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Originally Posted by wrxnut
...looking to go with the falken azenis sport tires but im open for sugestions
if your looking for an oustanding max performance summer tire, the Azenis Sport ST-215 qualifies. Not too good in standing water, however - so you might want to consider these as well (I used to live in Atlanta, lots of rain as I recall):

Falken FK451: much better in the wet, not as good in the dry, nice stiff sidewall - but nothing is as stiff as the Falken Azenis Sport ST-215.
Hankook RS2 Z212: did well on a recent comparison test of shaved auto-x tires, probably better in the wet than the Azenis, sidewall not as stiff, some think that run full tread it is the equal of the Azenis in the dry

Both of these tires are available in 225/50x16, while the Azenis was only available in 205/55x16 and 215/45x16. The Hankook is also available in the 215/45x16 size. This size has some gearing advantages for our cars - about 5% underdriven - so it improves acceleration through all gears. It is also at the bare minimum for load capacity - you would have to be sure to run at least 36psi cold pressure to be safe - not usually an issue.

The Azenis Sport ST-215 design has been discontinued in favor of the new Azenis ST-615, but you may still be able to find some around. The new ST-615 is supposed to be available in 215/45x16 and 225/50x16 sometime in the future - not shipping yet that I'm aware of. If you're not in a hurry, this tire is definitely better both wet and dry than the older design based upon lots of favorable reviews here on this board and that comparison test I mentioned above. A favorite of STI owners in 255/40x17.
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