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How do I go about learning tuning? The quickest source of tuning information lies with local DIY tuning personnel. Get to know locals via your local forum. Ask for advice, tips, and see some real world tuning. Also realize that tuning can become a very personal subject and there is more than one way to get to XXX power level. An excellent example of this is the U.S. vs Japanese tuning philosophy. U.S. tuners tend to run more boost and less timing and Japanese tuners tend to run less boost and more timing. Both can create safe power using these methods; it’s just using two different methods. While this is an over simplification and a generalization, this should give you the wisdom that there are different methodologies that people have successfully used.

Source of tuning information:
a. This thread and this thread though UTEC specific, contain tuning information that may serve useful for other engine management solutions.
b. For personnel interested in advanced tuning theory, or for professionals, consider the tuning articles on as a source of information.
c. How to Tune and Modify Engine Managements Systems by Jeff Hartman is a book dedicated to tuning that may prove useful.
d. EFI University offers classes nationwide on tuning fundamentals and principles.
e. Innovate Motorsports' website not only sells tuning products, but contains a wealth of tuning information.
f. UTEC Quick Tuning Guide While UTEC specific, this contains some good tuning information. (Requires registration on to view)
g. RomRaider FAQ

What are some helpful tools to use if I want to monitor my engine’s functions? Some engine management solutions come bundled with engine monitoring software, which is an excellent way to see hard data on your tuning results. If this software does not come bundled with your engine management, consider one of the following solutions:
Simple data logger
TARI DL1 (Diagnostics Level 1) Data Logger
Scanmaster 3

What gauges/tools are important if I wish to tune my own vehicle? These are considered the "must have" tuning items:

a. Wideband O2 sensor/gauge
b. EGT gauge
c. Boost gauge

What are some other useful tuning tools?
a. Knock detection hardware
b. SMC 4 channel EGT
c. Useful tuning tools from Cobb Tuning

Editors Note

My special thanks to Trey Cobb and Daniel Ponze for their assistance in the formulation of this FAQ.

This post was created because I wasn't able to find a good engine management FAQ. I came up with the text based on LOTS of searching here. It was also created to be intentionally brand neutral so that it serves as a stepping stone for further research. Upon reading this you should have an idea of what type of engine management solution best suits your needs. The manufacturer is up to you.

If you find an error in this FAQ, please PM me with factual details and I will update this post. Responses such as, "I have XXX's engine management and it's great!" or "XXX's engine management runs too rich" are not appreciated here, that is what the Car Parts Review Forum is for.
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