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Originally Posted by Wes_FSTGDB
LMAO, Who calls someone at their work about a post? I really don't understand that lol. Seriously Justin you can admit that calling someone at their work about a post/thread is pretty out there. Half the time I don't even call people, I just PM them. I'm not sure why you were so concerned about the post being closed/deleted when it isn't even your responsibility.

I kind of liked the racing post, we were just getting started on a 10 pager man. It was local too, this wasn't even in the Prover Power Bragging forum. Too bad it was shut down.

I guess venting online can work. It is usually best to vent with someone in person though or by yourself. Sam just doesn't vent online, that guy will come to your work and get right in your face, which is the way to go lol. This is between you two, it should be settled in private. IMO, starting how many posts with some immature titles is pretty lame. Lets try to take the mature approach, that would be awesome!

So are you asking me questions? Or do you want to ask me in a PM. online w/ other people. If you want to ask me questions or give advice why don't you PM me or come to my work at Key Bank on Benson.

Hey guys I'm sorry to start all this or if I did. I just called Chris to see if he deleted the thread, I wasn't mad I just asked and I also pm'd winslow. They both said no, so that was cool. Then chris warned me. So I pm'd him and kept it all private not public...but Chris goes and does this... the last post.

Therefore I responded I didn't like how he went public, I thought we should all keep it to pm's.

As far as the post Akic members and there baggage..., Chris started that post... I guess he cut it from another thread and started that one and made it seem like I started that one...(he is the moderator).

Like I said I kept it all private and PMs. And he went public to I guess embarass me...anyways...rather than get all up in his face about it....I told him I could go to his work and we could work it out that way/Sams way But I guess we went to Public posts instead...

Gosh how pathetic...sorry guys...I couldn't let him bash me I had to respond...we've all done it before...even you Wes, we all know you got into some arguments/differences online.

If anyone wants to come to my work to settle something I work at Key Bank on Benson...but Try and keep the height level to 5' 10" and about under 160 pounds if we are going to do it Sams way
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