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Unhappy 9 quarts of oil in a 2002 WRX (big problems i think)

Here goes

A week before i crashed my WRX I was at a local gas station and my dumb A$$ let the guy check my oil FOR me. 2 days later I was smelling oil burning and my check engine light was on. Instantly I went ****te!!!!!!! I pulled into my friends driveway and check the oil. It read empty. I then shut off the car, let it sit for 15 minutes, started it up, let it sit for a half hour, then rechecked. Still empty.

Went to the local auto store to buy 4 quarts of mobil 1 synthetic. I then went back to his house, added 3 of the 4 quarts and rechecked the oil. It was at the full mark. I proceeded to start my car and drive away.

5 minutes after driveing I got HUGE CLOUDS OF SMOKE out of the tail pipes. I mean HUGE like fill a parking lot huge. went back to his house CHANGED the oil and then turned it on and let it sit. the smoke went away after a few minutes.

Drove it for another 2 days and got a check engine light and when i pulled the code it said misfire in cylinder 4. Question:

What in gods name did I do and how can i fix it? When i drained the oil, i got out around 9 quarts meaning the dipstick readings were wrong. this sucks and now I am getting my car back from the body shop this week and wanna know how to help it out. thanx,

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