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Originally Posted by j-wrx
I recently had new tires put on (Pirelli PZero MS) to replace my Dunlop SP5000. The Dunlops were in need of replacement, but the inside of the front tires was rediculously bald in comparison to the outsides. So, I had Big-O Tires, where I got the new tires installed, do an alignment to fix whatever issue was going on. They did the alignment and adjusted the toe, which they said was causing the problem.

I am a bit confused, because I would have thought that the camber needed to be adjusted to fix such a problem, not the toe. Did they do the right thing? Do you think that I should have the camber adjusted as well (they should have checked this right?)?.

Also, prior to the alignment, my steering wheel had to be at about 11 o'clock to be going straight. After the alignment, it is a bit better, but still not at 12 o'clock when I am going straight. Is there a simple fix for this?


....toe issues eat tires for the most part.....camber would have to be pretty excessive to eat tires like you should have gotten a 'before' and an 'after' printout when the alignment was done....yes/no???

...if the steering wheel isn't quite straight, either live with it or take it back.
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