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Originally Posted by scoobtothenoog
I'm going to be running 225-45-17's. Do I really need the extra .5 inche up from the 7.5?
do you need it - how agressively do you drive? each .5" increase in wheel width translates to .2" increase in section width, which affects contact patch width for better dry cornering. you will maximize the performance of your 225/45x17 tires - which is a good thing.

on the other hand, with a 17x8 wheel you can move up to a 235/40x17 tire. This tire is wider than an equivalent 225/45x17 for better dry cornering, typically weighs less because of the shorter sidewall, has less tire squirm and will handle transients better than the taller tire, and has the side benefit of being 2% underdriven compared to the 225/45x17 and the stock 205/55x16 tires. this will give you quicker acceleration in all gears and screw up your speedometer a little bit - you can see how much here:

Originally Posted by scoobtothenoog
I was looking and the 8"ers are about a half pound to a pound heavier in a rota. is the extra weight worth it?
you must be joking? you think your butt dyno can feel the difference in 1lb per corner? you'd be lucky if you could feel a 5lb per corner difference as weight. feel different - yeah. feel heavier - no way! 1lb per corner will make absolutely no difference in acceleration - 5lbs per corner may cost you .05 to .1 second in the 1/4 mile.

if you're worried about it - get the 235/40x17's - the 2% gearing advantage will swamp even a 10lb per corner difference - and remember, 235/40x17's are often a pound or so lighter than the equivalent 225/45x17 - so you may not gain any weight in the process of moving to 17x8

Originally Posted by scoobtothenoog
Will the same size tire look wider with on the wider rim?
yes - I think that's cool. by the way, I have no idea what any of you mean by "stretched" or "pinched" - wider wheels simply allow the tire to perform better in the dry - if you think it looks stretched so be it. stuffing the widest tires possible that will safely fit on the wheel will also improve handling, i.e. 225/50x16 on the stock 16x6.5 wheels. if you think that looks pinched and are more concerned with looks than performance - I can't relate. sorry - I just don't give a damn.

how a wheel looks - sure, that's important. how heavy the wheel is - sure, if you can afford lighter forged wheels go for it - I'd buy 'em if I could spend the bucks. how the sidewall looks, pinched and stretched, how the tread looks - give me a break. how heavy the tire is - typically lighter tires sacrifice sidewall stiffness. that's important to some people - like me. I don't care how much the tires weigh. tires are all about grip. PERIOD.

Originally Posted by scoobtothenoog
....yep shoot the nood
bang, bang - you're dead...
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