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Default some fluid leaking probs w/pics

so, i had some cams put in a few months ago. since then, id smell oil burning when i was stopped at lights and the such. reall faint. i checked my oil quite often, but didnt took a long time for it to show it being low. and that was also while being on a 3 week road trip of about 8 hours driving days. i had the oil changed after about 2 weeks. and right after that it leaked more even oil. before that, it only leaked while i was driving. after the oil change, it leaked even while it was parked. a month later, its back to just leaking while i drive. now its also leaking antifreeze. more often, and more than the oil. i took a look underneath... it apears that its all comeing from somewhere under the timing belt cover, where it meets the block. the oil drips right onto the header, and thats why i smell the oil when i stop. mostly the same for the antifreeze. the guys who did the cams, also put in new gaskets for anything they took apart. one of those guys is a suby mech at my local dealership.

i had the cams, valve springs, valve retainers, new clutch, flywheel and new timing belt all installed at the same time. do you think the leaking is from something they did when installing all that? is take it back to them to look at, but that was all when i lived in NY, now i live in new mexico.

here are some pics of where its leaking from... also, i looked all over, and i couldnt see anywhere else on the block that is wet. not near the heads or valve covers, a little at the front of the oil pan and block, but that i think is from where its coming from, from under the timing belt cover. also, i kinda dont think it wol dbe leaking antifreeze from the oilpan gasket.

any feedback is really appreciated!
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