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Ummmm, you could measure the inside diameter of the hub opening on the wheel. Just a thought...

Actually, I know where you're coming from, because I'm in the same boat. I lost one of mine (well, actually, the tire shop that mounted a set of tires lost one of mine) and ordered a replacement from . I had measured one of the other hubcentric rings I still have a while back, and when I went to their website and saw rings with a 66.06mm diameter that number sounded about right. Unfortunately, this is one of those "measure twice, order once" kind of things. I got the ring and it was just a bit too big to fit the Volk hub opening. So I went and measured one of the other rings again and the outer diameter is actually ~64.6mm or so.

I emailed Prestige and they said they can make any size. I think I'm going to mail them one of my hubcentric rings so they can duplicate it. That way I won't be screwed if my vernier caliper measurement is a little off - it'll be their measurement that they use to make the new ring(s).

Edit: I just sent Prestige another email asking about cost for custom hubcentric rings. I'm sure the more I get, the cheaper they will be. Perhaps you and I could do this together to keep costs down for each of us?

Edit2: If anyone else out there knows where we can find "ready-made" Volk hubcentric rings, please let me know. I think it's kind of weird that, as popular as Volks are, there doesn't appear to be any in the size I need. I've checked the 8 bazillion Ebay listings and never seen the right size, and Prestige (who appears to make lots of different sizes) doesn't have them, either.

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