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Originally Posted by nate49509
/\/\/\ Did you even read any of the other posts? You even posted the same like as me.
moi? post like you?

Originally Posted by nate49509
8 inches is overkill for a 225 tire. A 235 or 245 should at least be used. It will look stretched.
your reasoning for going with 235 - you didn't specify here which size tire - was because 225/45x17 would look stretched. I posted that looks don't matter - performance does.

Originally Posted by nate49509
Found this pic of a 235 tire on 8" torque. I think the 235 looks good, but a 225 tire would be even more stretched.
more of the same focus on the stretched look with pics. still no definitive tire size given for 235

Originally Posted by nate49509
I sure the ride will be similar to a 225 wide tire. But one thing to keep in mind is the gearing. A 235/40-17 is 1.9% smaller than the OE 205/55-16. So in effect shorting your gearing. A 245/40-17 and 225/45-17 are the best options. 215/45-17 is close too.
you finally list the tire sizes in detail, but then recommend against the 235/40x17 size, while I spoke out in favor of it and gave performance reasons. to me, the 2% underdriven nature of the 235/40x17 is a performance advantage, while you seem more concerned about speedometer error. and by the way, a 245/40x17 works much better on 17x8.5

so do you think I just waited until you posted a few more messages and then very quickly typed up my "copy" of your recommendations? take a look at the post times - I was writing while you were posting - I never saw your other posts until I was done. of course, it's easier and quicker to post like you, i.e. with no regard for the English language

and if you think we're saying the same thing - think again...
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