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I'm not the least bit surprised.

My transmission went out on my OBS. A local service manager (who shall remain nameless) stated that there was a defect from the factory with my transmission after 3rd gear went and had it repaired. A week later, all of my <i>new</i> synchros went out. I took it back, and they repaired it again. A week or two later, 5th gear went. They decided at that point to blame my Minnam Kit and not warranty it. I had to buy a new tranny ('01 RS, /w LSD) and pay them to put it in. I found out after driving it a bit that 5th gear was grinding on the NEW transmission.

I took it to an ASE friend of mine who stated that my clutch cable wasn't adjusted properly so my clutch was never fully disengaging, which could've easily caused 5th gear to grind itself to death; improper transmission re-assembly (twice) took my transmission out. Rather than admit that this dealership has one mechanic who doesn't know what he's doing (and his name doesn't start with a C...his name starts with a P), they blamed my dealership-installed Minnam Kit (installed in Louisiana) on the failures and voided my transmission's warranty. They were nice enough to call any dealership I've ever been to and tell them not to warranty work on my car! How nice!

Totally seperate from the transmission problems is the fact that my car's been through 10 (yes, 10) rear wheel bearings since I bought it in '99, repaired at 6 different dealerships.

We're currently "in process."

FYI, the car was never raced, officially or unofficially, and all of my mods were installed at the dealership where I purchased the OBS in New Orleans.
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