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Default First gear pops out on deceleration - WRX

Did a search and only saw one other person that mentioned this problem (Slvrblt I think?). Basically, if you are just cruising along in first and let off the gas without pushing the clutch in, when the rpms drop down to 1500 or so the tranny pops out of first gear. Minor inconvenience and only slightly annoying, but it certainly isn't right. Anyone else have this issue? The transmission is great in all other respects. Only have 2600 miles on the car, and I've noticed it since 1000 miles or so; but wasn't really looking for before and don't cruise in first that often, so presumably it has done this since new.

I broke it in nice and easy, and I don't drive it terribly hard. I'm thinking I might wait until 50k miles or so and take it in then, as long as it doesn't get worse. That way I can get some wear out of the way and then get new transmission parts; perhaps have them install a new clutch at that time too, if necessary. Thoughts?

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