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Default Reversed Intake Manifold/TB Thread

After completing this mod and trying to find at least a little info about it, I'd like to help some fellow Nasioc'ers with what I've learned in the past month.

First, This mod is for advanced mechanics/DIYers only. You have to have a spare car to get around in as your Suby will be down for a considerable time. I have been chipping away at my car for about 1 month. You will have to make/fit your own IC tubing. This means cutting/welding of Aluminum to fit it up.

This is a great time to complete some other worthwhile mods too. PORT YOUR TGVs, Throttle body, Intake manifold, etc. If you take it off, no sense putting it back on un-ported. There are threads about these and I will not cover info about these DIY mods here.

I already had a Perrin FMIC, so I decided to convert that using the existing tubing and bends to help me with the new FMIC to TB tubing that would have to be made. I was able to do this without having to buy any other bends besides a Silicone 22deg that I had from the Perrin intake.

IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING, I eliminated about 2.5ft of tubing by reversing the manifold. I just measured all of the pieces I had left over from the original tubing.

If you've done this mod, please post pics and any advice to help the community.

DISCONNECT YOUR NEGATIVE TERMINAL (I am a moron and forgot to when I started. Came back the next day and blew a main fuse messing around with the alternator)

Some helpful links of other reversed manifolds

I will break down the general steps into posts.

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