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According to your PM it sounds like you may have altered your map accidentally so I sent you the original to restore it.

The throttle does feel different with the Hydra vs. the OEM ecu due to the different acceleration rates. The OEM ecu has a very high acceleration rate while the Hydra has a linear throttle. The OEM ecu will give your more throttle than you give it while the Hydra will be smoother so it takes more pedal angle to feel the same as the OEM ecu due to the difference in acceleration rates. Most will only notice this right off of idle. I noticed yesterday on a car I tuned this was most pronounced and we found that his BOV was open during idle and until it snapped shut the throttle was dead for a second but unfortunately no way to adjust this BOV.

There are so many other adjustments that can be made, such as ignition timing which we send out about 3-4 degrees shy in some areas so that AFR can be verified and adjusted without fear of detonation. Once this is confirmed ignition timing can be increase. Also make sure you’ve turned on the “closed loop” function as this isn’t enabled since some customers rush the install and don’t install the WB.

Call during the business week and I can guide you in making adjustments or send me an email [email protected]

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