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Originally Posted by shoeler25
Did you try contacting Borla at all about this? And what generation header is it? That was a problem they had with older generations. My 2 port 2.5 header mated up quite nice.
No I did not. I do not expect them to do anything about it. I'm not really concerned because I wanted the Borla header for dyno testing. Unfortunately, since I work my butt off, I did not have the time to do the drilling myself and so I let the dealership do it. There went my dyno $$$. I just wanted to warn others of this. Forget tight fitting, it should be able to slide on just like my stock header. I just wanted to let those 'home mechanic' wannabes like me know what they are in for when they try to fit it on.

I never tried to slide it on with all the studs in place. One of my studs came out with the nut so I tried to put the stud on 'after' I installed the header and the stud would not screw in. I should've taken the header back off but I had to bang it in place in the first place. Time was little and I wanted it on NOW. I haven't had the time to deal with it since. Part of the problem is that I have 3 other projects going on as well (Both Subaru XT6s and Subaru RX turbo), hence little time.
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