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Originally Posted by JCampbell
#1.) Yoko AVS ES100 235/40 17

#2.) Right in the middle: Omaha, NE

#3.) so far just commute

#4.) 90% highway

#5.) I had the Hankook K106 in the exact same size. According to the specs the Yoko is a very wide tire for its size and it appears to be. I was excited to try the ES100 since it was tested by GRM magazine as being comparable to the 'kooks. I really liked the 'kooks.
The ES's are mounted on 17x8 torques and the first thing I noticed is that they feel rock in inflated to 80psi hard. They seem to effectively double the rate of the Prodrive springs I'm riding on. In fact, I was worried driving them home from having them mounted because I thought the shop had inflated them to some ridiculous psi. Checked when I got home and they were at 35# all around.
I set the front tires to 32# and kept the rear at 35#.
The next thing I noticed is that they are loud. It's an unusual sound though, a high pitch almost-turbo whine combined with a low rumble.
Next, the tramline like a streetcar. Suddenly and unexpectedly they'll decide where you are going. I'd suspect that some of that might be from the different offset of the Torques if I had not had the same offset with the 'kooks.
The good: turn-in is crisp and right now. Again, as if they spring rates were much higher. Grip is great. Stand on the brakes and the car stops. Even when it is wet (we are having a lot of rain right now) they grip. When they decide they do not want to grip anymore the transition is smooth and uneventful. no surprises, no drama, no screeching or squealing.
I honestly think I would try one of the many other similarly priced tires out there before I'd buy the ES100s again. The grip is really, really good but the noise and ride are too harsh...even for me. I never thought I'd say that.
I have to agree with you a little on the ES100s.I have owned 2 sets,and they were both very hard-feeling.The set on my Miata tramlined horribly,but the set on my Civic wasn't as bad.They were the same size (205/45/16).I liked the grip,but the fact that they felt so hard put me off to them.I have had other low-sidewall tires that had better compliance,so I think the rubber compound they use to keep the cost down or something is at fault.Not my next choice for a daily driver,but might be good on track or with the right setup...I just don't want to chance getting another set that is like that.
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