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Default thanks for the wonderful comment but. . .

I DEFINATLY checked the oil, i have been doing oil changes for a few years now and know what oil on a dipstick looks like, i also know what a dipstick looks like for that matter.So to say that im a dumb ass is just immature.

In any case, I immediatly changed the spark plugs after the incident and was data logging it the night of my accident (an no I wasn't during the accident.) I only recieved one more misfire in cylander 4 code and after the CE light went on, it immediately went out. I am not sure what this means, but it literally flashed for less than a second and went right out. I will DEFINATLY be taking it to a dealership when i get it back, and only ran it with it overfilled for maybe 10-20 minutes, so taking all this into account, can i possibly be ok? or will i definatly be in need of a major tear down? Thanks for the help and PLEASE, no flames, it really wasn't my fault.

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