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Originally Posted by 8Complex
With a standalone, you're supposed to install the IAT in the manifold, or just before the TB. Otherwise you're going to be kicking yourself in the nuts trying to get it tuned right. Depending on the weather (wind, etc), your temperature after the intercooler could be a lot different from run to run with the same inlet temperatures.

The equation for fueling in a MAP-based setup is strictly IAT/CTS/MAP based as to what is going into the engine (other than the CTS, obviously).
Initially that's what I thought would be the case but hasn't proven itself true the way we have the Hydras setup. We've been running intake temps pre-turbocharger for over a year and the AFR has been solid down to -20C and up to 70C.

If this weren't the case I would have installed the GM IAT in my own car. I do have a customer who uses the JDM IAT at the throttle body and he said it was a bit more consistent when the car is sitting still.

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