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I know its not "good" to downshift into first but I'm interested in this post because my car "won't" downshift into first unless I'm stopped or rev-match. I almost never actually downshift to first unless I'm stopped and I know its not good for the engine and yada-yada but I want to know if its NORMAL for my 4 month old '02 RS that had 7kms on the odometer when I picked it up and has NEVER been able to willingly or easily downshift to 1st gear unless I'm stopped. Is it OUR cars that have a problem or is it MY car that has a problem. If its a common Subaru thing then I'll just continue to live with it but if not then I will pursue the matter with the dealer until it gets fixed. So let's put the question like this:

"If YOUR car would never downshift from 2nd to 1st (at any RPM) without either being at a complete stop OR rev-matching/double-clutching would you be concerned enough to pursue the matter at the dealership"

That's what I'd like to know. thanks
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