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(Planning Tubing Rout)

As I mentioned above, I have a Perrin FMIC. This has different sized tubing depending on what side you are dealing with (2" and 2.75" DIA). I realize that my rout is not the optimal, but I deemed it "Diminishing Returns" to change sides. I believe I am the only one stupid, pioneering, and/or ambitious, (take your pick) enough to run the return tubing on the passenger side to a reversed manifold.

Whatever path you take, make sure that:

A) you can close the hood.
B) you are not rubbing bare rubber hoses (vac lines, PS lines, etc) If it is in contact, put some loom around it or the protective nylon mesh.
C) You are actually saving some tubing length.
D) Your tubing is semi flexible and can move with the engine as it rotates on the mounts.

You will have to use a 45deg silcone fitting off of the TB to clear the hood with any kind of "sleep at night" confidence. The TB is angled upwards quite a bit when reversed and needs to be brought down quickly. Here is a pic from the side of the car showing a 2.75" 45deg coupler that has been cut to the length of the TB flange (this also lowers the tubing).

Overview of my routing:
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