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I have ran 30% e85 blend in my 02 WRX for 3 full tanks now. I believe I had a low IAM w/ the COBB AP stage 2 because I reset my computer, and drove about 250 miles on it.

Then I broke out my g-tech pro, and 5 times I ran between 14.0-14.2 in 1/4 mile, and trapped between 100-102. The temp was 81-82 degrees , 1/4 tank of gas, baby seat in the car. Didn't remove any other weight.

Two weeks later while on my 2nd tank of 30% blend E85 I ran 3 runs. BTW I rest ECU after about 3 days after using E85, Then put on about 400 miles til I decided to do a run. Between the 3 runs I ran 13.6-13.7 1/4 miles, trapped 103.X all 3 times. Outside temp was 87 degrees. I had a 1/2 tank of gas, baby seat in car, and 30 lb. stroller, 25 pound baby.
And in my 13.73 (slowest) run I crapped on the clutch in the 1-2 shift!

I was amazed. I took a pic of my g-techpro but only on my best run (13.6). This is the best my car has ran.

I consistantly ran 14.0-14.1's for the past 6 months or so. So it is not like I changed my driving style within the past 2 weeks. I believe my IAM was low, and decreasing power, now E85 increased the IAM, maximizing power.

Other than the car obviously having better numbers, the car runs fine,with the 30% blend. No funny revving/bucking or anything. Drives perfectly fine.

I usually put in between 3.8-4.2 gallons in the car when I'm close to E (under 1/4) and add the rest 93.

BTW I'm running COBBAP stage 2 93

Hope this may help


oh and I never ran any 1/4 miles with my son in the car! Thought it would spice up the info!
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