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Default 2008-up Non-Navi speaker/power connector / 2008-2011 OEM Kenwood Navi HU

Starting in 2008, Subaru Impreza/WRX/STI/Outback Sport without Navi radios changed to a new 20-pin connector for speakers and power. Foresters also switched in 2009.
Note: The face of this radio (as well as the Navi) is 8" wide -- 1" wider than standard DIN (7"). The body is still standard double-DIN size (7" x 4"). This radio will not fit in previous years without significant mods to the dash.

If you replace the radio with a single- or double-DIN HU, you'll need either an aftermarket dash kit to fill the gaps, or a JDM fascia/bezel that has a standard double-DIN sized opening. See this post.
Front of non-Navi radio:

(click for larger image)
Connectors from left to right:
  • Motorola antenna jack
  • 20-pin (top) for Subaru iPod interface or satellite radio tuner. Could also be for an external CD changer (although I'm not aware of any being available).
  • 8-pin (bottom) Aux input. Also (on HU in some Foresters only) subwoofer output
  • Chassis ground lug
  • 20-pin connector for power, speakers, SWC, and CAN
Close-up of car's new-style 20-pin power/speaker harness plug:

(click for larger image)
20-pin socket on the back of a factory radio:

(click for larger image)
The connector has two rows of 9 smaller pins, plus two larger pins on the far left and right sides.

More pictures of a 2008 non-Navi radio in this post (#12)

20 pin connector pin numbers:
This is Subaru's numbering scheme for the car's harness (same orientation as above picture of car's harness plug).

Pin-out table for the radio connector, with factory wire colors for 2008 Impreza/WRX/STI and 2009 Forester

  • The radio harness in 2007-up Nissans is mostly the same as 2008-up Subarus. The harness manufacturers made their install harnesses for Nissans first, so they didn't bother coming up with a different version (or even a different part number) for Subarus.
  • None of the aftermarket harness manufacturers includes the wires for Subaru's audio Steering Wheel Controls (SWCs), CAN data bus, or Dimmer (Illumination -). In some cases they don't even include the ground wire (which the Nissan factory harness doesn't have). If you need harnesses that include all of the Illumination, SWC, and CAN wires, e-mail me for more info (click my username for link, or see my homepage).
  • On Subarus, pin 9 is for the antenna booster amplifier. However, on Nissans that use this connector, pin 9 is for OEM amplifier remote turn-on. Since Nissans came earlier, many aftermarket installation harnesses have a Blue/White wire at pin 9 (the standard color for amp turn-on). In Subarus you must connect this to a wire on your HU that will provide +12V when you're listening to AM/FM (usually a Blue wire for "power antenna"). See notes on "Antenna Control Pin" in post #2, above.
  • If you have the OEM subwoofer, be aware that its T-harness is what you'll see plugged into the back of the radio, and it has completely different colors. Follow the T-harness back deeper into the dash to find the car's radio harness. See subwoofer notes in post #4, above.

Subwoofer output

2009 Forester (and possibly other models) added a line-level subwoofer output to the radio's 8-pin connector "i86" (in addition to the pins for Aux input). The sub out is balanced (has ground, positive, and inverted signals -- NOT left/right). See previous post for new pin-out. Unlike in earlier years, the Forester rear-cargo sub has a built-in powered amplifier.

Some Subaru models have a new under-seat powered sub that takes this balanced line-level signal. Thread with pictures:
So, lets look inside this new '09 subwoofer then.
Steering Wheel Control buttons

FordNoMore measured the resistance value for each button in a thread on The values match these listed in the Subaru shop manuals:
  22 ***937;  - Mute
  90 ***937;  - Volume up
 200 ***937;  - Volume down
 360 ***937;  - Mode
 690 ***937;  - Seek up
1.15k ***937; - Seek down

4.7k ***937;  - Nothing pressed
Do you have a base model that didn't include the audio SWCs? They're not difficult to add. See this post for several links:
Installing stock steering wheel audio controls
(includes link to FordNoMore's thread on

2008-up Navi Radio

Available on 2008-up Impreza and 2009-up Forester, this is a one-piece, in-dash unit (it does not have a separate module under one of the seats, as the Legacy/Outback nav does). Like the standard (non-Navi) OEM Impreza/Forester HU, the body is double-DIN sized, but the face is 1" wider. The fold-down face hides the CD/DVD and map DVD slots.
Several more pictures are here on

A few threads with more pictures and info:
Factory NAV into non-NAV swap (on

Factory dvd navigation unit install in a non-nav MY09 Forester (on

Subio the 2009 Forester 2.5x with Upgrades Galore (posts 77-80) (on
14 pin power/speaker connector

The Navi radio continues to use the older style 14-pin harness for speakers and power (the white socket on the upper left, above the fan).

14-pin harness pin-out is here.

24 pin Navi connector

The Navi radio has a second harness with the wires for nav functions (the 24-pin connector on the upper right side). This socket includes pins for A/V in, Steering Wheel Controls, and CAN data bus.

(picture posted by Bobaru here)
Pin numbering:
             | Latch  |
 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Viewed looking at the pins-side of the car's harness (wires pointing away from you)

Pin Assignments:
Pin  Function                        Car's Color 
---  -----------------------------   ------------
 1   NC                              -
 2   NC                              -
 3   Steering Wheel Controls +       Brown
 4   Parking Brake                   Grey
 5   Reverse Gear                    Brown/Yellow
 6   CAN Low (data bus)              Light Green/Red
 7   Forester only **                *
 8   Video Input Ground              Sealed (braided shield)
 9   Aux input enable                Black/Orange
10   Aux Input - Left                Yellow
11   Subwoofer out - Audio Ground *  *
12   Subwoofer out (+ polarity) *    *

13   Video Output                    -
14   NC                              -
15   Steering Wheel Controls -       Yellow
16   +12V Ignition (Run)             Green/Yellow
17   Vehicle Speed Signal            Pink/Green
18   CAN High (data bus)             Pink
19   Video Output Ground             -
20   Video Input                     Red
21   Aux Input - Audio Ground        Sealed (braided shield)
22   Aux Input - Right               Blue
23   Subwoofer out - Amp On *        *
24   Subwoofer out (inverted) *      *
The above factory colors are from the 2008 Impreza/WRX/STI (and are the same through 2011 Imprezas). Colors may be slightly different on different models/years.

NC - No pin/wire at this position, on either Impreza or Forester.

* Pin present on Navi harness in 2009 Forester. Pin not present on Navi harness in 2008-up Imprezas.

** Pin 7 is some kind of mode input. This wire is not present in Imprezas (and the pin is not shown on Impreza wiring diagrams). In Foresters, this wire is tied to ground. Subaru's installation instructions refer to this wire as a "Sensing terminal" and specifically say pin 7 should be left disconnected in Imprezas and tied to ground in Foresters. Originally, I had thought this pin enabled the subwoofer output (since the wire was shown grouped with the sub wires on the Forester diagram), but it has nothing to do with the sub -- the sub output and amp remote-on work without pin 7 connected.

Also see this post for info on a Subaru accessory cable (not available in North America, unfortunately) that has subwoofer and A/V RCA jacks.

GPS Antenna
The GPS antenna is located just underneath the top of the dash, above the instrument cluster (speedometer, etc.). GPS signals have no trouble passing through the windshield and thin plastic dash. See this diagram (part position #3): 2008-2011 Impreza radio parts

Aux Input Pod

In models where the Navi HU was factory-installed, the center console has 3 RCA jacks for Video and Left/Right Audio inputs (instead of the 3.5mm stereo audio jack found in non-nav models).

(photo courtesy of Joe Spitz at
Reverse Camera input connector

The Navi has an 8-pin socket for a rear-view camera. Pin-out and write-up for the reverse camera input here:
Factory reverse camera input for Navi
Video Output

The Navi has a video output, on pins 13 and 19. See more info here (Navi "transplant" thread on See the replies down to TruckTastic's in post #43 there. The output will continue showing a DVD even while you switch the HU to the map display.

Bluetooth Mic input connector

The Kenwood Navi HU uses Bluetooth for phone calls only. It does not do BT audio streaming. The feature is enabled when you connect a microphone (optional OEM accessory for 2008-2009 Navi models).

2010 and newer Imprezas and Foresters with the Kenwood Navi switched to a new mic hidden inside the map light cluster. Although it's similar in appearance to the mic for 2011-up non-nav HUs with built-in Bluetooth (and USB), those two types of mics are not the same (so they are not interchangeable). And none of the map light cluster mics will work with the older 2008-2009
Kenwood Navi.

The map light mics have an integrated amplifier circuit. See this thread for more info on the non-nav mic.

For Kenwood Navi HUs that were originally in 2008-2009 car models, you can add the Bluetooth phone function for under $20 in parts:
Stock STI 2008 NAVI Unit Bluetooth Mic

Working bluetooth Microphone for under $20 2008 NAV
You may also be able to find the Kenwood KNA-VC300 microphone. It has the correct 5-pin plug, and is nearly plug-and-play with 2008-2009 Kenwood Navi HUs. You'll need to make a small mod -- grounding pin 5, which is vacant. The KNA-VC300 includes a push-to-talk button, which the Subaru Navi does support (the OEM mic has wires and an unused socket connected to those two pins). You can perform the same functions using the mute button on the steering wheel. See Subaru's installation instructions (PDF available from their Tech Info site -- link in post #1).

Subwoofer output

The 24-pin Nav harness includes pins for a subwoofer output. The Navi unit has on-screen menu options to adjust the sub. I've only seen this used in some Forester models outside the US -- they have a powered sub either in the rear cargo area or one under a front seat (different than the USDM subs) that connects to these pins. The sub out is line-level and balanced (has ground, positive, and inverted signals -- NOT left/right).

It is possible to connect an RCA jack to these pins, to connect to the line input on an aftermarket sub amplifier or integrated powered sub. For amps that do not take a balanced input (the case for most), connect the RCA jack's center lead to pin 12 (the positive polarity output). Connect the RCA jack's outer ground lead to pin 11 (the HU's subwoofer audio ground). Also connect the outer lead to pin 24 -- this grounds the HU's negative polarity output, which will increase the amplitude your amp sees on the positive output (i.e., your sub will be louder).

See this thread: Subwoofer & Navi

For some amps and subs, you must add an RCA Y-adapter cable to connect this single mono output into the amp's left and right inputs. Otherwise it won't be loud enough.

Pin 23 is a +12V amp remote turn-on output for the subwoofer. If you add an amp for the main speakers, this pin can also be used to activate that amp.

Center Channel output

People noticed the menu options to enable and adjust the "center channel" speaker and wondered where it was. It's now confirmed: The Navi HU does have a center channel output, on the 20-pin iPod/sat radio socket. It is line-level, on pins 1 (signal) and 11 (ground). More info and example installation here.

Dealer Diagnostic Menu
2008/2009 OEM Navigation Hidden Diagnostics Menu...FOUND (on
RDS-TMC connector

In Europe (and possibly some other locations outside the US), the HU includes a rear socket for a Kenwood RDS-TMC connector (Radio Data System - Traffic Message Channel). See this post for picture and more info.

Kenwood makes an aftermarket receiver module for the US, their GTM 10 (product info at Crutchfield). According to Crutchfield, the connector is a "mini-USB type-B". Kenwood also has the KNA-TM320 in Europe. I don't know whether these kits will work with the Subaru Navi.

Map Discs

The latest North American map discs for Subarus are on Kenwood's site, here.

Also see this thread: How to use non-Subaru maps on your OEM Subaru Nav
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