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I just sent an email to NTN's technical email address:

I'm in the process of replacing the front wheel bearings on my AWD 1997 Subaru Legacy sedan. The factory wheel bearings, and the replacements I obtained from the Checkers Auto Parts, are both NTN part # 4T-CRI-08A01. Out of curiosity, I checked the specs for the bearing in your catalog, and I see that there are two identically sized bearings (4T-CRI-0881 and 4T-CRI-0823) with a higher load rating. I use my car for auto-cross competitions and open track lapping events, so the higher load rating would be a good thing.
Logically, it would seem that the -0881 or -0823 bearing units would fit my car, since all the dimensions are the same as the factory -08A01 bearing unit. However, just the fact that there are two bearing units with the same dimensions and same load rating but different part numbers makes me think there might be more to this than meets the eye.
Which brings me to my questions. (1) Will the -0881 and/or -0823 bearing units fit in place of the -08A01 bearing unit? (2) What is the difference between the -0881 and -0823 that results in the different part numbers? And (3) Is there any way to find out what applications (year and model of vehicle) use those other bearing units? (It would be much easier to go to the parts place and ask for parts for a specific car, rather than trying to look up the NTN part number in their system).
Thank you very much for your assistance.

Patrick Olsen
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I'll let you guys know what they say (if anything).

I disassembled my left front today. One step missing from the procedure (which might be obvious, but just in case...) is to remove the snap ring before you press the bearing out.

Edit: By the way, what packaging did everyone's replacement bearings come in? I bought mine (as I said in the email) from Checkers, and they came in packaging from a company called SKF (part no. FW176), but the bearing cages definitely have the NTN markings on them. Searching SKF's site (and no, I have no idea what "Chicago rawhide" has to do with a company called SKF Seals! ) I see that they actually sell a bearing/hub unit for the rear of my car, but not for the front. Bastards. That would certainly make this evolution a lot easier. Anyway, throwing the two higher load rating NTN bearing numbers into SKF's cross-reference part search, they both spit out SKF part no. FW105. I'm going to go back to Checkers and see if they can call that up.

Edit 2: Perhaps I'm misunderstanding where the seals are supposed to go, but I think the "order of assembly" is off, too. Don't you need to install the outer seal before you press the hub into the bearing? The outer seal goes on the outside of the bearing (facing out towards the hub/rotor/wheel), right?

And on a completely unrelated note, NTN is a sponsor of BAR Honda, which I didn't realize until I checked their site. I should have thrown a plug for BAR Honda into my email!

Pat Olsen
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