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Im running out of ideas, I really dont want to replace the whole engine, but its looking like Ill have to do that more and more. If I find the same identical engine of which I have, Will it just bolt in or am I going to need to do some wiring harness changes or anything like that??? Will my stock ECU work also. I have a 91 Legacy Turbo LS Sedan. Thanks for your help but keep the ideas coming. Another question, if the turbo is shot, that means the turbine cant spin, which would cause there to no exhaust escape and no air intake right cus, the engine ran all the way to my house and shut down fine, then the next morning it just wouldnt start. i nursed it home which wasd only like 5 minutes away after I noticed the temp gauge, so I shut the engine down and let it coast in neutral, then started it again when i ran out of momentum, then repeated it that all the way home. I didnt add anything to the engine right away and I didnt touch anything, I shut it down and let it cool by itself. The next morning I put new spark plugs in it and it still wouldnt fire, I had it taklen to a shop where we discovered the water pump was completly shot! The pulley was right snapped off the bearing shaft.this took all the tension off my timing belt. I had a new water pump and timing belt put in, and it still wont start. with everything tightened up it just wont catch, it tries to turn over, but backfires and wont stay running, is there anything in the ECU that would prevent it from running???? Maybe it sensed the overheating and needs to be reset or something, but the more I investigate the more im leaning towards a new engine. Any help would be greatly apprecieated, I want this thing to run sooooooooooo bad. If anybody has a good source on parts too, this would be real nice, I may just need new heads or some other part instead of a whole new engine. Thanks for the help Guys. Keep on driving.
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