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Default Sorry it took me so long to reply.

Yes this is my first Subaru that I have owned... it is also about my 15th car that I have owned. Out of those 15 cars about half were manual transmissions, I hear you saying thatís the way they are, well, I hate to say it, BUT YOUR WRONG! When I first drove the car I was able to down shift the car ( when I say down shift I mean when I am coming up to a light and it's red I take the car out of gear and coast to the light with my foot lightly on the brake to come to a smooth stop... Oh look at that the light just turned green, Dilemma... I am only going 10 mph if I put it into 2nd the car that is behind me that is going faster then me might rear end me whatever should I do, I put my car into first and step on the gas. ) Now with over 11,000 miles I can down shift or put the car into first at 10-15mph but it grinds. In the beginning it sounded like every other manual transmission, the familiar whine of the syncros speeding up the gears to match the RPM to keep the car from grinding, Now it's gone... WHY? you ask... CAUSE THE FREAKIN SYNCROS ARE TOAST!!

This is a problem, some of you have just learned to accept it because you either have no choice because Subaru has told you it's normal... well, as a car enthusiast from a generation of many car enthusiasts this is not a normal occurrence on any vehicle on the planet accept for Subaru and if that means that they are building an inferior product then ya know what... they should fix it.

Just so I don't get someone who want's to be a wise ass and say "there are cars on the planet that grind going into first gear for whatever reason" I want to be the first to say "Your right" although those vehicles are not production model cars available in the US. Transmissions with few or no syncros are available as well as the gears to replace your originals with limited or no syncros. But remember we are talking about a STOCK off the showroom floor car that everyone can buy.
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