35. Downpipe shopping for my STi
  36. STi normal noise (whine)
  37. Who can high flow STI injectors
  38. request HKS BOV pic !
  39. Why my STi is spiking so badly?
  40. Overboosted in STI??
  41. what is the max boost the sti can hold
  42. 850cc injectors
  43. FMIC Protector/guard
  44. 12s while boostcutting w/ downpipe/greddy evo
  45. WRX Wastegate on a XT?
  46. STi Spec-C exhaust manifold?????
  47. STi: shifter vibrates when in gear?
  48. MBC and partial throttle full boost question(s)
  49. More aggressive cams
  50. sti ecu reflash
  51. World One Project STI update: Advan TCIIs in 18" and suspension bits by Do-Luck-USA
  52. STi: after many threads, question now is whether to reflash or not
  53. Do the STI's have clutch shudder too?
  54. potential of the STi block?
  55. STi shortblock....
  56. Perrin catch can and 04 wrx
  57. STI: Subaru Turbo Upgrade
  58. downpipe recommendations
  59. APS quickly catching-up with GOD and Vishnu...
  60. Got some more HP from my STi today
  61. Injector sizing
  62. CF Hood/Trunk for STi
  63. Check Engine Light and Cruise Light Blinking
  64. sticking to one octane level ?
  65. How much boost is your STi making? mods
  66. Warranty void mods?
  67. Does an intake on a turbo car actually make any difference?
  68. what exhausts are you guys running
  69. New to the Crew
  70. Dealer filled new car with Reg. unleaded
  71. STI is in, my turn is here...make offer for the spot
  72. Speedometer off
  73. header installed Pics
  74. Knock Link
  75. IC Upgrades for XT?
  76. STi Turbo size vs WRX-XT
  77. about the stock STi intercooler~
  78. Does WRX Uppipe fit STi?
  79. Subaru re-flashed ECU dynoed at Vishnu
  80. Sti Dyno Plots
  81. STi vs. C55 AMG??
  82. Stage 1 kits and emissions.
  83. Dumb question - injectors
  84. Stromung Intermediate Section
  85. My first and last experience with World One and TurboXS (RE: Melted Bumper)
  86. Turboback w/ 3" cat in midpipe?
  87. Boosting 19PSI with intake/exhaust, help
  88. Build date for STi with ECU reflash?
  89. TurboXS Stealth-back catalytic converter failure
  90. SCC exhaust shootout compiled...I have too much time!
  91. turboxs turbo back vs aps turbo back
  92. Is using the EJ257 as a replacment for auto-x and street driving a good idea?
  93. B&B turbo back feedback.
  94. Took my STI to the dyno today
  95. wbhp to bhp???
  96. Turbo XS Stealthback install....
  97. moved
  98. STi wideband A/F graph from my dyno
  99. Vishnu -- what is the deal with STi XEDE?
  100. Nasty clunk when going into reverse this morning
  101. Sick STi vid, APS mods
  102. STi cold engine feels rough
  103. STi shift lever a rock'n
  104. xede/utec or blitz sbc-id boost controller
  105. Stock STI muffler: Genuine $800 muffler or just a dressed up WRX one?
  106. Downpipes
  107. Exhaust Ports
  108. ne one have fix for ic hose slipping off???
  109. TurboXS Turbo back exhaust install on my STi
  110. APS DR650 FMIC pics. Tests coming soon. Warning, large pics
  111. RFL BOV on STi
  112. EVO: CSL vs. GT3 vs. Spec C
  113. STi red magnesium valve cover for the EJ207, would it fit the EJ257?
  114. XT (EJ255) fuel requirement ?
  115. Worx Tuning BOV flutter...
  116. STI 0-60 times
  117. Bov
  118. stock vs. aftermarket bov
  119. STi alternator output?
  120. Turboback- DB?
  121. New STi owner - How to get 350HP?
  122. why flex joint up pipe??
  123. Westach EGT probe hook-up questions?
  124. Helix downpipe
  125. HELP! Getting CEL on stock STi at Mid Ohio!!!
  126. STi experience to date
  127. ATTN: STi Owners San Diego Area
  128. Full Exhaust=Lost Power!!
  129. Boost pressure??
  130. STI Turbo, what type?
  131. APS Exhaust
  132. STi/Wide Band O2 Unit
  133. Wrx vs STI - BOV and Intake
  134. ? ? Sti Motor Reliability Issues ? ?
  135. .05 bar at full throttle?
  136. Pic of Blits SUS
  137. Why is the Blitz SUS better for STi's than...
  138. Moded AEM CAI
  139. Aftermarket STi fuel injectors
  140. Finally, Perrin STi TMICs with images, dimentions and details..
  141. Boost Guage problem -- Need some help
  142. APS turbo back.
  143. any negative effects of intake silencer removalon STI?
  144. Installed VF-22
  145. Com Camera Question
  146. Any Stage 4 onwers now have an STI?
  147. Weird Smell
  148. Grinding/Vibrating noise on a STI?
  149. Perrin turbo back installed on my STi
  150. MBC and ECU Reset
  151. AEM Intake installed on XT with pix
  152. Sti - Kill the AC on defrost?
  153. STi performance parts....
  154. Long day of mods...
  155. What are some rolling start times for the STi?
  156. header and uppipe install
  157. flashing cruise light but NO CEL?
  158. 2004 STi valve noise
  159. GReddy Type-S BOV
  160. 2004 STI Turbo boost gauge
  161. Part numbers needed for US spec 2.5 STI short block
  162. Samco Hoses question?
  163. help me pick my next mod!!
  164. Detonation issues on 91 octane + 8500 miles
  165. Utec or other piggybacks? When available?
  166. I/C Spray
  167. STI Rattling Sound
  168. Apex'i GT Spec Exhaust vs. HKS Hiper Catback?
  169. I/C Spray Light on when turbo spools
  170. Help!! GReddy Evo isn't fitting STI
  171. Over-torquing drain plugs...
  172. new turbo
  173. Perrin Crank Pulley...worth it?
  174. Stock WRX STi dyno figure with graph
  175. boost to hi 16.17
  176. T3
  177. High pitched noise from throttle body
  178. anyone used the cusco waterspray controller yet?
  179. GPMoto Turbo Back Exhaust
  180. Does this thing really work?
  181. Looking For Rear O2 Senser Resister setup
  182. Stock US STi Exhaust.....Ahhhh
  183. zerosports turboback exhaust
  184. zerosports turboback exhaust
  185. K&N oil filter?
  186. Sticky throttle plate? 04 STI
  187.'s your gas mileage?? mine sucks
  188. How much power is the stock STI turbo worth on Pump gas?? 93oct
  189. FP 18g
  190. Criteria for Top vs. Front Mount Intercoolers
  191. Strange Exhaust noise on stock system
  192. Synthetic Oil Use in The STi
  193. Two STis seen: who drives them?
  194. Racing Gas??
  195. help! people recirculating their hks ssqv
  196. Turbo Timing
  197. back to the intakes...
  198. dyno tie down points
  199. Anyone running the STi 2.5L block?
  200. Blown engine update#2
  201. STi consuming oil?
  202. Converting fuel injectors?
  203. Colder Temps + TBE = Fuel Cut
  204. Is there a need for a PCM mod harness?
  205. How good are the STi engines?
  206. Check out APS 11sec 411 hp
  207. 18x8.5 wheel possible?
  208. 20g Is In
  209. Oil Filter, where?
  210. safe boost w/ 93 octane?
  211. A Basic Stage 1 for the STi would be...?
  212. Dyno's and DCCD
  213. Pic Request: 18" Prodrive GC-07 on an STi
  214. STi APS DR500 Front Mount Intercooler Installed!
  215. how loud is the intake and blow off sound with the Airbox off?
  216. 18.1 Pounds Of Boost!
  217. full boost when?
  218. Alignment specs. ?
  219. Where are people mounting their EBC?
  220. HKS or MRT fuel cut defender??
  221. Downpipe with high-flow cat?
  222. Hks Bov
  223. price of sti short block?
  224. STi's weakest link
  225. SR50, more power than VF39 @ 2800rpm
  226. Carbon fiber Mirrors
  227. Turbo XS intake
  228. 2.5 rods and pistons - UK experts claim safe for only 350 crank horses only
  229. JUN headers on '04 STi?
  230. idle drop problem
  231. back again from dealer/still lights
  232. Boost Controllers Blitz SBC i-D vs. A'pexi AVC-R vs. MBC (ball valve)
  233. STi egt probe placement?
  234. Blitz FMIC on 04?
  235. Has anyone run Nitrous on the STi yet?
  236. Best mods for STi that really work?
  237. How much can you turn up the boost?
  238. Ping Fix in current build code????
  239. Critique my stock STi dyno
  240. Samco hoses
  241. Blitz SUS Q..
  242. emergency fuel pump shut-off
  243. DUMB QUESTION(chirping sound)
  244. starter problems
  245. EJ257 and 20G compressor map spreadsheets - sensible and stupid
  246. HELP, did I hurt my sti?
  247. Oil consumption/Blow-by
  248. STi Powertrain Info
  249. Is my worxtuning BOV assembled incorrectly?
  250. top feed injectors