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(Mounting the Alternator)

Yes, this may be difficult, but I have some huge tips to save you big time "pondering" on how will you ever securely mount the AC in line with the belt.

You will notice that the compressor ran on its own belt system separate from the alternator and PS pump. Compressor belt uses a different # of peaks from the crank AND is on a differnt belt plane. This does not help us out in any way. What does help us out is that the alternator is easily "flipped" over to the compressor space and is on the same belt plane. It also can be adjusted on the same axis/bolts it was mounted onto the center bracket, just over on the other side. This does help us out.

Do not throw away the mounts used for the AC compressor. It just happens that they are perfect for the alternator WITH SOME MODIFICATIONS. My setup even allows you to adjust the alternator up and down to tension the belt as you will now need a way to do this.

First bracket to modify is the black sheet metal bracket by the oil fill tube. THIS IS THE RED ONE AROUND THE OIL FILL TUBE IN THE PIC. YOURS IS BLACK, MINE WAS POWDER COATED RED.

Use a saw and cut the mounting tabs (ones with holes) for the wire looms off as shown below. DO NOT THROW THESE AWAY. YOU WILL BE USING THE LARGEST 90deg tab for something. This will be bolted onto the end of the black sheet metal bracket to mount the tensioner bolt. You can acutally see this bolted onto the front of the large bracket as part of my tensioner assembly. (90 deg tab is RED and shown in 2 pics below). This black sheet metel bracket (large one RED in pic) may need to be bent towards the drivers side to clearance the alternator once mounted

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